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EXNESS reviews

Average: 4.4 based on 208 reviews
EXNESS Forex broker reviews
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2008
  • Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus;
    Kingstown, St.Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Company registration: EXNESS (CY) Ltd., Limassol, Cyprus;
    EXNESS (VC) Ltd., Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;
    Exness Europe Limited
  • Regulation: CySEC (license #178/12); IFSC Belize;
    FCA UK (#730729).

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Brazil, Renan Vito

April 5, 2017

5 years Total
3 years with this Broker

They have a terrible server, after ADP today, at the exact time of the release, they disconnect me, then I contacted the company, after 15 minutes I was recconected, I think it was proposital, how could they just stop my conection at the exact time? to much do be aleatory. Terrible servers. I would never recommend Exness. What kind of broker go offline at the major news release? I lost money because this shit! Shame on you exness! Terrible, just terrible! I already deciding to go to another broker. Acc 843119

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February 8, 2016

5years Total
4 years with this Broker

exness provides a signup bonus of $50 and extra 25% rebates back for more details go to this link http://phelixfx.blogspot.in/

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Poland, Vovkfx

October 27, 2015

3 years Total
6 months with this Broker

Trade with them for almost six months, normal broker, money WD is good, but still there are some problems: requotes, freezing terminal, quite regularly bad connection. Registration in the offshore, minimum reliability. CySEC is not a real regulator(exam. IronFX), second registration in Beliz, so I will not trust them big deposit. Who is interested, I’m ready to have a conversation about this broker, my skype vovkfx.

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June 27, 2015


Tags: EXNESS reviews

RahmanSL, Malaysia

April 8, 2015

4 year+ Total
+2 Years with this Broker

I have been trading on-and-off with this broker and, yes, they are or is mostly owned by Russians.
The important thing here is that they do not hide the fact that their origin is Russian and that they are market makers.

As for my experiences trading live with EXNESS, it's been okay and I must say they don't manipulate my trades like some better regulated ASIC brokers who quietly manipulate some of their client's platform with false feeds and spreads and even either change leverage and/or to one of their many servers to cause instant & unexplained account stop-out.

With EXNESS, when I go live with them, I know exactly what I am getting myself into and I do not have any withdrawal issues with them.

Tags: EXNESS reviews

Cyprus, Evgenia Dakhno, EXNESS representative

February 24, 2015

Dear clinet,

EXNESS consisits of different account types, they meet all customers requirements on execution.
ECN account uses 3 liquidity providers: Citi, LMAX Exchange, FXCMPRO. You can read about them on our website https://www.exness.com/execution/ecn_liquidity_providers/

A characteristic of the interbank market is the fact that the clients’ buy and sell orders of a given financial asset will be executed at the current price on the market at the moment of order processing. We emphasize that the ECN-broker does not take any part in determination of the price. His objective is to provide the fastest selection of the best priced corresponding counter position.

As for Market Maker accounts, all open client positions are sorted and summarized by instrument, volume, and direction (buy/sell). Offsetting positions (buy-sell positions of equal volume for the same instrument - or even the same base currency) are covered within the company and do not need additional hedging. This type of hedging, where a market maker uses one group of positions to cancel out another group, is called matching.
If, for some reason, the buy or sell volume for an instrument is significantly greater than the offsetting volume, the market maker opens a position with a larger market participant.
Information about how Market Maker trades you can read on website https://www.exness.com/execution/market_maker/

We appologize for such long verification procedure, this is due to EXNESS makes high demands of security. Our support team has correctly informed you, that we do not accept scan-copy.According to our rules you should provide color photo of your ID or passport. And of course it should be clear photo. If you have some difficulties with verification procedure i would link to help you. You can send questions to my personal Email address [email protected] .

We cannot tell that EXNESS is Cyprus or Russian company, because it is group of companies. The EXNESS Group includes EXNESS (CY) LTD (regulated by CySEC, Cyprus) and EXNESS LIMITED (VC). During registration new clients will be asked to choose which company they would like to work with.
Information about offices you can find on our website https://www.exness.com/about_us/contacts/

I'm regret that you have formed a negative impression about the company. If you have any questions regarding our company, please, let me know it. I would like to help you.

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February 20, 2015

5 Total
1 month with this Broker


I would like to share my experience concerning Exness broker and tell anyone
why avoid it. I divided my opinion into three parts: trading conditions,
setting up the account and brokers origin plus inconvenient questions.

1) Trading conditions are poor. They have only one non Market Maker (Dealing
desk?) account called ECN. On this account Exness offers 3 to 4 times lower
volume than their competitors (even their liquidity provider that is LMAX).
One can clearly see lack of the liquidity by taking a look at Exness
currency charts, which are full of the opening gaps. For the other types of
Exness accounts (which are MM) there are no guarantees that the client's
transaction even leave Exness. Provisions and spreads are just average. The
only thing that is good at this broker is the guarantee that potential
negative balance on the clients' accounts would be zeroed (like in case
after catastrophic SNB decision) - what actually made me interested in this

2) I setup web page account really swiftly and send them copies of my ID
documents as confirmation. I send them copy of my ID document (I made it for
purpose of opening an account in other broker) and was waiting two days for
reply. Finally, I decided to talk on the chat with their support and ask
about the authorization. They told me that the answer will never be sent on
my email and is only available through: logging into personal area -> then
pressing on the link with my name -> then picking Settings -> then moving
mouse over label "Rejected" and small popup shows up with the information
why it was rejected. Really handy ;). Anyway the first document was rejected
- it was to high quality and was treated as a scan (and only photos are
allowed). So I made a photo of the document and send them - the small popup
kept continue to show me the old message so I contacted the support and they
told me that my second document was rejected because it was to low quality
(even though it was readable and they told me this should be enough). I
asked them what should I do next - I do not have other camera. So they
suggested me to use other person's camera what clearly seems to be putting
clients' identification documents in danger of falling into wrong hands
(even deleted photo from other's person camera can still be restored and
misused). Eventually I wasted a week trying to authorize myself and getting
any information from the support.

