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Bulls Capital Markets Forex broker reviews

    The broker is out of business

  • Website: www.bullscapitalmarkets.com
  • Year since: 2013
  • Headquarters: United Kingdom
  • Company registration: Bulls Capital Markets Ltd. (reg.#09351609), UK
  • Regulation: not regulated

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Here is the update:
Bulls agreed to give my profit of $1457.28 back and filtered out the trades that were less than 10 sec. No money received
Bulls contacted me to tell me their bank cannot do wires and suggested they could give me my money via Skrill. I gave them my Skrill info a week ago and still no money.
It really appears that their “bank” is unable to give clients their funds in any way. Bulls went to the trouble of negotiating what they owed me, we agreed, and now for weeks they have been making lame excuses about refunding the money.
I funded the account by credit card, and they gave me back my original funds on the card but said they cannot give me any more than I deposited that way.
When a broker tells you that you cannot have your money because their bank is not capable of sending it to you, I think you can be assured you have found a scam, and I hope Forex Peace Army lists them that way.
You can see there have been several posts on here from people experiencing the same problem, and Kevin seems totally unresponsive, which makes sense. How do you defend this? You can’t and Kevin isn’t.
Bulls initially responded because I triggered an investigation with FPA so thanks for FPA for at least getting Bulls attention. I’m also attaching screenshots of Bulls email to my thread in Scam Alerts.
Last response I received from Bulls was on Feb 3. No money and reply till date.

2016-01-07 1 Star I opened an account at Bulls on 10/8/15 and was trading with an EA I have. I was told EAs are fine. Like Larry, I made a small amount of money with it. But inexplicably on Christmas morning a “Trade Reversal” showed up on my account and poof, the profit was gone. Merry Christmas.

I presume Bulls needed some money to pay for the office Christmas party and took it from their customers.

Here are some questions for Bulls:

1) Are you regulated? If so, by who?
2) Do you trade against your customers?
3) If not, why do you care how long trades are left in?
4) Why do your rules state that trades must be left in for at least 10 seconds, but then not honor ANY of their trades no matter how long they were left in?
5) How do you justify simply taking your customers profits without any prior discussion? Does this seem honest or ethical to you?
6) A “Daily Confirmation” Email went out on Christmas morning advising that I had 24 hours to dispute your taking of all my profits, otherwise I was theoretically in agreement with this robbery. Are these the methods of a reputable broker?
7) What if a trade is placed with a stop loss, and the stop loss is hit 5 seconds after the trade is placed? How does this comport with your 10 second rule and how would this be handled? Do you advise your traders not to use stop losses or take profits?

If Bulls cannot adequately answer these simple questions, I would highly discourage anyone from opening an account here, and from the other posts it doesn’t look like they have any interest whatsoever in explaining themselves.

In all my years of trading I have not personally had a broker behave in such an unprofessional manner.

This is the best broker I have come across. Fast execution, great spread and a pleasure to work with but Slippage is little high.

Bulls Capital Markets is a broker who’s execution speed is very good its high,
Leverage is also high, spread widening is also high.

Hi I’m trading with BCM since 8-9 months,Never had any problem with this broker as they r really honest with me…happy to be with them.

I have already been using Bulls Capital Markets for 6 month. I am very satisfied with them, all my order execution were processed without any re-quote.The most important thing is withdrawal,Bulls Capital Markets always processed my request. It was processed during 12hours in the working time

Well, frankly speaking, I have learned a lot with Bulls Capital Markets and also I have received very good trading conditions to open a real account. For me, this broker is really the best and I recommend you to trade with them.

over all is its good.. will be excellent if spread widening would be little less.

From last 7months I’m with this broker,in my opinion this is one of the best broker till today.No problem with execution at the moment.
thank you.

Cool, Good support from backoffice, Deposit/Withdrawal process is fast,reliable broker,i do recommend this broker.

I’ve been trading with them for a while, and so far so good. Execution was good. Spreads could be a little lower. Over all Not bad.

scammmmmmm…you *****

Dear Ranjith Kumar

I am one of the representatives of Bulls Capital Market. We have already explained the entire situation to this client with logs, journals and other possible details. First of all, note that most brokers wont bother to provide you with details of journals/IPs etc but we did as we wanted to show that we were genuine and we didn’t change anything as claimed by you.

We showed the IPs to prove that the orders were edited by you, the TPs were done by you and all trades were made and modified by you and only you. The logs also show that you had logged into your account to make the modifications. Those who work in brokerages will know that orders cannot be placed or modified by the broker by logging into the client platform as brokers do not know the password for the client.

Also, those who have traded with real DD brokers will tell you that DD is done more through requotes and delaying the orders to worst price rather than by placing TP or SL as these are easy to locate and also the market is tough to predict. Those who have traded with BCM will know that re quotes don’t happen at our brokerage at any time. The only issue mentioned by few clients is spread widening during market volatility and late nights but this proves that we are STP and don’t mask the market flow rather than fixing the spread using fake software like other brokers do.

As for log files in HTML, you are welcome to visit our office where we will show you log files (that cant be edited) right on the server rather than as HTML file. We can also send you screenshot of the log file on the server rather than send you HTML files. We have nothing to hide.

We have always allowed the client to withdraw his equity at any point of time and have never stopped this client or any client from withdrawing their equity.

