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dbFX Forex broker reviews

Deutsche Bank is shutting down dbFX retail business and will transfer all clients to Forex.com (Gain Capital). dbFX will officially stop its services on May 13, 2011.

  • Website: www.dbfx.com
  • Year since: 1870
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Company registration: Deutsche Bank AG (HRB #30 000), Germany;
    Branch Registration in England and Wales BR000005; VAT reg. #GB 243 6097 61
  • Regulation: FSA UK #150018, BaFin, is a licensed bank

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iam from egypt and .i want start forex .how i joen you?
how can i start ? meine hande numer ist 0020129195161

forgot it,its market maker and agains your money,,always!! keep away from that..

I have been an stock, option and future trader for over 10 years and I have been searching for the best Forex broker on the market for over a month now and I have research over 100 of different Forex brokers, read 1000 of reviews and rankings on several Internet websites reviewing brokers on the market.

My conclusion is that there are an enormous amount of Forex brokers in the market and most of them is just too unsafe to deal with. There is often no information about credit ratings, share capital, ownership, management, etc and some even don’t have a phone number you can call.

To find out that Deutsche Bank has a first class retail Forex broker business in London is such a relief. First, Deutsche Bank is the largest Forex Bank/broker in the world with a market share of 21%, read that again 21%!!! They are regulated by nearly every regulating authority in the planet, they have 78530 employees in 72 countries and 2.2 trillion Euros in financial assets. They have won the most prestigious price in the Forex business on all accounts five years in a row now. DBFX is simply the best in it’s business and that is the fact. Number two is United Bank of Switzerland with 15% market share and number three is Citi Bank (Citifx) with 9%.

DBFX is not only number one in it’s business, it is also the safest and most secure Forex broker in the world. Your account is guaranteed for over a billion Euros.

DBFX has variable spreads, about 1.4 to 1.9 on the EUR/USD, good software, excellent news and research, and 24/5 (toll free) support. It is nice to know if your Internet connection goes down in the middle of a trade there is actually someone there to take your emergency call.

There is such an enormous difference between 99% of all Forex brokers in the market and DBFX. DBFX should have 5.000.000 STARS, not 5 since there is other brokers rated with that number here and they do not come close to a 21% world market share, 2.2 trillion Euro in assets or 78 530 employees in 72 countries or one billion account guarantee.

What good is the price from a MM/STP/ECN broker if there is only a small volume (USD 1000-100.000) behind it? DBFX has the best liquidity of all and has minimum USD 2.000.000 to 5.000.000 behind it’s price, that means that your orders have the best chance of getting filled with the least risk of slippage.

It gives me enormous peace to my mind to chose a Super Class Forex Broker as DXFX, knowing that my money is safe and secure, fair regulated trading, first class 24/5 emergency support, good software and fair prices. Mychoice could not be any easier, DBFX is simply the best in the Forex business.