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3TG Brokers Forex broker reviews

    The broker is out of business

  • Website: 3tgbrokers.com
  • Year since: 2011
  • Headquarters: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Company registration: 3TG FX Financial LP (reg. #2555502), New Zealand
  • Regulation: Not regulated.
    De-registered from FSP register (with FSP244885) in April 2015.

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… and I get upset reading these comments. If someone rate it to 1/5 only then the company has to react somehow of course… OK! this time I’ll give 4 not 5 be happy with it! Spreads could be even more tight 😉

Works good,Low spreads,but the money withdrawal is a little slow,good charts,so i think its worth oppened a demo and than when liked it open a real..

I think this broker works perfectly fine.I has trading with him for 4 months and always ok.Good spreads but not the best.For now I am very satisfied and I remain in 3TG!

I was looking for a new broker and found the 3TG.Recently i heard a lot about 3TG ..I have testing their demo account for 6 days.I found everything in order to the demo,low spreads and not falter charts.I haven’t yet a real account.. Can you say that, with the real account is to all right?

Meine Erfahrungs:
Das demokonto funktioniert gut es gab kein problem.
Die spreads is gut
Die Hinweisen könte schneller sein aber kein problem
zusammenfassend ich bin gemütsruhe.

Ich habe eine Menge über dieses brokerfirme gehört, und ich suche eine neuen broker.Könten sie Beratschlagung für mich dass es beloht sich?

Auf English:
I’ve heard alot about the company,and i looking for a new broker.Could you advise me this would be worth it?

They’re not that usual ripoff broker you’re used to, at least I haven’t been ripped off so far, which is the best you can say about a broker nowdays. Fast execution, neutral spreads I don’t know what else to say.

Ich habe die demokonto getestet für 1 monat und dann ich eröfnet ein realkonto für 6 monat,alles war ok und das Anwenderprogramm is gut.Die spreads is gut.Meiner meinung nach diese Borker Firmen ausführen gut!

This broker seems all right, everything works as it should for now. Though I’ve only beed trading at 3tg since january and they are new on the market. We’ll see how good they are, but for now my experience is good.

From what I gathered they’re truly an ECN broker which is a huge + for me. Spreads are fine, though I’ve seen better. Fast execution so you get your positions where you wanted them. I’m surprised to say it but so far I’m actually content with what I get from them.


Could You tell us some details?

Great executions, but no variable deposit. I do not know if they are STP, but no problem trading with them.

Traded with this broker for a while. I like the mt4 platform, probably because you can find many mql files. I received not a single reqoute, guess they have a good liqidity pool.