NFA brokers | NFA registered Forex brokers

The full list of Forex brokers, who are registered with NFA:

ATC Brokers
Back Bay FX
Capital Market Services – CMS Forex
Cobra Trading
FIPFX GLOBAL – Gain Capital Group
Fortress Capital
Futures Online
FX Renew
IG Markets
IKON Global Markets
Interactive Brokers
MB Trading
Rosenthal Collins Group
Spot Trader FX
TradeStation Securities
NFA Forex brokers

Did we miss any Forex broker, who is a member of NFA?
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What is NFA?

National Futures Association (NFA) is the industry-wide self-regulatory organization for the U.S. futures industry. NFA’s mission is to provide innovative regulatory programs and services that ensure futures industry integrity, protect market participants and help its Members meet their regulatory responsibilities. NFA’s activities are overseen by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the government agency responsible for regulating the U.S. futures industry.

When you trade with NFA broker, what does this mean to you as a trader?

– Serious businesses with transparent financial operations – these are companies who became members of the National Futures Association.
– NFA regulated brokers follow strict standards and procedures implemented by NFA, which ensures the safety of trader’s assets.
– NFA regulated brokers cannot use client’s funds to carry out their operation activities. They must back up all customer positions with their own capital or carry them over to the Interbank market. Thus NFA regulated brokers are companies with large and sufficient financial assets.
(Nowadays, NFA registered brokers are required to have net capital of no less than $15 000 000 to guarantee their client’s positions. This minimum raises to $20 000 000 starting from May 19th, 2009).
– At the end of each week NFA registered Forex brokers report their account balances to the NFA. Each year these brokers are subject to comprehensive yearly audits.
– Forex brokers registered with NFA also have licensed and specially trained staff.

And of course, when comparing a regulated and a non-regulated broker, the regulated broker always wins!

To check if your Forex broker is registered with NFA use Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC)

For further information, check US Forex brokers list

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what’s broker’s website?
(Even Google has zero results for the word “francikatrade”).

i want to know if francikatrade is registered

GainScope is not regulated with NFA.
(They might be an IB for FXDD), today however their website is down.

How about gainscope?

Yes, old regular brokers.

FXTM, Ava Trade & Insta forex are these regular brokers…

What about CMS servises

no, XM is not registered with NFA.

Are xm broker register with nfa

Alpari is an old broker, however they closed all international branches and now only have offshore offices in Belize and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Regulated accordingly: FSA St.Vincent & the Grenadines and IFSC Belize ( IFSC/60/301/TS/15).

What of alpari forex? Are they real company? who de registered with?

ikongm is closed for clients.

bforex is a BVI broker with headquarters in Cyprus. They are not regulated by NFA.

is bforex broker member of NFA? please need info., thanks

India forex trading brokers any one know can u list me

Anybody home? boys?…

Yes, missed the comment. is a broker from Belize. They are not registered with NFA in US.

How about optek?

Yes, FXUM is regulated by ASIC in Australia.
Trading 212 is a trading name of Avus Capital UK Limited – registered with FCA UK (#609146).

Can u plz let me know about TRADING 212 platform? Can I proceed with them?

to me is not there business to regulate traders bases on there positions or their order types afterall the traders gain or loss his capital.nobodies business.


is Union Markets Limited (FXUM) registered?

Online4x is Malaysian broker, it’s not regulated in Malaysia.
It’s not regulated by NFA in US either.

i want to know if online4x is registered or not

Orbex is not registered with NFA. The company is based in Cyprus and registered with CySEC.
Alpha Trading CM is registered with SIBA in Seychelles. They are not registered with NFA. is not a Forex broker, it’s appears to be a social trading network

What about

What about alpha trading cm , are they registered…

what about my broker orbex, is it registered with NFA or not ?

FXTM (ForexTime) is a Cyprus broker, not registered with NFA. FXTM is registered with CySEC in Cyprus.
MFI Forex is domiciled on Lagos Island, the broker is not regulated, and not registered with NFA.


how about forextime?

Trade65 is not registered with NFA. It’s a binary options broker from Cyprus.

@trader: yes, NFA remains to be the strictest Forex brokers regulator in the world.

How about Trade65? Registered or unregistered? PLease help me, registered already and deposit.

since the NFA started, trading is not easy to make money anymore

Capital pte Ltd. is not registered with NFA.

how about easy capital pte Ltd from Aus?

