Mirror Trader Forex brokers

Mirror Trader platform is developed by Tradency. Official website: www.tradency.com

Mirror Trader takes Forex trading experience to new level: with a choice of manual, automatic or semi automatic trading traders are flexible to execute own strategies or follow the signals and strategies provided by other investors.

Mirroring trades is done in few clicks: choose traders you want to “mirror” and click to execute it on own account. Then choose whether to close “mirrored” trades manually at own judgement or let the whole process be automated and “mirror” the close signals as well.

Mirror Trader strategies receive T-Score, which indicates which strategies perform well under current market conditions.

With many tools, charts and real time signals, Mirror Trader a comprehensive trading platform already offered by a number of Forex brokers:

Mirror Trader Forex brokers list:

Special Offer
Min Deposit
Spreads From
Max Leverage
Start Trading
Spreads from 0.1 pips
0.1 PIPs
FSA, FMA New Zealand
Spreads From 0.1 PIPs
Max Leverage 500:1
Min Deposit $200
Same Day withdrawals
1.2 PIPs
Spreads From 1.2 PIPs
Max Leverage 500:1
Min Deposit $10

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Platforms like this make trading the Forex market a lot considerably easier, they help implement risk management by giving traders the tools to do so (normally in the form of automatic orders) and also allow you to perform technical analysis by providing charting platforms. These platforms are only benefiting the financial trading space.

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