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ACFX reviews

Average: 3 based on 22 reviews
Atlas eForex Forex broker reviews
    The broker is out of business
  • Website: www.acfx.com
  • Year since: 2010
  • Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus
  • Company registration: AtlasCapital Financial Services Ltd, Cyprus
  • Regulation: FCA UK reg. #480859. Not found CySEC license # CIF 085/07
  • Notes: ACFX (formerly known as ATLAS eForex) is a trading name of AtlasCapital Financial Services Ltd.

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October 29, 2015

4 years Total
2 years with this Broker

I use trading strategies like robot and scalping. Stp account is perfect for that

Tags: ACFX reviews

Canada Jessica lowiite

October 12, 2015

2years Total
3months Live with this Broker

I Prefer to trade with STP/ECN so I have tried the ECN PRO account of ACFX and am very satisfied with it. Am trading with 0.8pips on EURUSD and execution is really fast with no delays.

Tags: ACFX reviews


July 23, 2015

over 5 years Total
3 months with this Broker

I didnt understand the bonus terms and conditions properly when i started trading with them but now it is clearer to me and case resolved with ACFX. thanks

Tags: ACFX reviews


June 24, 2015

over 5 years Total
3 months with this Broker

Imagine ACFX staff impostoring as client from Pakistan also posted on forexpeacearmy to counter my review there and claiming that there is no requotes on their mt4. This is total lie. All you have to do is sign up with them and request for bonus and you will see mad requotes on your mt4 as well as mt4 going dead as i described below in my review. Trading with ACFX means you must lose your funds with them because if you are profitable you will get in trouble with them after a short while. Be wise!

Tags: ACFX reviews


June 21, 2015

over 5 years Total
3 months with this Broker

You can see the follow up review to my review below and know that the impostor from Pakistan is an ACFX staff trying to make some defenses. You will surely come back to make your own review if you try to trade with them. They will always take a decision against you if you become profitable after a while. There will always be a conflict of interest. They are simply scammers!

Tags: ACFX reviews

Pakistan, Masood Hussain

June 15, 2015

10 Year's Total
4Month's with this Broker

I had not complete information about the ACFX bouns trading rules,
therefor I felt problem & talked to them to get the resolution.They briefed me in a very comprehensive way & the misunderstanding got cleared.I am start work again with ACFX because ,Fast exicution and no requots instant withdraw great support..
Acfx is very good trusted Broker

Tags: ACFX reviews

Nigeria, Onyeka Alimele

June 13, 2015

over 5 years Total
3 months with this Broker

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM BROKER!!!!! A typical market maker broker PRETENDING to be an STP broker. I have traded with them as a client and referred clients to them as an IB and both myself and all my clients had different terrible experiences with them. If they offer you bonus then make sure you lose your funds on their platform because if you are profitable they will cut down your profit withdrawal after a short time of trading with them.

Whether you take bonus or not, their mt4 server always goes dead as soon as market gets volatile meaning preventing your EA from working properly and preventing you from closing your trades either at a loss or at profit.

I cannot begin to count all our experiences with them BUT if you have doubts about what i said then give them a try and see for yourself. Till date, my issues with them have NOT been resolved.

Tags: ACFX reviews


March 3, 2015

5 Total
months with this Broker

bunch of scammers!nonsense

Tags: ACFX reviews


December 7, 2014

7 Total
1 with this Broker

Huge thus they give attention to others first...

Tags: ACFX reviews


September 2, 2014

5 YEARS Total
1 MONTH with this Broker

scam scam scam broker i made withdrew requested 1020.20 (without there 30% wel come bonus) a week later they send me only 510$. not gave 510.20 My live account number 81737. SCAM SCAM SCAM BROKER BE CAREFUL TRADER BIG FAKE & SCAM BROKER.

Tags: ACFX reviews


January 6, 2013

3 years Total
1 month with this Broker

bad execution, slippage , bad support

Tags: ACFX reviews


April 12, 2012

10 Total
1 year Live with this Broker

I like this broker.

1) they are helpful. When I have problem, i requested a call back, they called me back in 2 mins and Solved my problems.

2) my withdrawal takes within 15 minutes to reach my moneybookers! I feel safe with ACFX. Withdrew around 5 times. Largest amount I withdrew is 3k .

I hope ACFX can read my comments and maintain your good services and I promise I will continue to give good rates if the services is good as always.

Tags: ACFX reviews

forex trader

December 15, 2011

1 year Total
new with this Broker

Services not as advertised

Tags: ACFX reviews


December 8, 2011

2months Total
2months with this Broker

Easy to loose money with their setup

Tags: ACFX reviews


August 15, 2011

3 years Total
1 week Live with this Broker

i am very satisfied and glad with this broker, execution is very fast, i was glad when i made second withdraw, withdrawed and i received money in 1 minute in mine moneybookers account. i really recommend this broker. thank`s

Tags: ACFX reviews
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