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BlackBull Markets reviews

Average: 5 based on 28 reviews
BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2014
  • Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Company registration: BlackBull Group Limited, New Zealand
  • Regulation: FSPR (FSP403326), FSCL in New Zealand

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March 27, 2017

5 years Total
6 months with this Broker

I am very happy with the complete service offered by BlackBull Markets. As a prior MT4 user having experience with many average and worse than average brokers, A friend recommend them and I reluctantly tested out their MT4 platform and I must say that it provides me a much better experience than ever before. Connection to the platform is great with an average ping of 10-15ms with their free VPS (I did have to fund $1000 to get it free).
Trade executions are fast, with low slippage. I only trade forex so I can't comment on the CFD side but they do offer quite a few, when I requested to enable more symbols to trade they were happy to add them in which is a nice touch.
Withdrawal and support tickets are also handled with lightning speed so thumbs up for their client service, this is important as it reduces the stress whenever you make money.
Overall I'm a happy customer and hope to remain going forward.
-Albert Andros

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United Kingdom

March 19, 2017

3 years Total
1 year with this Broker

Extremely happy with the whole experience with these guys. My order fills are great and their service is fantastic too. Withdrawals are processed quicker than other brokers out there, but more importantly their service is really really good. Definitely recommend.


Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

malaysia, firdaus

December 26, 2016

1 year + Total
2 month real 1 week demo with this Broker

after a year trading in Forex, i have found a great broker in my experience. i'm highly recommended blackbull market.
fast withdraw and deposit, excellent support from customer service.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

Greece, Achin Karanatski

June 25, 2016

24 months Total
5 months with this Broker

Very good broker. Professional and good execution. Quick money transfer. Very happy. Thank You

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

NL Rijk-p

June 15, 2016

total 6 months Total
3 months with this Broker

I am new to this site, but I like it so far. Anyway, figured I would post a review for my current broker. I have their lowest account type, standard account. I pay no commission but I am trying to get their prime account so my spreads will be better.

I like trading with them so far, everything has been smooth. Now I just need to trade better :)

I use bank wire for my deposits so far no issues. Currently I am trading EUR/USD only for the time being because that is where I seem to be doing the best. When I try to trade other pairs I loose more money. I am a fairly new trader however. I will also say that I like how they don't try to sugar coat everything and are always up front and honest. My last broker lied to me so many times I lost all trust with them. Anyway, enough ranting, I recommend them as a overall solid professional broker.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

UK, Gregor

May 26, 2016

2 years Total
4 months with this Broker

After jumping around this past year with different brokers, I have finally found one that is fitting for my needs. I have only been with them for 4 months, but everything is going smoothly. I have one of their prime accounts, but started with their standard account. Great spreads overall and great execution speeds. All of the pairs I trade they offer as well. I had an issue with something and I was able to get support within 30 mins, and my problem was resolved. They are based in New Zealand and have all of their regulation in place.( I double checked) Anyway, I hope they offer other trading platforms besides mt4 in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed, if not Mt4 is doing just fine.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

Malaysia, Mohd Aarif Amjah

May 12, 2016

3 years Total
7 months, 1 week demo with this Broker

I have been trading with them since July this year they have low spreads which is greatly appreciated, excellent customer support, fast withdrawals the only problem I have with them thus far is we had issues with my proof of address being older than 3 months. I had to find another one and resubmit. But overall I think they are a really good broker and its good to see they are careful with their license and regultion. Prime account is what I use and I think its best option.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews


May 2, 2016

live and demo 2 years Total
almost a year with this Broker

I recommend this broker. They have a branch here in Malaysia where I can do local deposit. I am now an IB and get my commissions paid on time always without problems. Rebate program is structured well and I am happy being client with them. Also, they gave me free VPS. I usually dont recommend brokers but so far they have gone above and beyond for me so I felt the need to do a write up. True ECN + STP and regulated. I am happy.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

Poland, Bożydar Grabowski

March 26, 2016

not long enough Total
almost 1 year with this Broker

I tested demo account with this broker before signing up for prime account. I was debating account types but even with min 2k deposit for prime, I pick prime b/c spreads are from .1 pips. They offer free VPS support too (I think for all accounts but I am not sure). Only thing is I wish they will offer binary soon as I love trading binary....so far it hasn't been a reason for me to switch brokers.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews


March 24, 2016

6 months with demo and 6 months with live Total
2-3 weeks demo 3 months live with this Broker

I had different broker before, was client with Vomma and I had some of my trades closed randomly. Also they don't have mobile support like blackbull markets does. Needless to say I left and have been with Blackbull markets over 3 months without having any problems. I would recommend them to other traders. If you depend on mobile trading most of the time like I do, and great execution speeds, then Blackbull is a good fit.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

SP-Brazil, Erico

March 22, 2016

Year 1 Total
7-8 months with this Broker

I recommend BB-Markets to anyone who wants to have peace of mind knowing their money is safe and protected. FSP regulated with strict AML policy. I would never trust some of these brokers these days, lots of sharks out there. I found the ECN broker that I plan to stay with. No downtime on MT4 client except for when they had a server upgrade, and they told me ahead of time. I don't mind that. I trust them and have built good relationship.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

Noah NL

March 8, 2016

1.5 years Total
2 months with this Broker

I have account with them and so far im impressed to say the least. Nice job guys. I definitely vouch for them being a professional broker.

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews


March 4, 2016

1 year Total
1-2 weeks with demo account-4 months live prime account with this Broker

I had been told by a friend to check out this broker. I tested out demo account first for 2 weeks and then opened up a prime account. I needed certain things like EA and big list of commodities and options for UAH which they have. Also, the min deposit was not too much for me. Netellar sometimes in the past has gave me problems, but here its been smooth dep and W/D. Overall I am happy with BB Markets, and I am going to stay here for now. Oh, also they have good education section on website which helped me very much as a fairly new trader. A+++

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

Paris, France- Ansel

February 23, 2016

2 years + Total
6-7 Months with live account with this Broker

These guys run a great broker! They have very fast transaction speeds and superb spreads. My trading has gone very well so far and I make good profit. I rely on good reviews for brokers, and hope to help others know they definitely know how to run their brokerage. Also deposits and withdrawals are quick and that is very important to me. Keep up the good work. -Ansel

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews

London, Daniel B

January 18, 2016

2 years Total
8 Months with this Broker

I had a bad experience with my previous broker before switching to BlackBull Markets. I wont mention their name, but I couldn't believe their lack of ethics. My experience so far with BlackBull Markets has been excellent. Great spreads and execution speads, and knowing they are fully regulated gives me peace of mind. The support staff is excellent as well. I highly recommend!

Tags: BlackBull Markets reviews
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