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  • Websites: www.fbs.com
  • Year since: 2009
  • Headquarters: Belize
  • Company registration: FBS Markets Inc., Belize
  • Regulation: IFSC Belize, CySEC (IFSC/60/292/TS/15)

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Dear Rangga!
First of all, we are glad to see that you have contacted our customer support right away after the issue had happened and got the answer from our manager.
Still, we consider it our duty to clarify the situation here.

On 18.04.2016 at 23:16 (MetaTrader4 time) we received off-market quotes on GBPJPY and USDJPY from our liquidity provider. Unforunately, off-market quote is an occasional phenomenon that can happen with any broker providing market execution of orders (including our company).
It is worth mentioning that different brokers have different liqudity providers. And off-market quote situation with one broker doesn’t always mean the same situation with other broker.
In most cases such quotes are sent by a liquidity provider due to some technical issue on their side, however, our specialists always take all the necessary measures to prevent those events. Also, we would like to remind you that we always act strictly according to our Customer Agreement.
According to it, company is entitled to remove the information about the off-market quote from the server quote database.
Due to that, all transactions in the trading terminal executed incorrectly were cancelled or re-opened by our specialists. Thus, all clients’ account balances and trading histories have been also corrected according to the market quotes.
Once again, we would like to remind you, that according to the Customer agreement ( https://my.fbs.com/upload/agreement_en.pdf ):
3.2.11.Orders opened or closed by off-market quotes can be cancelled:
a) In case the order was opened by an off-market quote
b) In case the order was closed by an off-market quote
8.6. Shall the order of the Client be open, closed or changed due to the off-market quote, the Company serves the right to return the order status before spike.

So, as you may see, our actions have been justified and you may not worry about anything. We are always by your side and clients’ comfort and stability is our main priority.
We thank you for understanding and loyalty!

Hello Andy
Thank you for your review. We kindly want to remind you that
1. FBS is not a Market Maker
2. That we are an STP/ECN Broker

Dear Mah!
We are glad to know that first of all you have contacted our customer support in order to resolve the situation. Though, we are sorry, that our customer support’s explanation didn’t satisfy you and we consider that this issue should be clarified here, so everyone could see our point.

As you have rightly pointed out – our customer support has informed you, that your partner’s commission has been cancelled due to the violation of the rules. In the first place we would like to remind you that each client before becoming an FBS Partner confirms that he/she has read Partner Agreement and has no objection to it. According to the Partner Agreement:
7.4. In case partner commission was received for Buy and Sell orders opened for the same instrument and held in the market simultaneously, while the difference between the opening prices of the orders was less than 5 points, the Company has ground to consider the partner’s actions fraudulent and reserves the right to cancel the paid commission (the value is valid for 4-digit quotes. For 5-digit quotes a difference between opening and closing price should exceed 59 points).
As we see in our system, you have 4 clients. We have checked the trading history of all of your clients and have found out that all of them were using hedged positions, while the difference between the opening prices of these orders was less than 5 (59) points. Unfortunately, this may be considered as the proof that the Partner commission in this case has been received with the help of fraudulent actions.
Thus, your statement that if one client violates the rules, all Partner commission is cancelled is not true, since in your case all of your clients were using this scheme. We would like you to note that only that commission is cancelled, which has been got for the hedged orders with the difference between the opening prices less than 5 (59) points.
As you may see, the condition about the difference in 5 (59) points doesn’t mean that the hedging is not allowed.

We hope that we have managed to clarify all the issues and have high expectation that such situation will not take place in the future.

Dear Yunni,
We processed your claim and all the necessary corrections on the account were made, i.e. the required orders were annulled with their total loss restored on your balance, profitable orders were placed back with their total profit return. We sent you an official reply with the request to confirm that your claim is resolved.

At the same time you post everywhere your “review” without receiving our official reply to your request.

As for now your withdrawal request was confirmed and processed. The issue is resolved now. And this whould be great if you confirm this by yourself here as you promised in Settlement Aggrement signed by you and FBS.

Dear RuffD!
I would love to thank you for choosing FBS as your Forex Broker!
First of all, I would like to say that FBS is an international broker with a headquaters in Belize. Our traders take advantages of trading with real Market Execution and our liquidity providers are the world’s largest banks, such as: UBS, Nomura, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, City Bank, etc.
Secondly, you are write, our Customer Care Service is always online from Monday till Friday. Thay are the most professional and highly responsible experts in the industry.
Thirdly, withdrawal process never depends on a client’s profit or amount or anything. The requests are processed in turn. And according to our Customer Agreement the requests are processed no longer than within 48 working hours.
Forthly, according to “Get $5000” conditions the funds are transferred to your Extra Commission balance in your Personal Area. This funds are transferred to your Ib account balance every month as the result of your clients’ trading. These funds are not withdrawable at once, but they can be withdrawn as the results of your clients trading.
And the last, the company is authorized broker that is regulated by IFSC and CRFIN. Our activities are fully regulated.
Have a profitable trading! I wish you all the best!

Dear Margs7

FBS Company always serves its customers’ interest. Every inquiry is considered individually. In order to solve this existed issue with Margs7 we contacted him by phone.

FBS has already stated its position concerning $5 Bonus conditions. Due to the breach of the promotion conditions by traders who used all the possible methods to receive the bonus more than once, the company was obliged to put the rule restricted using proxies or any other software modifying the real IP address in force. Unfortunately bonus account of traders with dynamic IP-address also can be blocked because the conditions are checked automatically.

Magrs7 provide us with the needed proof of his using the dynamic IP address.

Despite the fact that formally the promotion conditions are abused, we decided to solve this disputable issue the client’s favor.

We apologize to Margs7. We unblocked his bonus account and increased his profit from $5 Bonus trading twice as compensation.

Dear traders who receive $5 Bonus from FBS, pay attention that using dynamic IP-address may be considered as a breach of the promotion conditions by our system. It can lead to cancelation of the bonus funds. We recommend that you shouldn’t use dynamic IP for $5 Bonus trading.

I had Account 154870 in FBS. When you first bring try earnings came the answer to refuse to give a profit. Anna wrote a kind of hacker that I – a cheater, a proxy server America opened bonus account repeatedly (which is a blatant lie). All the money written off and Goodbye. After that, walked across the expanses and-net and read that many of these customers will rush the same way. I am sure that most of the fake reviews. And trust company FBS their money is impossible. I’m amazed at how such a big competition FBS does not think a little further, perhaps deluded hope that traders will be silent, perhaps the word – the reputation of alien … Lying on the part of the company continues … Traders please be vigilant, I would like to share my roller coaster experience, can someone help you avoid losing money … I see the company’s hope for good luck deception and lies down their business at any cost to take away money from traders … it is a pity that such companies spoil the view of fair business in forex …

Dear Bowo,
On behalf of FBS I officially declare that FBS never holds back clients’ funds. If a trader deposited his own funds, he/she can ALWAYS withdraw them using the same payment method.

Dear bonny and Angga,
The Welcome bonus can be cancelled only in case a trader already received this bonus or used proxies or any other software modifying the real IP address. If you’ve never received this bonus before, this means that you used proxies or any other software modifying the real IP address. Please next time make sure you read the promo conditions carefully.

Dear FT Trader,
I am so sorry you are being so negative. But please provide more facts that could make your words more convincing.
Are you a client of FBS? What is your trading account number? Or what broker are you working for?

Dear Goran J,
All the personal data of our clients are safe and secure. Only a client oneself can change or restore his paswards in his Personal Area.
If there are some problems with logining your MT, this should be on your side, you can re-download your platform, check your Internet connection or make sure you are entering the correct data.
Anyway, if you still can’t trade, we never hold a trader’s funds and he can withdraw his money any time!

Dear Magrs7,
The great number of your posts everywhere will not cancell the fact of your abusing the promotion rules! After a thorough check it was discovered for certain that you used proxies or other software modifying the real IP address in your trading. Thus, you abused one of the main promotion rules knowingly: “It is prohibited to work via proxies or any other software modifying the real IP address”



With my experience, Trading with FBS are very statistified because until now my withdraw and deposit have no problem. the other are on FBS, i could get following many contest are held by FBS.

Stay away!

I see FBS from http://www.www.100forexbrokers.com
then I opened the website I see can make deposits and WD through the bank from Indonesia (BCA or Mandiri) that although a third party. no problem
then I told to several traders who want the convenience of the WD and Deposits.
they asked me to review it before they use a broker in full.
after I tried the demo account for a month is not a problem with server etc.
then I tried to open a live account on 23 January 2012, and I deposited $ 30 after a few days I make it $ 110 and I tried to make a withdrawal on 30 January 2012 rejected as incompatible with the first deposit. okay maybe my mistake. then I do the submission of the withdrawal in accordance with their terms and still be rejected and no detailed reasons for that
and I was surprised to see reviews of FBS on http://www.www.100forexbrokers.com they provide full star rate? I was suspicious of them are employees of FBS, if it is not sure they would feel the same thing with me and budapest.

Stay away this broker, not recommended

i have work whith this company in real acount end i have make profit wen i whithdraw smal amonu they sen me the money but he stol the big profit end give you any reson for not send you the money
look what the suport tell me
Margo: Hello. How may I help you?

haddar: so sir what i can do now

haddar: i can’t trade whith fbs

Margo: you can deposit an account with your own funds and continue your trading

haddar: end my balance acout of 1164

Margo: tell me your trading account number, please

haddar: why

Margo: to check your balance I should know your account number, Sir

haddar: my acount number is 56419

Margo: suggest you to open a new account with FBS, deposit it with your own funds and trade

is is big scam not good brooker stay way from it

I am very satisfied with FBS, all my order execution were processed without any requote. The important thing about withdrawal, FBS always processed my request. It were processed range of time 1-2 hour in working times, even have had in less than 15 minutes.

FBS providing a friendly support and has always held a lot of promotions that are interesting. Currently time I always recommend to my friends to use FBS. Not for promotion but helping them to find and using a good brokerage.