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AxiTrader Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2008
  • Headquarters: Australia
  • Company registration: AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, Australia;
    AxiCorp Limited, UK
  • Regulation: ASIC (Licence No: 318232); FCA UK #509746
  • Notes: AxiTrader is a trading brand of AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd.

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80 Reviews

this is why i am looking into reviews the plataform of mt4 is good perfect i havent deposit yet that is i want to make sure
if they are legimit and want to be with them..,

They have the worst service and their trading platform has to be worst implementation I have ever seen!

Dear Traders,

We’d like to firstly point out that some of the reviews below are not/should not be considered ‘reviews’, more ‘comments’. They reveal no real facts or real experience about AxiTrader’s service, spreads, execution our reliability – all of which we receive excellent reviews about frequently. We note we have no outstanding client complaints currently, especially none from South Africa and Japan.

For the record, AxiTrader offers two account types as stated clearly on our website. We clearly provide the differences when opening your live account. AxiTrader’s ‘Standard’ account has no commission (built into the spread) with an average of 1.2 pips on major pairs which has the ability to trade index CFD’s and Oil. We also offer the PRO account, a raw spread + $7 commission ‘ECN Style’ (as brokers claiming to be ECN with MT4 typically use this word for ‘marketing spin’) which has around 0.9 pips average spread, however minimum deal size is 0.1 and no CFD’s.

It is a shame to see what appears to be fictitious reviews below, however we believe our clients can (and do) find out for themselves why AxiTrader is the most ‘switched to’ Australian broker. (Verified by Investment Trends)

If any clients have a complaint, we’d ask you to email [email protected], 24 hours a day 5 days a week. For more information please feel free to visit our website.

Hi New Zealand Trader,
AxiTrader is strictly an execution only broker. We do not manage client accounts or place trades on their behalf. It is the client’s responsibility to manage their own account. If the client has come to us through a provider who manages their account for them then it is up to the client and the company who is providing the trade management (OakFX in this instance) to manage the account. We cannot comment on the experience you have had with OakFX as that is a completely separate company to AxiTrader. If you have any queries regarding the AxiTrader platform itself, please feel free to email our customer service department at [email protected] where one of our many multi-lingual staff will be happy to help with any queries you may have.
Many thanks, AxiTrader

Hi HS,
AxiTrader does not have a single client across all of our 6 MT4 Servers from Luxembourg, nor any outstanding complaints regarding slippage.
If you are in fact a genuine complaint, please feel free to email our customer service department at [email protected] where one of our many multi-lingual staff will be happy to help with any queries you may have.
Many thanks,

I have traded with other brokers in the past and AXITRADER is one of the best brokers. No jumping and ridiculous spreads. Tight spreads and the system is very stable. Customer service excellent and very helpful account managers. Those who are talking bad about AXITRADER certainly don’t have any real account and it just look like fake. I have recommended more than 4 of my friends to AXI and they are all happy as well.

Dear Traders,

We wish to address some of the complaints provided on this forum for our clients and potential clients of AxiTrader. Without knowing anything other than the country in which they’re from, there are a few key issues that we believe to be of the utmost importance, one such claim is AxiTrader closing accounts, the other is execution and connectivity issues.

As we can’t discuss individual reasons for closures of accounts we can say this, AxiTrader takes Anti-Money laundering laws very seriously. As part of our requirements through AUSTRAC and the AML/CTF Act in Australia, we have a transaction monitoring program. Where any client is conducting transactions in their account which do not appear to be for the purpose of trading or appear suspicious, we are required to take action as prescribed by the laws. Any client who attempts this illegal activity will be notified (all emails are recorded in our database) before we close the account. Part of our regulation with ASIC, AUSTRAC and with utilising top tier banks such as HSBC as partners we must take AML extremely serious and we’re proud of being able to count ourselves as compliant in this area. Our clients should be proud too that their funds are safer as a result.

To those who experienced connection issues: We’d love to help you through a resolution and assist you in getting the most out of our MT4. AxiTrader does not deliberately manipulate its price feed. We pride ourselves on reliability and server uptime. Metatrader 4 (MT4) is a platform which has two ‘scheduled downtimes’ each day. One is a server optimisation which lasts no more than 60-90 seconds and occurs 05:35 server time. The other is a platform server restart which most MT4 brokers do. We attempt to do ours during the middle of the Asian session when trading is at its lowest volumes so as to minimise client disturbance. If you’d please be kind enough to let us know further what issues you’re experiencing by sending through your MT4 account login to [email protected], your account manager or our friendly customer service team will be on hand to assist with resolving any connection/execution issues you may be having. We hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,
AxiTrader Customer Service Team

Exactly same thing happened to my account as the earlier reviewer. They closed my account and told me the same thing that in their Terms & Condition they have a clause to close the accounts not profitable for them. they are running it like a casino…….

Stay away is my advise.

My second update on this dealer [ note they are not a broker ] .

I simply can’t believe that they weren’t aware of the world day light savings changes .
Last week they opened the EU indices 1 hr late and this morning as I type they haven’t opened USA indices . Now they open spi 18 minutes late and the platform is stuck on the wrong price .
This firm would have to be the most technically illiterate firm in the world , not just with server resets and platform breakdowns but I suspect they bodgie prices when it suits their trading book .
Unless folks forget it is u against them and they don’t offer a fair playing field .
DO NOT BELIEVE ANY POSITIVE COMMENTS as I think they can only come from the mighty sales team .No one but no one could honestly take this firm seriously . They are incompetent to the highest degree and an utter disgrace .

