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Alpha Trading CM Forex broker reviews

The broker is out of business

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2013
  • Headquarters: Seychelles
  • Company registration: Alpha Trading Capital Markets, S.A., Seychelles
  • Regulation: SIBA, Seychelles

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Well, i used to traded with this company last year and i lost all my my money due big spike during my trade. I mainly trade with this company because the guy whom i trusted introduce me to the company. Yes definitely, this company is a a big time scammer. And now their site is down when i try to explain the situation of the trade as i know the trade i executed was in good position and i was trading trading with other broker side by side. So ultimately, i got the info about this company that their so called CEO Fred is now running another company in the name of Alpha Info System LLC ( ) register in US and UK, email: [email protected] and the rest , check their website for details. So i think for those who are cheated badly, you guys deserve to know where about this company landed and now officially this site ll provide you a better chance to sue them in the court or get your money back.
All the best.