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Best Forex Brokers That Accept Perfect Money 2021

Perfect Money is a leading financial service provider that specialises in making instant payments secure.

They target both B2B and B2C customers by presenting unique features for both their business and personal accounts.

Perfect Money focuses on its brand name by reiterating its drive for perfection in everything it does, with its main focus being on its security protocols.

Perfect Money Forex Brokers

Why Use My Perfect Money Account to Deposit With a Forex Broker

Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing into a Forex broker account using Perfect Money is no different to using any of the other popular e-wallets, the transactions are instant and Perfect Money places a lot of weight on the security of the transaction.

Storage Flexibility

You can store a range of currencies, easily transferring between them at low costs and they have now also added the functionality to hold cryptocurrencies and again transfer between fiat and crypto. This is a longevity move because they feel that cryptocurrencies are a force for good and will provide building blocks to future financial systems.

Some Forex brokers are now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method, meaning that Perfect Money is a good option to use for those brokers.


Your account earns an interest of 4% each year, which is above the inflation target and will also beat lots of banks. The fees are competitive with other e-payment platforms, making depositing using Neteller into a brokers account as cost affective as others, see below for more information on the fees.


As mentioned the Perfect Money fees are very competitive;

  • Annual service is free
  • Transfers range between 0.5% – 2.5%
  • Wire & Bitcoin deposits are free

Flexible payments

You can pay for a range of goods using Perfect Money, including services, goods, pay bills, accept payments, and transfer money between users.


They proudly shout about the fact that lots of researchers have proved that they can combine multi-level security with simplicity and convenience.

It has done this by developing its own system which it claims to be the best on the market, giving its users the lowest levels of risk to their funds.

There are no extra steps required when depositing into a forex account, which is a plus when looking for a Perfect Money Forex broker.

How to Pick a Broker That Accepts Perfect Money

What to look for when picking a good Perfect Money broker?

This shouldn’t really differ from what you look for in a normal broker. When we review a broker, we have a set of criteria we use to identify any pros or cons of that broker.

A few things you should be watching out for are:

  • An easy to use and ideally feature-rich platform, something you can navigate.
  • Low slippage and spreads, this is important and why the brokers above will all impress in this area.
  • Can you trade the amount you want to? This refers to trade size.
  • Customer service, it is always advisable to use a broker that can provide good support to its users.


Is Perfect Money the best platform to deposit into a forex account? It certainly isn’t the worst but some of the larger competitors do offer more assurances and simple reliability.

All being said, it is assumed that those reading this are not deciding whether they should open a Perfect Money account, rather trying to decide which broker they can use to trade Forex.

Our selection above does change because we are constantly looking at brokers performances in the Forex market, so for the moment the brokers are above are certainly our favourites. A note on our process, the brokers that stay at the top the longest have shown impeccable service to us and other users we have interviewed, so we would recommend you look into those before going elsewhere.


Is Perfect Money more secure than PayPal?

It is very hard to say whether one provider is more secure than others. Perfect Money has its own in-built security which it claims to be the best on the market. Neither Perfect Money nor PayPal has had any major issues with security, so it would be wrong for us to put one above the other.

The thing that is worth mentioning is that there are always criminals out there trying to bypass security measures for their own means, so platforms like Perfect Money are only secure until someone can breach, which admittedly hasn’t happened yet so we DO feel confident in their security at the moment.

What are Perfect Money’s fees?

Perfect Money’s fees are low when compared to competitors, ranging between 0-2.5%. No fees are charged by the broker when using Perfect Money, but that is also the case with pretty much every other electronic payment system. For more information about fees, see Perfect Money’s fees page.

How secure is my Perfect Money account?

As mentioned they have developed their own security measures, these include IP address authentication, SMS login (basically another way of saying 2-factor authentications), code card (again another step required to prove you are who you are), public information about the account (useful for companies to demonstrate account balances), subaccounts and the standard account verification.

Why don’t all Forex brokers offer Perfect Money?

Forex brokers tend to stick with the large payment methods because that covers most of the market. Every user will have a bank account and therefore access to a bank transfer and the same applies to credit/debit card, which means that those that use Perfect money can still deposit into a brokers account anyway.

The reason they would offer is to target those who actively use the platform and are likely to choose a broker based on whether they offer Perfect Money.

What is a Perfect Money Forex broker?

A Perfect Money broker is a trading site or brokerage that allows you to deposit into the platform using Perfect Money. Included in the broker’s assets it offers will be forex, simple.

How can I deposit into my Perfect Money account?

You can deposit on Perfect Money by the traditional methods, bank transfer and credit card, but they also allow deposits via credit exchange. This entails getting a loan with Perfect Money, there is more information about this found in Perfect Money’s FAQ section.

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