Oh and just incase some think I’m a bitter twisted loser of a trader u are wrong as I have taken some money from this firm ,after much angst, but I wouldn’t recommend this firm to other traders in a pink fit !!!!

I have no problems with AXIs. Always answer question never had an outage and their spreads are considerably less than 2 other brokers that I also use live. I keep asking why I use others. It is inkeeping with other companies I discuss issues with and each brokers charts are slightly different in their delivery. I don’t know why, other than their information comes from different source.

Administrator notes: The trader has earlier submitted a review under the name “Singapore, Lewis”

Ive been monitoring this site since posting my review months back as I’ve done with my two other broker reviews on 100fxbrokers (one other local, One international) and must say I’m somewhat surprised (or rather disappointed) with the reviews posted by some of the traders on this board. I belong to a trading room with dozens of other traders using this broker and can’t help myself to set the record straight.

Naturally concerned as having not experienced anything other than the odd outage, I called AxiTrader after reading some and have to agree with their inklings that the reviews could be posted by a jealous competitor (which to me seems BLATANTLY clear). The mentions of spread blowouts are false (any simple spreadsheet that plugs into MT4 will run you reports on highest, lowest and average spreads across several different brokers) and the majors do not breach 6, crosses 11 etc. I must say as a trader it is very hard to find a reliable source for finding out info about your broker., these posts further prove that. Take GoMarkets for example as their reviews look good but look on different message boards and you’ll see they’re getting walloped for dropouts, spreads and execution just to name a few. I think any fool can see the frequency of the last reviews (two in one day— really?) the lack of factual info and the reviews all seem to have the exact same style of language and writing on all of them! Ie end with something like ‘stay away’ or ‘had enough’ conicidence? Perhaps. Traders are smarter than this I would assume as even this excellent site has an in depth on ‘how to review your broker’ and finding out info further than just one place!

It’s sad Ive had to come back and set the record straight but Its even sadder for someone to take the time out of their day to write a false review for whatever reason. Perhaps an old disgruntled employee or another envious local broker. Most are notorious with talking bad about each other over the phone- ask your broker what they think of someone else- its very umprofessional at times. There’s 3 brokers who I’ve asked who’ve never resorted to that Vantage and Axi being two of the only Aussies which speaks volumes. (I trade with both I must disclose)

People deserve to know the truth (atleast from my own perspective) – personally i am happy with my trading at AxiTrader and don’t need to say much more, spreads and service are fantastic, and dozens of my fellow traders in our room would agree with me and we’ve been trading for a very long time. Once again- the coveted 5stars

Thanks for your time.


Thank you for your feedback/post Norman.

If possible – Would you be kind enough to call or email us with your AxiTrader account number because to date we do not have any clients named “Norman” who have a VPS nor do we have any clients named Norman who have had any issues whatsoever!

We are more than happy to look at any account query directly , but note with concern some recent posts here seem to be lacking factual information or matching up to our stellar feedback from clients privately or through testimonials on other sites.

We look forward to hearing from any client regardless of their feedback, and ask that official emails be sent to [email protected] or to your personal account manager that AxiTrader provides.

Happy trading.

AxiTrader Service Team

Does everything I need them to do. Which is execute my trades fast and put away lot sizes above 20 which most Aussie brokers can’t do, without slipping me or delaying me. Making consistently good cash with them over an 8 month period. Good personal account manager if something goes wrong. If you’re looking for a no fuss broker that won’t hound you every minute and is down the line then this is the place. Cheers

V good broker. Singapore servers and 24hr support . Always Very fast responses… Introduced at a seminar and use their new android app, never had problem!!! Very pleased 4 stars! thank you axi trader

I must say I’ve always been blown away by the service that the Axi boys give. I was but the learner when joining them but they’ve helped me every step of the way and for that I thank them… especially their patience. Good service is hard to find in Aussie (never used to be) and I always call the same bloke week after week after week (talk his ears off HAHA) and I must say he’s always very helpful – even when an issue is my fault and it usually is ha ha!! But I’ve demo traded with other brokers tohave a poke round and I ring to ask questions and they don’t wanna know ya if (probably think ya just a tyre kicker) I suppose or don’t even know the answer! The spreads are consistent, MYFX is a great tool and I’ve gotta say making money from this game is the best part. Even a 10pm email gets answered from my guy and when he went on his holiday his colleague gave me the same service… now THAT was the exceptional part. Great broker and will spread my love across to anyone that’ll listen to me about how good these guys are. If there was a rating beyond 5 well I would give it! Consider me a happy chap.

Am very satisfied with AxiTrader and agree with Dr.Bob that you can’t get a good experience unless trading live. I’ve had my own account manager, good spreads, extremely fast execution and support even at 3am when my internet crashed. Have referred 4 of my colleagues who all have experienced beyond the call of duty service when it wasn’t expected. Better than I have seen from any international (or local) brokers. Their spreads appear to be sometimes 1/4 of the size of FXCM, GO and OANDA which is very impressive. Good to see an Aussie broker doing well! Keep up the good work lads! The only thing I would ask is that they add soft commodities 😉

I have found them to be honest and allways there when I call. I can only compare them to my old broker and they beat them by a long way.

Good spreads, and good service is what I have experienced. I have also travelled to Sydney to meet their team, and am glad to have my account with them.

Service is spasmodic; things appear to change all the time; it’s hard to get people on the phone that know anything; are they better than Sonray?