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Armada Markets reviews

Average: 3.6 based on 55 reviews
Armada Markets

Armada Markets Forex broker reviews

    Armada Markets no longer provides services to individuals. Tickmill took over individual traders.
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2011
  • Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Company registration: Armada Markets AS, part of Spada Capital Group, Estonia
  • Regulation: Ministry of Economics, Estonia (license FRA000029 and VVT000289).
  • Notes: Armada Markets is an IB for LMAX.

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September 4, 2014

4 years Total
2 years with this Broker

Armada has improved a lot since last year. Now spreads are consistently 0.0 to 0.2 pips on eurusd. Anyone who wants a direct broker discount can go to savantfx . com

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Germany, Julia

June 6, 2014

4 years Total
1 year LIVE with this Broker

Finally I found a good broker where I can trade all strategies and my EA orders do not get rejected. I can also place limit order where I want. Good broker!

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Greece, Costas Y

May 16, 2014

4 years Total
5 months with this Broker

I had a doubt at first (never heard about them) but then tried free Welcome account and made a small deposit. After 5m trading so far the best, I was very surprised with positive slippage on news (major one was 1,2$ on gold, TP) - before that I didn't even know that it's possible on fx. Skrill withdrawal was processed within 20 mins, but maybe was just luck. Spreads are very OK - too bad they don't have cent-accounts and could have binary options too.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Germany, Ivone

March 11, 2014

18 months Total
6 months LIVE with this Broker

Armada Markets Forex is providing good conditions for news traders who demand very good trading conditions. I especially like that they give also positive slippage during news. I'm not sure whether they are STP Forex broker or not but so far they have surprised me positively.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Austria, Toni

March 10, 2014

5 years Total
1 year LIVE with this Broker

I like Armada Markets Forex broker because the do not have any restrictions in trading and I can trade any strategies, even news trading. I have once also withdrawn my profit from Armada and they didn't have any problems with it.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Finland, T

February 8, 2014

3 months Total
3 months live with this Broker

I am an active scalper and trade the news. Armada has helped me to earn money with my strategy. I am happy.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Hungary, G.A.

January 11, 2014

5 years Total
2 years Live with this Broker

I have been trading with this broker since 2012 jan.
there never will be any broker company that is perfect for every client...
But Armada is far the best out there.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews


December 31, 2013

3 years Total
2 weeks with this Broker

Chat is unprofessional. They refused to give me bonus but advertise this online. They do not tell the truth just try to trap customers with scam broker tactics. All scam brokers come from Estonia and Russia and Armada is another scam broker. I warn all traders not to fall for their scam marketing.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Riga, Latvia, Ivars

December 28, 2013

1 year LIVE Total
7 months on Armada Markets LIVE account with this Broker

I trade with couple of Forex brokers. Armada Markets is one of them. I like their professional approach. They provide no stupid bonuses but provide fast trading, deposits and also withdrawals. I think their Forex spreads are one of the lowest in world. Vse bole-mene horosho!

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Barcelona , Spain, Jorge

December 28, 2013

15 months Total
11 months LIVE with this Broker

Armada Markets has gained popularity in Spain because of low Forex spreads and fast executiones. I like them. 2 my friends trade with them. I would like them even more if they would have support in Espanol. Good.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Spain, Antonio

December 5, 2013

2 years live Total
1 year live with this Broker

Armada Markets is now my only broker. I have closed my accounts with other brokers because I realized that my profits were always bigger with Armada. I can trade any time, even during the news.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

china,dong chen

November 19, 2013

5 years Total
1 year LIVE with this Broker

Last year started trading in armada markets, very low spreads, fast withdrawals have been an advantage, before I use moneybookers withdrawal, very fast, now supports China UnionPay, the Chinese customers more convenient, I think I can not find any reason to do not use the armada

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

UK, FXPulsar

November 17, 2013

4 years Total
5 months with this Broker

I closed down my Armada Markets account due to excessive slippage. I wish all those that can trade in these sorts of conditions well but for me it is difficult to profit when you get 20-30 pips slippage. Armada Markets have sadly gone backwards in the past 6 months and they dont seem to be getting better. They say they have a new server but it has the same IP address as the old one so I really can not believe them. Their liquidity has not improved either but they keep saying it has.

I dont think that I am the only one to close down my account recently. Good luck to those who stay. It is hard to make a profit in forex and even harder when trading with Armada.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

United Kingdom, William

November 13, 2013

5 years Total
10 months with this Broker

My 2 review

I have been trading with Armada 10 months now. So far they have managed to keep their service quality on same level as before. I have made some withdrawals using Moneybookers and so far it has been processed within 15 minutes. Will keep you updated if I notice something worth mentioning.

Tags: Armada Markets reviews

Chile, Juan

November 1, 2013

4 years Total
2 days with this Broker

The second day of trading on live Exchange account, my EA closed a negative operation with many pips on a "ghost market price quote" with the precise difference to induce EA error and fail..... AND THEY SAY WE GUARANTEE NO DEALER INTERVENTION?????
Armada Markets have very strong marketing with your website BUT is VERY but it is very different at real forex arena.... stay away

Tags: Armada Markets reviews
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