IFOREX is a BVI broker, they are not regulated by NFA.

What about Iforex?

SuperTradingOnline is a trading name of AFX Capital Markets – a broker from Cyprus, who is registered with CySEC (Licence No. 119/10).
Cyprus brokers don’t require to be registered with NFA. The NFA is for US based brokers only.

We haven’t heard of any safety issues with this broker.

can u check for me SUPERTRADINGONLINE – STO if they oky and regestered please

No, both aren’t registered with NFA.

How about broker Hotforex??

GKFX – UK based – registered with FSA UK
ACM Gold – South Africa based – registered with FSB of South Africa, FSC of Mauritius
Both don’t require registration from NFA, as NFA is mandatory only for US based brokers.

is Acm Gold and GKfx registered

Only brokers in the United States require NFA regulation.

None of the 3 mentioned brokers is from the U.S.

HotForex is from Mauritius, registered with FSC of Mauritius
LiteForex – Seychelles, registered with SIBA regulator
PaxForex – BVI, not regulated

What about Hotforex, Liteforex and Paxforex are they all registered and regulated?

Forex Club used to be registered.
Now – no current status:

Lot of information is incorrect — for example Forex Club is not at all registered with any regulatory body in USA — it is only registered in Cyprus, still its name is being shown here as if it is registered with NFA

Thank you!

– FX Renew has been listed.
– ITFX trader – ( is not regulated. Formerly known as InvesttechFX – a broker from Canada.
– – GIA Financial Ltd. – a company from Georgia, but they also have New Zealand registration (FSP190445).

I think this the best place to understand and know about the forex brokers…..
Thank you Broker Guru

what about is they regulated

Is the ITFX trader is regulated company ?
pls let me can we belive them.. ?

FX Renew is a NFA broker. – powered by MIG Bank – a swiss broker that doesn’t require US licence or NFA regulation.

What do you know about MFIForex Broker. From a trader Thanks.

What about binary option broker, which are the best broker for US resident?

We couldn’t find Nord FX (Nord Group Investments Inc.) in the FA regiater:



NFA ID: 0367140 is not registered with NFA.

what about

To find Forex brokers who offer Stock trading as well, please use our Search:
Forex brokers comparison

where select parameters: “Other Instruments” -> Stocks.

From your list would you know who does stock trading.

Agreed. Removed.
Thank you!

cashbackforex is not a broker and should not be there

Dear Valued Client,
I regret to inform you that we here at youtradeFX, have had server issues during the past several days. The Dates were Thursday, August 16th Through, Tuesday, August 21st of 2012.
The outcome of which, is that we were unable to receive emails, and have lost all emails that may have been sent or received during this period.

In light of this, I would greatly appreciate your ability to resend any email that you may have sent during this time.

My email is [email protected]
Thank you for your time and understanding.


UFX Markets is a Cyprus broker. They are registered with CySEC, FSA UK and other authoriities in Europe. They are not required to be registered with NFA, since they don’t have branches in US and don’t work with US clients.


Forexite is a BVI broker, not regulated.

Is this a registered broker ?

Yes, it’s possible

below is the NFA search result for Rainbow Market Research Inc:

We can see that the current company Rabar Market Research Inc was formerly known as Rainbow Market Research Inc.

However, please note that is operated as Rainbow Investment Group LLC, NFA ID: F005363 “No current status”.

There are similarities in the names, but legally these are two different company names.

Mitsui FX has been listed. Thank you!

Oh ok.. and I had heard in Indonesia, have firm coperation company name JM investor which cooperate with RIG in America. And they said RIG has fused with RAINBOW MARKET RESEARCH INC-NC 2-27-89 with ID 0210597 in NFA, is that true. And is there possible one company fused with other company name in NFA? Just wonder.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi, is RIG (Rainbow Investment Group) regulated in NFA?
Has anyone experience about this company?

Thx advance.

Rainbow Investment Gourp (
NFA status: “No current status”, means they are not currently registered with NFA.

Further reading:
NFA site quote:

Hi, I just wonder is RIG (Rainbow Investment Group) regulated?
And anyone had experience with this broker?
Thx advanced.