If you have specific trade queries, please post here and we shall answer them all in this open forum so that others can also decide who is correct.

The rest of the information that you have mentioned is in no way related to your complaint. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime to discuss further, if you need to.


outstanding broker.I like this broker.

i am very very happy with this broker
* spread is good
* broker commissions is low
* service is on time
* order execution is very fast
because of this reason i am giving 5 star

This broker have very tremendous support and service team in the markets. I never move to any other broker further. Also they provide more reliable and convenient withdrawal process.

the training part and the guidance given by u guys r superb and its real changed my life a lot, thx u guys keep rocking

I recommend this broker for their speedy service. I have more than 5yrs experience in forex trading. After Alpari UK, i struggle with lot of broker except this Bulls capital marekts. They are provide good support and service in all the aspects.


I am trading with this broker for past 1.5years, I like to share with you that the lesser spread guarnteed.

i am very happy with

1. spread
2. suppoet team
3. Technical Training
4. live support

One of the best service which i received from Bulls capital markets Broker.

way of training is good, calls also good. They are giving lot many offers and will expect some more.

Evert hing is good and fine with Bulls Capital Markets . Couple of brokers from South India performing i like to rate this broker for 5 star because for good support, Deposit and Withdrawal quick process…..,

Bulls Capital markets is one of the leading broker in india mt4 and service and every thing is good i feel very happy with service department Iam very happy with technical Training team hyderabd

การบริการที่ดีและยอดเยี่ยม การสนับสนุนอย่างดีมีประสบการณ์ ความพึงพอใจโดยรวมกับโบรกเกอร์นี้

Excellent Service..Fast Dep & Withdrawal process..

Promotions and Service good. Getting withdrawal quickly. Thumps Up…

Going great…

my trading experience with this forex broker has lasted almost two years and it’s been positive mostly. I have now a several accounts in accent with different trading options and withdraw my profit consistently


In general clients look for SSS from a broker:


From this broker I saw all three S. Now I will not change my broker even many give more offers.

good service

The client always look for some basic things when he is into trading like good service,not facing terminal problem, fund safety etc. These are all their in this company. So the client can do trading without any hurdles. We can learn and gather many information through this company.

bank wire charges 25$ , VPS is not free for below $2000 deposit apart from that i everything is ok

This broker gave me clear and transparent information about currency market. It helped me a lot to trade easily based on their fundamental and technical classes. Now I am earning an additional income within hours relaxedly.

Trading with this broker is a pleasant experience for me. Good customer service. The videos will help a lot for the beginners.

Wonderful personalized service.. No issue in deposit and withdraw…. Proper platform…

I have visited your website too. started demo account with this brokerage. Good service and lot of tips

Great training support given by this broker. I am totally new to trading learned lot from this broker I like to rate 5 bulls capital markets

I think this FXCM demo account is the best in the world. I can do as much buying and selling I want for many months and not have to pay anything. It really good!

With other brokers I had faced problems for transferring the funds. Here its not a problem of funds both deposit and withdrawal. I like their service which helped me to learn technicals and based on that I earn reasonable profits. I am very much happy with their support and service.

Instant market execution. I have learnt technicals through online which helped me to trade without loss. Excellent service and support from them.

Good client service..
i have seen your videos too, very knowledgeable. Just Keep going.
Expecting the same kind of service in future too

Hi I am a forex Trader from Singapore h’v traded with more than 10 brokers from my past. Initially I got few problems with bulls capital in the initial stage about spread widening , market closing and opening time gap up.etc

I got same problems with most of the brokers too. but all my problems sorted out from bulls and got quick service but others still pissing me off. I don’t want to blame all brokers when they got some issue or problem try to fix it soon or give quick service thats what traders expect . Hope bulls will keep the same service about disadvantages i am not getting tips like earlier


Good Customer support and Good Leverages

Excellent customer service and good customer support and regarding fund it is 100% safe and reliable

Very Good Customer support , Friendly , Unique. I trade only with this broker because they maintaining good relationship trade and fulfilling 24*7 wealthy and healthy

they are providing good training and well support. Satisfactory with the coordination of executives

I like this broker. Why because goood support, excellance execution, tight spread, good educational programs.

Client support was good , Excellence and Reliability, Very good spreads, good education program..

best support, best education program

Excellence support service

this wonderful website

good support, user friendly web-interfaces etc …

Excellent support service, Tight spread , High leverage…

Very good customer service i would say. They are unique in what they do and maintain a good relationship with customers. I am having a wonderful trade experience with Bulls Capital Markets and learned lot about trading. I would recommend this brokerage firm to perform high level quality trading experience.

BCM is good forex broker and fast deposit & withdraw system. support is very nice.

Bulls capital markets giving Excellent client support and Educations…

good service from executives
Immediate response

Excellent Customer Support, Any time Customer Service, Funding is overall excellent. No re-quote problem. I give 5 star rating for this broker

For Forex trading easy way to get success . Quality 24/7 customer support service . Easy to learn and Explore with Bulls capital markets

Evert hing is good and fine with Bulls Capital Markets . Couple of brokers from South India performing i like to rate this broker for 5 star because for good support, Deposit and Withdrawal quick process.

Excellent customer service and one of the best brokers

Of course. Because they are giving best service in terms of payin and payout and also training about forex trading.