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Alpha Trading CM reviews

Average: 2.3 based on 4 reviews
Alpha Trading CM

Alpha Trading CM Forex broker reviews

The broker is out of business
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2013
  • Headquarters: Seychelles
  • Company registration: Alpha Trading Capital Markets, S.A., Seychelles
  • Regulation: SIBA, Seychelles

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John Bha

November 15, 2015

5 years Total
few months with this Broker

Well, i used to traded with this company last year and i lost all my my money due big spike during my trade. I mainly trade with this company because the guy whom i trusted introduce me to the company. Yes definitely, this company is a a big time scammer. And now their site is down when i try to explain the situation of the trade as i know the trade i executed was in good position and i was trading trading with other broker side by side. So ultimately, i got the info about this company that their so called CEO Fred is now running another company in the name of Alpha Info System LLC ( www.alphainfosystem.com ) register in US and UK, email: [email protected] and the rest , check their website for details. So i think for those who are cheated badly, you guys deserve to know where about this company landed and now officially this site ll provide you a better chance to sue them in the court or get your money back.
All the best.

Tags: Alpha Trading CM reviews

Kazakhstan, Askar

July 18, 2014

9 years Total
6 months live with this Broker

Dear traders. I haven't resolved the issue with this broker. It is 100% that it is a scam broker. They stole 77 000 USD from my account by performing deals on my account without my knowledge and without my consent. While I am in continuous fight with these fraudsters they continue to attract traders. They flooded the web with fake reviews like the one below, from Nigeria (allegedly). It's a known fact that AlphaTradingCM hasn't been on the market for 2 years but the previous reviewer sais that he or she was trading live with them for 2 years. I warn you friends to be extremely cautious and better stay away from them. If that's not enough do your own research on the web, there is plenty of evidence there. Good luck.

Tags: Alpha Trading CM reviews


May 16, 2014

6 years Total
2 years with this Broker

What more do I need to say? They are the most
perfect broker I have ever traded with.No manipulation in the price market and Truly an ECN broker. And they will work to keep you as a client! Thats
best compliment I give to this broker

Tags: Alpha Trading CM reviews

Kazakhstan, Askar

February 17, 2014

9 years Total
6 months LIVE with this Broker

Dear friends, don't even think about dealing with this broker. They are scammers who manipulate prices and make deals on your account without your knowledge. They stole a significant amount of money from my account as well as other peoples' accounts. Please make a web search first (Alpha Trading CM review). They changed and twisted their web site several times for government agents to not know where they are from. In the beginning they were allegedly registered in Ecuador and were regulated by SIBA (Seychelles International Business Authority). But after their scam activity was exposed they suddenly became an Indian broker who is registered in Seychelles and governed by the Seychelles. They are liars, scammers and gang of criminals. Truth is they operate their organized criminal group from Boston Massachusetts USA. Don't trust them no matter how hard they try to advertise themselves. You will end up frustrated. I lost money and time and I wish I had never dealt with them.

Tags: Alpha Trading CM reviews
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