InstaForex is a Russian broker. They are not regulated by NFA. (Only US broker and US branches do).

How about instaforex

Hi – is NFA-regulated – if you get an oppotrunity, can you add us to your listing of NFA-regulated Forex brokers? Thank you.

what about instaforex?

and what would it be?

Hey 100Forexbrokers,
I just stumbled across this and Non nfa forex brokers that enable US residents because customers for live accounts?

Solid Profit Forex is not regulated by NFA.

What country are they from? If they are outside US, they don’t need to be regulated by NFA.
Can’t find broker’s website though..

GURU(indonesian), mean master(english)
how about SOLID PROFIT FOREX ltd
is it regulated by NFA?
is it scam forex?

Seem to be new. We haven’t heard of this broker before.

please do anyone know about tune-forex broker?

Sorry, never heard about this company before.
What are the arguments?

VIBGYOR International Incorporation a scammer?

Is it iForex?

iForex is regulated by FSA in UK and HFSA in Hungary.


would like to know is iforx registerd with the FNA and CFTC and wether it rgulated.

Thank you very much!
Will work on it.

Hallo broker Guru…..
Please update your list about NFA/CFTC broker just for Forex only or RFED (retail forex exchange dealer)….
The detail can be found here at
In US being registered means also being regulated.
Thank U – Gain Capital Group – NFA regulated. One of the oldest brokers in the Forex industry. Please read reviews to decide; this applies to any broker, as we don’t rate or recommend brokers on this site, I’m very sorry.

IKOFX is not regulated.

FXDD malta – regulated by FSA in Malta only; while FXDD in US is regulated by NFA in US.

How about FXDD malta BrokerGuru? is also NFA regulated?

Hi There,,

is IKO FX regulated ?? kindly advise


what about is this broker is trustable?

No, none of those brokers is registered with NFA.

Is masterforex, fxopen and fxpro registered with NFA

IncoNeon is not registered with NFA.

How about IncoNeon ?
They promote 100% deposit bonus.

The best school for Forex newbies is here:

Please i want to start Forex trade ,please how will i get somebody to teach me.Please e-mail me as soon as possible.

Marketiva is not registered with NFA.
It’s a broker with business registered in the Republic of Montenegro, not USA.


No, HotForex is not registered with NFA.
HotForex is a Mauritius based company, registered with FSC of Mauritius.

Is hotforex registered with NFA,please let me know now

MasterForex is not regulated by NFA, it’s a Russian broker. (Only US brokers must seek regulation from NFA). is an Indonesia based broker, not regulated by NFA.
Gain Scope is an introducing broker for FXDD. (While FXDD is regulated by NFA).

is register in fSA or NFA?

Masterforex is register in NFA or FSA?

Is anyone open an account in what there performance and service?

4XP is not regulated with NFA. It’s a BVI based broker.
Alpari (US branch) is regulated with NFA.

what about 4xp and alpari

FXPrimus is not regulated with NFA.
FXPrimus is a Mauritius based broker, regulated by FSC of Mauritius.

What is the status of FXprimus?

How about FXPrimus?

hello sir,
i am in chennai. can you suggest me good, genuine, low spread pure ecn brookers with good track records. thank [email protected]

ask metatrader broker have asia indices like nikkei & hangseng and also nfa or fsa regulated…thnks

Noor Financial Investment Company is registered in Kuwait and regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait. It’s not regulated by NFA.

Easy-Forex US Ltd (CFTC registered; NFA member 0358754). According to NFA records, the License is valid.

Mirror Forex (India) Pvt. Ltd. is regulated and registered under RBI in India. The broker is not regulated by NFA.

Is Mirror Forax Pvt. Ltd. not a member of NFA?

Easy-Forex lost its NFA license.

LiteForex is a Seychelles based broker, regulated by SIBA Seychelles.
LiteForex is not regulated by NFA.

How about Liteforex

Alpari pays. It’s one of the known names among brokers for quite a while. May be because they promote well, but they celebrated 5 years in business, while majority can boast about 1-2 years at most. (Of course not all)..

NFA regulated? yes. Check

Hey guys, i am new in the forex business.

I dont know with what broker begin my trading operations

What do you think about ALPARI?

do they pay?
are they regulated by the NFA?

FBS has a licence in Mauritius – FSC of Mauritius (License No: C108005331).
Forex4you – not regulated.

what about forex4you, are thy regulated in FNA , FSA or FSC ?

Wat abot FBS, which regulation are thy following ?

FX Grant is a non-regulated Forex broker. (Not registered with any of the above mentioned bodies.)


can you please check weather Fx Grant is registered with any of these organizations (FCM, CFTC, NFA, or FSA)?

Safety is always a paramount concern in the minds of traders. Most of us would not even consider a firm unless convinced of its accountability and honesty in financial statements and interactions with the customer. To that end, UFX Bank implements the industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption system, along with multiple backup facilities at server farms which are protected by armed guards at all times, as well as a sophisticated system of firewalls in order to prevent any unauthorized access to client or company information. To further confirm the security of this broker, UFX Bank is also a member of the NFA. Forex trading is totally deferent from any other job. If you are having a good knowledge of forex market then it’s good otherwise you need a good forex broker. When I was new in forex trading only UFX Bank helped me to learn forex market and to understand forex basics. Ufx bank is good forex broker.


there is no such broker as, while Forex Control is not regulated by any regulator, and not regulated by NFA.

what about and forex control

IFC Markets is a BVI company, thus doesn’t require NFA regulation. But it’s not regulated in BVI either.

what about ifcmarkets please?thanks.

LiteForex is not a member of NFA.
LiteForex’s business is registered on Seychelles, where they are regulated by SIBA.

good day, i want to know if Liteforex brokers is a member of NFA

dbfx – it’s a bank (Deutsche Bank) – they don’t need NFA license, as they are located in the UK and have BaFin bank license, and are registered with FSA UK.

NFA brokers dbfx forex platform’s register or not register

No, LiteForex is not registered with NFA.
This broker is from Seychelles.

please is Liteforex not registered? I need an anaswer please

Thank you!
Listed. is a NFA Registered Forex Broker IB NFA# 0232832

I think all that can be quickly addressed by our Broker Search

I would suggest there should be a list of brokers who cater to US customer without been regulated by the NFA as the new regulations really are any open market.

Also we should have a filter of searching all the brokers using a filter.. i.e have NFA, has, < 1 pip, has MT4. gives you a list.

Alpari is a registered and regulated broker in UK. And also has offices in: US, UAE, China, India, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

please am nigeria is alpari a register broker i nigeria and united kingdom

wheatley asset management llc dba beam fx is a registered forex IB-

thank you

BMFN offers ECN on Currenex platform
InstaForex is not regulated with NFA, it’s not a US broker. InstaFore is a Russian broker, it holds a Russian brokerage license, and their headquarters as in Russia. The company itself is registered in BVI.

how about instaforex


Is BMFN a STP or ECN Platform Provider?


Wallstreet Brokers were registered with NFA in 2003, then later withdrew in 2005. Now they have no status. Is it pending – I don’t know.

HPB Financial Services (HPBfx) were registered with NFA in 1996, then later withdrew in 2003. Now they have no status. Have they applied for a status renewal – again I don’t know.

FXOpen is not regulated.

EXNESS is a Russian broker and is regulated by FFMS in Russia.


Wallstreet Brokers and High profit brokers claims that they are pending NFA, is that right?

If you mean scalping – FXOpen clearly states on the site that for micro and standard accounts most of the trading position must be open for more than 1 minute. For ECN accounts scalping is permitted.

are there any registered complaints against fxopen

To some extent. Although not all market makers say “No” to scalpers outright.
You can scalp with a market maker if you’re doing it moderately, otherwise every market maker has the means to discourage you from scalping at any time should they decide that your scalping habit is not occasional, but rather persistent.
If you scalp and lose – you’re welcome to do so. But if you scalp and win too much, the broker will notice that immediately, and from the moment they decide that your trading style is taking advantages of their dealing conditions and price, you’ll be either warned or without questions put by the staff on manual execution, which means every time you hit a Sell or Buy button, your request will be pre-screened and thus delayed before executing. Such delays along with more frequent requotes are very unpleasant for scalpers, who usually choose to leave the broker very soon.
No scalper – no problem. Aggressive scalpers never survive too long with market makers. Other scalpers may do just well.

As far i am concern, market maker brokers doesn’t allow scalping.
If a trader apply the strategy, the broker will trade against. Is it true?

ForexMeta is a market maker. They are an introducing broker for FXDD.

What about forex meta? Is it under FXDD or separate?
In addition, is the broker type is ECN/MARKETMAKER/STP?

Thank you! – is a registered IB, but other IB’s are listed…

Hi all,

– Forex4you is not regulated.
– 4XP is not regulated.
– FX Optima ( – is a brand new broker, they haven’t even finished working on their website:

obviously, can’t say much about them at the moment.

– Liteforex: the question of credibility of a broker (any broker) is more of a personal task: every trader decides for him/herself after reading a) Liteforex reviews on several websites, b) looking throught forum discussions.

– BulldogFX will be added. Thank you!

– Capital Group International Limited is not registered with NFA and there is no infomation about them being registered with any other regulators.

– IFC Ltd is not registered with NFA, I haven’t found them in the CFTC register, also haven’t found them in the FSA UK register.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell by looking at the symbols on this regulation page: ( what the other regulatory bodies the broker refers to… I’ll contact them to learn about this.

– PFG (PFGBEST. PFG Direct) is listed.

Thank you!

pfg is missing

Hi broker guru !

What about ?
Is it genuine broker for investment?
Kindly I want more information.

how about Capital Group International Limited,at Auckland,New Zealand?

Can you please add BulldogFX? They are NFA approved. Their website is:


Pls is liteforex a credible broker??

What about is he registered broker

hii guru..
i found a broker site
they seemed to be found in british virgin islands..they are ecn type..
r they genuine??
can i open an account with them?? they possess low spreads..
kindly reply..

To learn more about the scammers of AVS Carter who now do business through IA Forex and London Pearson visit –

ThinkForex is a new company. They claim to be ECN, yes.
ThinkForex is not registered with NFA. They are found in British Virgin Islands, where their regulatory status with FSC is still pending.

Great Job BrokerGuru!

Is ThinkForex a true ECN and is it NFA Registered also? Thank you in advance…

Try another withdrawal request and be sure to call them to ask about the situation.
It should be solved, I haven’t heard about withdrawal related complaints for this broker.

Can you pls tell me how i can get my money back from IamFx, as i send them the withdrawl request they deducted wire trandsfer fee and deposited my money back into the a/c. without telling me. what steps i can take to get my money back.

e-toro is a cheater who will steal your pips, hunt your stop loss, trade against you and use as many technics as possible until your account balance is blown off and ask for more funds to blow it off repeatedly , with their sophisticated software. You should know a broker is very powerful than their clients who dream of a few dollars sitting in front of the computer through out the day.
I.This happens because forex is a totally unregulated market .2. Because e-toro is a market maker, your orders are never forwarded to the interbank instead they gather all the trades from its clients to stand on the opposite side and trade with them. so you can imagine the results. Research what is ecn brokers, stp brokers who are a step above than market makers who do not have a dealing desk hence send your orders directly to the interbank. Be careful there are many who claim that they are ecn, stp but still market makers. Sorry you have do your own Research to save your hard earned dollars from these Forex DONS.

No, Forex4you is not registered with NFA.

Yes, Easy-Forex is registered with NFA – reg. number 0358844

is Easy-forex is registered with NFA ….?

They are not registered with NFA.


It means that they are not yet a fully approved member of NFA – their NFA status is pending.

what about the fxcentral (no curretn status) pls do need ful

I don’t have any live or even demo experience with thtis broker to contribute a review. I’m sorry.
But thanks a lot for your link.

I found recently an interesting blog about AVS Carter and I want to know what you think about this just read this and let others know about it:

Francesc’s Weblog » Forex Fraud – NFA permanently bars Chicago Forex firm AVS Carter Financial Inc

I hope Mojtaba Ghodsi will receive his money back. What are your experiences with this broker and the so called director Mr Saby Upadhyay in charge?

Share your information you have about them, because “sharing is caring”

Yes, thanks a lot for pointing out for their old listing here. They’ve been removed form the NFA brokers list.

AVS Carter is not registered with NFA they are facing fraud charges in US as far as I know check the World Law Forum they have alle the documents there.

WSD Financial is a approved NFA member.
The company has several trade marks is different countries, including WSD Global markets – which is a New Zealand division.

IKOFX is not registered with NFA.


