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Alpari UK Limited Forex broker reviews

The broker is out of business since January 2015

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2004
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Company registration: Alpari (UK) Ltd.
  • Regulation: FSA UK (reg #448002)
  • Notes: The Alpari Group was established in Russia, where it is a founding member of the Financial Regulations Agency (KROUFR).

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NOT Recommended … stay away from Alpari UK .This morning they had 2470 pips drop on GBP/USD and it was fake .No other broker had this drop . All they saying it that we are investigating it . Well , 2 days ago they had the same thing happened to EUR/JPY on NZ platform .

And here is the screenshot date is 30.01.2014

alpari spike

Do not use this broker ,ever.

I am not happy with Alpari UK as they just automatically closed by margin call my account last Aug 11,2011 and when i woke up it was due to a sudden spike and the market has reversed to a profitable situation…. all my month’s effort, time and money was all gone and i stare at the computer in shock… I called their support and they are not willing to help out or compensate in anyway thru exception even if my position will be profitable again…There’s a lot of slippage and requotes too… I am in search of a new better broker… scared to go back to them again…