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cTrader for STP Forex Brokers

Platform advantages in a nutshell:

  • cTrader is an STP platform. The main advantage is that it totally excludes the possibility of a dealing desk intervention. Good to know, definitely, for traders comparing platform options.
  • Unlike other platforms, cTrader is able to show DOM (Depth of Market) with the full range of executable prices coming directly from liquidity providers.
  • Another convenient feature which sets it apart from other platforms is Chart trading: click & drag & place your order directly from charts.
  • Going further, for those who like automated trading, there is cAlgo integration, which lets you create custom indicators and robots.

Official website: cTrader platform

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cTrader vs MT4




Market execution
Depth of the Market
Signal trading
One click trading
Double your trade in One click
Reverse trade in One click
Trailing stops
Scaling out of position
Close all trades in One click
Use of Expert Advisors
Built-in Tick chart
Advanced indicators & tools
Charts auto screenshots
Mobile trading
Web trading
News updates in real time


Platforms like this make trading the Forex market a lot considerably easier, they help implement risk management by giving traders the tools to do so (normally in the form of automatic orders) and also allow you to perform technical analysis by providing charting platforms. These platforms are only benefiting the financial trading space.

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