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Financika reviews

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Financika Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2014
  • Headquarters: Port Vila, Vanuatu
  • Company registration:Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd., Vanuatu
  • Regulation: not regulated

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South Africa; Pieter N.

March 15, 2017

5 months Total
5 months with this Broker

Financika has an efficient administration and a professional approach to me. Their reaction time in dealing with queries is fantastic. My account manager, Polly Nedkova, I found to be supportive and has a very caring attitude. She shows high problem solving skills whenever I find myself in a trading pickle. I could have made a lot of money under her supervision, but greediness, stubbornness and a lack of focus prevented it. I still believe that Financika is my vehicle to financial freedom.

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March 10, 2017

I have traded with financika for sometime and would surely recommend it for any new and aspiring trader. It is very user friendly and the easiest in the market It enables easiest deposits and withdrawal

Tags: Financika reviews

South Africa , Mohamed Amin Shaik

March 10, 2017

2 months Total
2 months with this Broker

I have been trading for just over 2 months with Financika , it’s been a really great experience so far as my manager ( Polly ) is always at hand , I must say she has given me a lot of knowledge about trading as well as guided me in how to make choices when I trade , most importantly I appreciate her patience with me as I am new to this and she takes her time with me as well as walking me through my trades step by step. I would recommend not only Financika to anyone but also Polly as she is the type of person the company needs, she has a great sense of humour, well-spoken and has great communication skills to bring her message across.

Tags: Financika reviews

Morocco mesfioui

March 6, 2017

2 months Total
1 month with this Broker

In the beginning it was okay, I started to make some profits, then when the market went down, they suggested to open me a position, but the problem is that when that position was on green I could not close it and make profit to compensate what I lost, until that position went to red and I lost everything. painful experience.

Tags: Financika reviews

South Africa, Tim

October 15, 2016

2 months Total
1 month with this Broker

Overall a decent experience. So far I think I am learning at a nice pace, earning some, losing more.. Hope my persistance pays off.

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South Africa, Harry

September 7, 2016

3 years Total
4 months with this Broker

I am fully okay with Financika. Wanted to drop a line over here to thank the customer support for their swiftness in resolving my latest withdraw issue. It turned out the delay was somewhere along the way. I was rather worried this could be some kind of a scam and even though I have previously withdrawn small amounts, I though they were going to block my big one. However, no such worries, thus not only are Financika legit but my account manager was excellent in handling my case.

Tags: Financika reviews

South Africa, Mike

August 26, 2016

After researching Financika I decided to start trading back in 2014. I started with R 10,000 (ZAR is South African currency - $1 equal to 14 ZAR) – I trade in gold, oil, made some good money, withdrawn R 8,000 in my bank account in about a week’s time. After I lost R 6,000 the next few days, I took a short break from trading and started learning with Financika’s academy and some other resources. When I came back in 2015 I started in forex (EUR/USD) (GBP/USD) and it earned me good money. I do withdraw from time to time, sometimes win sometimes lose, but I haven’t got any problem whatsoever. Maybe only the arrangements for the first withdraw when I had to get some documents available and scanned on my pc but that’s a small thing for the money I earned.

Tags: Financika reviews
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