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Within financial markets, there are various industries. Some new like Crypto, and others established like stocks and Forex. For each type you have brokers operating and providing services to traders who want exposure to those relative industries. 

You will usually find the majority of brokers operating within Forex markets via CFDs as this is one of the largest industries in financial markets. Aside from Forex what about the others, how does a trader go about finding brokers operating in alternative markets?

Alternative types of brokers:

Depending on the market or service you may want to trade or invest in, it is vital that you find a broker who specializes in that industry. Below we detail some of these “other brokers”  by market type.

Which broker should I use?:

  • Stocks/Equities Brokers: 

These usually are non CFDs so you will be looking to have physical ownership of the shares you buy.

Stock Brokers
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  • Options Brokers: 

Options are for those who want to have the “option” and not “obligation” to buy (call) or sell (put) a stock a set price ( strike).

Options Brokers
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  • Bitcoin Brokers:

These can be both CFDs or physical so it is import to confirm with the broker

Bitcoin brokers
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  • Cryptocurrency Brokers:

Similar to the above, but these look at all other alt coins aside from and including Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Broker
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If you are looking for your broker to tick several pieces of criteria, then see our other lists of broker categories and how we rank certain brokers: