ZuluTrade Forex brokers

What is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade allows anyone to follow trading signals of other traders and auto-execute those signals on own trading account. Official website: http://www.zulutrade.com

Quote from ZuluTrade account terms:
“The ZuluTrade trading platform is an auto-trading system. The ZuluTrade platform receives trading signals from third party signal providers. Once the signal is received, ZuluTrade validates the signal and confirms whether it is consistent with the investor’s account settings and preferences. If the signal is accepted, ZuluTrade sends the trading signal to the investor’s broker for execution”.

How much does it cost?

ZuluTrade services are free for all traders.
ZuluTrade generates profits by receiving rebates from the brokers and splits them with the experts that provide trading signals.

Do you have to keep you PC on when trading with ZuluTrade?

No, you don’t. ZuluTrade signal services are server-based, which means that it works regardless your computer being turned on or off. Once you set up your account preferences and choose signal providers you can walk away from your PC.

ZuluTrade Forex brokers:

Special Offer
Min Deposit
Spreads From
Max Leverage
Start Trading
Rapid Crypto Transactions
0.8 PIPs
Spreads From 0.8 PIPs
Max Leverage 500:1
Min Deposit $10

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Platforms like this make trading the Forex market a lot considerably easier, they help implement risk management by giving traders the tools to do so (normally in the form of automatic orders) and also allow you to perform technical analysis by providing charting platforms. These platforms are only benefiting the financial trading space.

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