Is WSD global market regulated by NFA?

Prime4x is a non-regulated broker.

is prime4x not registered?

IKON Global Markets, registered as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA #0327622) and is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Thank you.

APPL International, Inc. in New York is another FX broker.

Hi Amir,

I’m not aware of such Forex brokers, where you can keep funds on own bank account & have it linked to trading platform.
May be you should look for the options with Segregated Forex accounts?

Dear brokerGuru,
i am looking for an FX broker offering custodial account services where by i can deposit the money in my own bank account and have it linked to the broker platform for trading. which broker offers the minimum balance for starting out such an account ? thanks / amir

I haven’t heard about this broker before.

Anyone used FXprimus before? now they are offer 50% bonus for every new account. I am new to forex. Can anyone advise on this? Much appreciated.

Exto Capital is not an NFA member.

what about Exto Capital?

try this:
Forex brokers comparison

where select parameters:
Regulation – NFA
hedging – YES

I am wondering, which NFA brokers that allow hedging with unlimited time?

FXDD is broker SCAM, They was not paid my money… last 2 month…be carefull with FXDD they are SCAM

i am new for forex and cfd trading please help me

Thanks a lot!
I’m updating it.

Thank you!
Lightspeed Financial has been added to the NFA brokers list.

LiteForex is regulated by Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA).



Soon we will be looking for Brokers that are NOT stuck in the NFA and the CFTC’s new rules.
Where is the list of non nfa brokers? That’s where I am going to move my money. 10:1 is a joke. And anything less than 200:1 is a waste of time because you cant’ make money using low leverage. Yeah sure it’s “safe” but you are investing a LARGE chunk of your money, which could be used for other ways to generate income. So that’s why I need high leverage.

What about Liteforex who is their regulator??

light speed is a nfa nember

InvesttechFX is not regulated.

hi could you please tell about investtechfx

Global Clearing Group is registered in Belize and is not regulated. It clears trades through CAUFEX (Caucasus Financial Exchange), an institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Agency (FSA) of National Bank of Georgia.

Please,I would like to know if Global Clearing Group Ltd IS REGULATED?

No, it is not.

is it ikofx register to NFA

Regulated brokers with mini accounts and mini lots.
Please use our Advanced Forex Broker Search
to find matching brokers.

which of the broker is the render the best sevice for beginer?


That’s right.
I’ve added it to FSA brokers list. Thank you. is a FSA broker isn’t?

Instaforex is a Russian company, it is not an NFA member.

how about instaforex?

CitifxPro belongs to Citigroup, which I was able to check today is registered with NFA #0388448.

yes I agree

Thank you.
I’ll double check one more time when NFA stops giving errors on results page. It happens on NFA’s website regularly recent months.

Just as a matter of record, CitiFX Pro is not a member of the NFA but rather a member of the FDIC (for insurance purposes).

Forex-Metal is not regulated by NFA, they comply with Uruguayan and Panamanian laws.

That’s correct, kev

for US based brokers joining the NFA is not mandatory. A firm is free to decide whether they want it or not.

Is it a legal requirement that US based brokers be members of the NFA? It seem to me it is not and that, as a self regulatory body, it is up to the individual firm to decide if they want to join or not.

It is often said the “all US based brokers are NFA” but that’s just not the case. For example, or

These companies do have a separate custodian of funds so there is a separation of client funds form company funds to protect the client funds.


FXCH is rubbish broker and fuck with clients money they don t respond to clients requests their telepnoe numbers never answered their live chat staff never answer and they reply emails very rarely. They have fucked with my account and closed my positions at much higher rates than market forcefully i made a deposit and they have n t credited my money in my account and never issued me new pw when i lost my old one.
If someone can guide me how to fuck their ass just let me know about it at my email mehaider777(a)

Hi Amin,

that’s a good advice, right now, however, we’re not ready to take on monitoring such stats.
The latest updates on such complaints can be checked at NFA website:

For GFT (0 cases):

For IBFX (several cases):

For FastbrokersFX (0 cases):

Hello BrokerGuru
how about a list that shows which brokers have the most complaints against ?
Do you know if GFT , IBFX or FastBrokersFX have a lot of complaints against them?
Thank you

Finotec is registered with FSA in UK.

FxOpen is registered with FSC of Mauritius.