Most commonly brokers ask you to send them scans or certified photocopies of
ID documents, but Exness just does not allow it. So you are forced to buy a
better camera or risk that your ID documents will leak out. I do not want
even think how easily one can trick this company sending them photoshoped
documents. This is not how companies dealing with money should work.

3) Exness is Russian - that what they say. I wanted to know what does it
mean that they are Russian company, in case tensions between Russia and the
West increases, and how they would be affected in case of potential war on
Ukraine (e.g. new sanctions introduced against Russia). When I asked these
questions the support started to be aggravated, impolite and was trying to
avoid answers. But I kept digging and what they told me that there is no
danger whatsoever because company is Russian, but registered on Cyprus. When
I tried to learn why do they call Cyprus company Russian (it is registered
on Cyprus so it is Cyprus company) they firstly rejected to answer this
question and finally they told me it is because a lot of Russians are
working there. It is just unbelievable.

It looks like they try to hide some inconvenient information probably about
relation between Exness Cyprus and some other companies (from Russia). Most
likely Exness Cyprus is just a branch of some mysterious Russian companies
and no one can guarantee anything (especially safety of client's funds) in
case conflict between Russia and the West intensifies.

As for me Exness is not transparent enough (as Forex broker should be).

I feel like I wasted a lot of time trying to set up the account in Exness,
pulling some information from their support, making useless photos and
trying to figure out and follow their weird procedures. Anyway, hope that my
experience will help others. In overall I do not recommend Exness and do not
plan deal with this company in the future.

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February 20, 2015

3 years Total
2 years with this Broker

less product but fast service

Tags: EXNESS reviews


January 16, 2015

2 year Total
2 month with this Broker

exness is scam i loose more money ,

they don't execute my stop loose on 2015/01/16 USDCHF i loose 170 $ and empty all my account,
i asked them they said this is gap. but in 1M cart there was no gap.
i have same order on other broker,i got profit
they system have problem ,
exness cheating, don't trade with them ,
if you want more details you can contact me chaleshgaranco [@] gmail.com'
my trade account was: 631730

exness is scam , don't trade

Tags: EXNESS reviews

Iran. mehran

October 3, 2014

3 year Total
1.5 year with this Broker

A reliable brooker, exness offer what you expected from a professional broker. Some requte is the reason I don't give them 5 star

Tags: EXNESS reviews

Lebanon, Rayan

September 15, 2014

2 years Total
half a year with this Broker

In my opinion this is one of the best brokers for today. At least it's a good opportunity for manually. I usually choose keeping the trade for quite a long time (at least 6-8 hours) and it's important to have small swapes and no problem with the execution at the right moment.
Besides they have withdrawal 24\7 - which is really convenient as the support working the same schedule.
As minuses I would add no welcome bonuses, which is one of the necessary thing now. But taking into account that usually these bonuses are not available for withthdrawal anyway I don't care.

Tags: EXNESS reviews

Russia, Alexander Kovalchuk, EXNESS representative

August 25, 2014

Dear daya!

We bring our apologies for this inconvenience.

The specialists of our Technical Department fixed the error that couldn't allow you close orders.

As far as I can see now both of your orders were closed with profitable result: the order 419855 was closed on August, 18 at 02:14 GMT+0 and the order 420026 was closed on August, 19 at 12:18 GMT +0.

We hope that the work with our company will make good impression on you as a client in spite of this case.

Tags: EXNESS reviews


August 18, 2014

5 m Total
2 m with this Broker

It's my second forex-company. I don't regret that I closed my trad.ac in other broker and chose exness for scalping trade. I usually use m15 for trade and for this strategy i need high execution and good spreads. So I got it in exness. I dont' need more, I got all what is nessecary. And to all this I don't have any troubles with withdrawing my profit. But there is one negative side — i have always problemns with excepting to PA! I told them , but they don't know what is it((( My password isn't correct again and again(((

Tags: EXNESS reviews


August 16, 2014

3 years Total
2 years with this Broker

my ecn 805745 . i opened the orders 419855 and 420026 on 15-08-2014 , sell usd/jpy at 102,49 and sell eur/jpy 137,13 .after a while, i try to close them with small profits . but it shown ,''off quotes'' . not able to modify, not able to close ,nothing can do. it's not good,i contact the support team everytime. already 3 times ..
if ,in the meantime ,there happen a big loss with overnight swap , who accept this....
if these orders going to bullish , i'll lose all my account balance and run away from trading..

Tags: EXNESS reviews

Argentina, Matias

July 4, 2014

2 years Total
7 months with this Broker

I would recommend this broker if you are looking for not a start of your trading, but if you have already tried trading in several brokers. They don't have any education courses, and that is one of the reasons. But I also truly believe, that the most of traders will find their execution as a good one.

Tags: EXNESS reviews
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