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ATC Brokers Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Glendale, CA, United States
  • Company registration: Avail Trading Corp., United States
  • Regulation: NFA ID #0358522, CFTC
  • Notes: ATC Brokers is an IB for FXCM.

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Do not use ATC! They will front run your orders, margin call you when they feel like it and steal your money. It has happened to me many times before I finally left and filed a complaint with Finra. Beware!

There was slippage in almost the every trade, whether sell or buy. Many times, opened my trade before the order price. And spread goes as high as 3pips sometimes. Add all these to constant commission of $8 per standard lot. I had withdrawn my remaining balance after huge losses. Those who give good rating to their services have not used them recently. It is extremely poor.

I have used this broker on a live account for 5 months. Twice my stop loss has been been ignored. Once for 37 pips and another for 22 pips. Costing me around $600.00 in losses. Atc brokers tells me, thats the way it is, they don”t gaurantee stop loss settings. This is my first live broker so I don”t know if this is normal/

Hi again,

If you do not want to download and install all ECN Forex brokers demo software on your computer and run them simultaneously to find out which one is the best, there is a great site comparing different ECN brokers in real time here:

As you can see here, ATC Brokers is often the best one, but it is also a question about commission, but that is the easy part.

The above site was up and running at one time and was down another time so keep on checking if it is not working
at the moment.

ACT Brokers have e-mail and phone and people you can talk to. Had some problem with my demo MT4 installation and send them an e-mail about and three min later a guy called Omar called and asked me to go to an internet site called Team View and registered myself, got a id number, told Omar about it and then he could operate my PC and
install the MT4 demo correctly in no time. Very smart feature this Team View stuff.

I am comparing three Forex Brokers ECN and MT4 demo in real time, it is Pronetfx (UK), FXCBS (UAE) and
ATC Brokers (USA) and prices fluctuate in six digit mode (EUR/USD 1.48864) the last digit is 1/10 pip and prices
are at similar levels but not exactly the same and spreads are different.

ACT Brokers is best with a spread between 0.6-0.9 pips most of the time
FXCBS is second with spreads between 0.9-1.2 pips most of the time
Pronetfx is third with spreads between 1.4-1.9 pips most of the time

It is obvious that these brokers do not have the same banks in their ECN system as far as I can understand.

My question is why should one pay an ECN broker $4.00 per side in commission or 0.4 pips per side plus a spread between 0.6 to 1.9 pips per side, when there is several brokers offering a fixed 1 pip spread (including commission) per side?

Does these fixed 1 pip spread brokers really work the way they say they do? How do they handle a spread in the
ECN system on 0.6 pips like 1.48857 to 1.48863? A two pip fixed spread i could understand, like 1.4885 to 1.4887 would work for the fixed pip Forex broker, but one seems a lot more challenging. Mayby that is why there is a lot of complains about re-quotes, slippage, non-fills, etc.

Would be very interested to hear what other traders with more experience of Forex brokers and trading then myself have to say about this.


Have heard positive remarks of them from various sources. One of my top choice so far, still checking out
all ECN Forex Brokers with MT4 software.

I have been offered $8 for standard lot (100.000) and $0.80 for mini lot (10.000) round trip.

I must say that many American Brokers are very good in their understanding of fair trading and computer technology.

I am used to trading E-mini futures, so I like when you only need one pip profit to cover your commission. I am going to try out their MT4 demo version and see how spreads behave.

Does anybody know if non-US citizens has to pay any taxes on currency trading profits using US Forex Broker?

i would recommend this broker without hesitation. helpful and fast. customer service is outstanding and the fills and spreads you cant beat. try them, you will not regret it.

I give atc brokers a standing ovation, service, support, technology, everything is excellent A+ KEEP IT UP ATC!