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Finpro Trading reviews

Average: 4 based on 23 reviews
Finpro Trading

Finpro Trading Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2012
  • Headquarters: Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Company registration: Finpro Trading Inc. (BN 801-71208), Canada
  • Regulation: not regulated

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New York

April 12, 2017

4 years Total
9 months with this Broker

Opened an account with them few months back. Execution speed is phenomenal. Even I can say that they actually provide pure ECN spreads. I am saying this based on my personal observation. Their tick update and price feed is superior beating the brokers I have tried earlier and spreads also varies in tight range. If I talk about EURUSD, spread ranges bet 0 -0.3 pips mostly. Seeing their fiast tick feed it actually feels like an aggregated feed from different LPs which they claim of

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united states, darry

April 10, 2017

2.5 years Total
7 months with this Broker

I have one account with this broker. Smooth sail till now. I was always concerned about withdrawals with any broker due to some BAD past experience, so I keep withdrawing a share of my profit every now and then. I am glad their withdrawals are fast and hassle free. Also their spreads are low. So, my vote goes to Finpro Trading!

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

US, Frank

January 3, 2017

6 Total
3 with this Broker

Finpro offers a combination of very good pricing, leverage or support. Their order execution time is extremely good presumably due to their server. They are very easy to work with and reliable maybe cos their customer support carries an always at your service attitude. Funding is quick, and they are very responsive to any issues. They are very good so far.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

australia, amaia

October 28, 2016

2 years Total
one and half year with this Broker

Its kind of a challenge to find a broker who honestly fulfills obligations which are set out on the website. I am a scalper as well as a news trader so spread and commission matters to me. Reason why I chose FinPro Trading is they don't restrict any trading strategies/style and their spread is competitive to other brokers. So their trading conditions combat my trading style.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

United States, Aleena

October 4, 2016

5 months Total
3 months with this Broker

Hi everyone, I have been trading for a while a now and I think there are very few reliable brokers in this industry. I had an account with FXCM and they have a lot of slippage problem. So, I decided to move on to another broker who will give tighter spreads and low slippage. Then I was reading about reliable brokers like hotforex and Finpro trading and came to know Finpro is giving true ECN spread with market depth and 16 different banks as liquidity provider, in all it was impressive and I opened up an account with them.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

United States, Phillip

October 3, 2016

1 year Total
5 months with this Broker

I think this is one of the offshore broker which is offering services to US clients. I have used their in-house finpro trade station platform and i think it's super because of the customisation features. I haven't used their zulu live account but i have tried demo account for it and it's quite interesting to pull the strategies of experienced traders.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

South Africa, Cafer

September 13, 2016

4 years Total
6 months with this Broker

Hi, I am from South Africa and its been 6 months since i have joined FinPro Trading but i got more active on them after Brexit festivity. I got tmore active when I was looking for some threads specifically talking about spreads and conditions during Brexit festivities because you know it was the most volatile time where real faces of many brokers got exposed. Then I found two threads on babypips and forex live talking about spreads and other conditions. I was quite amazed seeing reviews about this broker – FinPro Trading, so I decided to my test drive to a next level. I talked with their support which was quite professional and I must say they will answer all of your queries even the lame ones also. I was already testing a demo account but after my research got more active on it and found it up to my satisfaction and soon after I went ahead with the live one with bigger funds and I must say I am quite happy with it:D

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May 30, 2016

5 years Total
3+ months with this Broker

I have a live account with FinPro Trading and it’s been a little over a 3 months. I started with very small account and got 100% deposit bonus on it. There we no requotes or lags, execution is fast and spreads are tight. The entire account opening process was seamless. Their support team is pretty responsive . Overall, the experience is good so far, faced no issues in funding (I use paypal to fud my ac) like what is see so far. Will update this comment again in few months from now.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

Namibia, Emmanuel Cloete

April 15, 2016

12 years Total
3 years with this Broker

Its been a while trading with this broker. I find them good enough as in comparison to my previous broker who has so many issues with the withdrawal. They client support is also very active any very responsive to the quires I face. Spreads and executions are fine. So far looks good to me.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

italy claudio

April 1, 2016

12 years Total
1 with this Broker

Open account with them after the first start manipulate prices on the platform 3 loss from about 300 usd, increased trading and reach the sum of 13682.45 usd in the account being blocked me. Request 2 withdrawal of funds 500 usd and 13182,45 currently pending, call the chat I say we are arranging some things my use on the platform does not exist.
manipulators and real scammer use tight spreads to attract customers, I wish to use money them all for medicines ... !!!!!

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews


March 14, 2016

5 years Total
2 months with this Broker

Hi people, I'm not new to forex and hv traded with multiple brokers and in my 5 years of trading experience, Finpro trading is one of the best ones i have traded with. Currently trading with them and was impressed with their systematic account opening process and well informed support team. Their client portal option is pretty user friendly, allows me to request for bonuses and withdrawals, add deposit, and download the platform and lot of other things. I like the way they support with my tiny-piney issues related to software and deposits: p

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India, Navdeep Brar

March 10, 2016

3 years Total
18 Months with this Broker

I never had issues using EAs on with this broker. Withdrawls are done in a timely manner. Over all I am satisfied with this broker. Customer service is above average as compared to other brokers I have used. Live support is helpful and tries to resolve issues in less than 24 hours.

But there is something I want to tell about their MAM account. Initially when I was with a different broker, I failed as a MAM manager though not because of the brokerage house but because of lack of tools that I had. What I understand now from my past experience is(referencing to the MAM feature) that withdrawls should be pretty straight forward and you just need to have them placed before the deadline. Here the support team helped me out in my calculations when one of my client urgently asked for a withdrawal. They provide managers with a much enhanced MAM tool, making trade allocations much easier.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews


February 26, 2016

3 years Total
2 months with this Broker

Two months back, my friend told me about Finpro Trading. As he was quite happy with them, I decided to give them a shot. Opened a live account with them and started with 200$ just to test how seamless their services are especially withdrawals and deposits as most often traders encounter difficulties with deposits and withdrawals with brokers. As a new client with them, got stuck with the deposit process. Had a chat with their representative, who was thorough professional, he helped me in making a deposit and processing the withdrawal; which to my surprise was quick. To add their trading conditions, spreads, executions, services are very good. Like them so far and hope to stick to them if they maintain the level of their services.

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February 15, 2016

2 years Total
1 year 6 months with this Broker

Coming from a trading background, I wanted to open my forex brokerage business. And to this Finpro Trading's White Label Program came as a Silver Lining, where I am getting large basket of services for free (only minimum of 5 clients and total deposit of $10000 required). Content with their services. If anyone interested in opening a forex business do consider them.

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews

United State, Terri W

February 9, 2016

1 Year Total
1 Year with this Broker

Finpro Trading has been very good kind broker. Whatever promised, I have got that, be it tight ECN spreads, fast executions, low commission structure and most importantly, I got a 100% first deposit bonus. I have experienced nothing fishy till now. All good!

Tags: Finpro Trading reviews
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