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Turkey, Osman

April 17, 2013

3,5 years Total
2,3 years with this Broker

Earlier I watched analytics on the other broker website, but traded with Exness cause this broker has better trading conditions on my mind. Few days ago Exness launched their own Trading Central analytics. So it is seen that this company is focused on improving the trading conditions for traders. I like it. Good job!

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Poland, Roman

April 17, 2013

1 year Total
8 months with this Broker

That`s a nice boker. I trade with for a long time, about 7-8 months. And for now I don`t sorry, that I chose them as my broker.

All the companies always have their pros and cons. I believe you can`t find the perfect one. But you can choose the one, which can be suitable and profitable for you.
In this way I liked about them an opportunity to withdraw any time I want, because they do it automatically. Also they have very tight spreads and nice leverage for mini account, which one I have.

Many brokers have their own analytics or signals, and it was a shame, they don`t have one. It`s a good thing, that for now they actually added at least analytics reviews, even they are not their own forecasts.

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Indonesia, Adi

April 2, 2013

2 year Total
4 months with this Broker

I worked with the different brokers, but no one couldn't justify my hopes. But one of my friend who trades a lot, advised me the Exness. Firstly I didn't want to believe, because my experience in forex wasn't so good. My friend told me «just try». Looking on his great experience I had risk. You know the Exness really inspired me to start once again. I really had a good chance! Trading rules are very comfortable for me, and what's important too is how they talk to their clients. I took help from their Support Centre and want to say that people there really do their work well. If you have some question or a problem they will ask and solve it in time. I was pleasantly surprised. And what as my profit? It's not so big now, but I really see that it'll be growing.

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March 23, 2013

live 3 years, Demo 5 month Total
live 3 years, Demo 5 month with this Broker

Exness is the best forex brokers, Low spreed, withdraw process instant with electronic payments. thanks exness

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Alexander Kovalchuk, EXNESS Representative

March 21, 2013

Dear powertrade,

I would be glad to help you in solution of your situation.

Recently there were maintenances for the improving the execution on EXNESS servers, what caused the rise of assignments on support team operators. We apologize for the temporal decrease of service efficiency.

The withdrawal processing time depends on the method you use. This information is presented on our website https://www.exness.com/deposit_operations. On the most electronic payment systems the withdrawal is processed automatically, on the others it goes within 24 hours. If you choose wire bank transfer or transfer to card, the withdrawal time will be 3-5 days.
For the quick solution, please, contact me through email [email protected].

I hope, you will change your opinion about our company in a good way.

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powertrade malaysia

March 20, 2013

4year Total
1year with this Broker

it is very difficult to deal with operator and support team, lazy. cannot withdrawal fund back to account, and reason, keep waiting and waiting, better STAY AWAY, EXNESS IS SCAMMER

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Thailand, Anuman

March 19, 2013

1 year Total
2 months DEMO and 6 months LIVE with this Broker

I trade exness more than half a year. So I can say they have very profitable spreads and leverage. I trade GBP\USD and the spread is usually less than 0.5 points! Also last time I did a lot of withdrawal operations to my account in Liberty Reserve. As for me if the company can give you your money quickly that`s a sign of their honesty. And they actually did!
However there are still many things I would like to add in their trading. But it seems to me, now they are good variant for trading.

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Hungary, Adel

March 18, 2013

7 years Total
4 months with this Broker

I moved all my funds to EXNESS as they look very promising. First, trading volumes constantly grow, in January, they have exceeded 117 billion per month! Can you imagine that? Second, spreads are very tight. When I started trading with them eur/usd spread was 0.3 as minimum, not I can see 0.1 as minimum. Great job! Third, automatic withdrawals let me get funds even on weekends!