Broco is regulated by Federal Financial Markets Service – is the federal executive body that controls and supervises activity in the financial markets, including the activity of exchanges, and issues the relevant regulations in Russia.

UWC is regulated by CySEC – The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as falls under MiFID – the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

Does Broco and UWC have a regulatory bodies above them.

fxopen register nfa?

Finotec it’s registreted?

Yes, they are NFA members.
According to NFA records UFXBank is an introducing broker.

There is a short reference on their contact page:
Regulation: NFA ID: 0400478

P.S. Quick note: the word “Bank” in the UFXBank’s name doesn’t refer to being a bank.

Is UFXBank really registered with NFA? Why I dont see any information in their website. The way they develop their website something like a bucket shop broker.

No, Marketiva is not an NFA member.

is marketiva not a registered member?

No, they are not.


is FXCH – Foreign Exchange Clearing House regulated ?? kindly advise


YMG Development is a New Zealand company, they are not registered and not required to register with NFA, only US brokers and brokers conducting business in US should be registered with NFA.

In New Zealand there is Securities Commission – New Zealand’s main regulator of investments; but there is no mandatory registration for Forex dealers unless a company deals with futures contracts.
At present moment New Zealand’s regulatory environment has not addressed the question of protecting retail Forex clients.

is YMG Development registered with NFA and if not do they registered with any other regulated firm?

Masterforex is not registered with NFA.
It is a non regulated broker, who complies with general Seychelles laws only.

pls is masterforex registered with NFA and if not do they registered with any other regulated firm.

No, Caya Capital Markets NZ Limited is not registered with NFA. They are a New Zealand company, and are registered with local authorities: The New Zealand Securities Commission.

is caya is registered in NFA please tell me as i have invested huge money in that.

Thank you for ATC, added them.
FXPRO is not registered with NFA, but they are regulated by: CySEC, FSA UK, AMF France, BaFin Germany

you may forgot ATC registered with NFA

Please may I know if FXPRO of cyprus is truely registered with NFA as there name is not on your list.
I read on there website that they are registered with you.
Kindly let me know.



eToroUSA is registered with NFA.
eToro – is not.

Does any body know anything about etoro

Thank you!
The broker has been successfully added to NFA brokers list.

Boston Merchant Financial, LLC is registered with the US Commodity Futures
Trading Commission, CFTC and member of NFA. NFA ID: 0379830

Yes, they should be on the list. Thank you!

Isn’t AVS Carter an NFA member?

FXOpen is not registered with NFA.


Please follow the new link: Stop loss policy under new NFA rule

Is it true that NFA has an announcement that all its members, which includes all US brokers, must adopt the new compliance rule 2-43 which states that ‘as from August 1, 2009, customers of forex dealer members will no longer be allowed to offer stop loss or limit orders and traders are prohibited from modifying or closing trades from open positions in their accounts as from this date’ ?

Thank you!

NFA No: 0382459

Great! Thank you.

Hi BrokerGuru,

Here another NFA Broker ==>

Sure, here it goes:

FSA regulated Brokers:

Alpari UK

Update: a new page has been created: FSA regulated brokers

Please list FSA regulated brokers as well, as this will be helpful to those who want to hedge.

CitiFX Pro belongs to Citigroup Global Markets Inc – the brokerage and securities arm of banking Citigroup.
Citigroup Global Markets Inc is an NFA member.

What about CitiFXpro?


1. Rosenthal Collins Grouphas been added. Thank you!

2. May be it has to do with:

It is difficult to figure out the exact calculation criteria being used, anyway here is documentation:

The minimum net capital that each FCM must maintain is determined under CFTC Regulation 1.17(a)(1)(i). Refer to pages 7-11 through 7-12 of the Form 1-FR-FCM Instructions for more information regarding how to compute the net capital requirement.

3. Because they are all registered with NFA as introducing brokers.
(to check please go to:

1. What about Rosenthal Collins Group?

2. Why are 3DForex, ACM USA, Hotspot FXr and MG Financial required only $500K as capital on CFTC website, while most others are required $20 million?

3. thinkorswim, fastbrokers, eToro-USA are even not listed on CFTC website.

Thank you for the feedback and also for adding a broker!

thanks for all your well done job, fastbrokers is registered with NFA and CFTC