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Viet Nam, Lien

March 15, 2013

1,9 year Total
1 month demo 5 month live with this Broker

Being trading with exness ECN half a year, very good impressions. Especially I like their system of executions of the pending orders on ECN. The limit orders are always sent to the interbank market. That's why Exness has no slippages on ECN limit orders. These orders are always executed at the precise price. Other brokers send limit orders to the interbank too late, that's why slippages happen.
It seems to me that this broker has the tightest spreads among the other brokers too, usually 0,1-0.3 pips.

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Alexander Kovalchuk, EXNESS Representative

March 7, 2013

Dear Brian M. Oliveira!

EXNESS strives for building long-term relationships with traders based on mutual benefit and trust, hence no quote manipulation took place on our side for sure. You can compare actual market movements with other brokers. Please send to my email [email protected] your account number and logs on which you allegedly noticed "manipulation" from our side.

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France, Elliot

March 7, 2013

1 year Total
6 months with this Broker

I trade with them for about 6 months. I trade on ECN account, and have opened it almost straight away after the beginning of this option. Before this time I traded on mini account. On mini account I used scalping, and that`s how I actually got some good pips. But I guess for now I`m sort of grown-up and ready for the real trading))

I like that on interbank I got really tight spreads, I mean 0.1 pips is great! And they have 4 providers for ECN. I wish only they have bigger leverage for ECN, 1:100 is sometimes not enough for me. There are a lot of advantages of ECN trading. Here are best prices and the lack of reqotes. But first of all is the service of the brokerage you use. So I like to trade here not only because of ECN itself, but because of Exness conditions also.

I can`t agree with last guy about this broker. Brian, do you really mean, they have enough money to move the market? I mean, they are great, but (let me make quick look into Wiki) there are about trillion dollars in the market. How much do you think they should inject? And will they do it for yours $100? I mean, dude, firstly that`s not possible, secondly, even they could do it, that`s not worth it. I can understand you. When I came here to trade, I blow up my first deposit fully, that was Mini account and I had the maximum leverage, so I made this very quickly))) But at least I have the boldness to admit my mistake and continue to learn and trade.

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Brazil, Brian M. Oliveira

March 6, 2013

1 year Total
3 Months LIVE with this Broker

Today I lost over 33USD after a long day of work. I started the day with 13USD and I came to after 10:0 33USD trading. In the last negotiation, the movement began to rise without reason, and very suspicious, as nobody was selling shares, the movement broke all the Time Frame indicators M1, M5, M15, H1 and H4. I'm sure the EXNESS injected money to make the price go up. Since the pairs are in the pattern "GBPJPYm", where "m" refers to "Mini" account of EXNESS. It is the third time that they do it. My balance was zero. I must have lost of 100USD-150USD. Imagine if I had invested 1000USD or 10000USD, would have been a disaster. I realized up to a pattern that occurs.

In the first week of deposit everything runs normally and with high profit. But comes in the second week and they fuck with your swing. If they can't get you down in the second week, they give you a "hope" for you did not suspect, and the third week they make you lose all your money. My conclusion is: when they see that you have potential or ability to earn high profits, they give a way to get you down. I've seen the same reports of traders, of other brokers who had the same scammer attitude.

Never more I invest in this broker. And recommend anyone to deposit their money in EXNESS. Because you can be sure that he will steal. The worse that the first few times you will think that the mistake was his, but actually it was the broker who gave you a scam.

Brian m. Oliveira, I'm More a trader fucked up by EXNESS.

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Hong Kong, HKD_Trader

February 26, 2013

5 years Total
1 year with this Broker


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February 25, 2013

4 Total
1 with this Broker


Tags: EXNESS reviews

Canada, Wilkshire

February 17, 2013

9 years Total
1 month with this Broker

For almost 10 years in this market I've never met a firm with so tight spreads. You know, all I can do is just to trade for a living. I trade every liquid currency pair and you know what, EXNESS has tight spreads and extreme liquidity. I bet there is no single broker in the whole world that has nice spreads, high leverage (holy myyyy!!!) and almost no requotes with instant execution. I bet, this is exactly what you want.

Tags: EXNESS reviews
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