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Top 5 TikTok Trading Accounts to Follow

After exploding onto the social media scene in 2016, TikTok has quickly become one of the
most popular social media platforms in the world, particularly among Generation Z. This
surge in popularity has brought along a growing number of users looking to the app for
investment advice, with personal finance TikToks, also known as #FinTok or #StockTok,
drawing hundreds of millions of viewers. Although the platform has received criticism for
dubious personal finance myths and misleading market information there still exists a good
number of creators providing educational and relatable content.
Here are our top 5 picks of “StockTok” creators you should be following on TikTok:

#1 @tik.stocks

Robert Ross is the professional stock analyst behind the famed TikTok account @tik.stocks.
The account which currently boasts 313.6K followers features a mix of videos some of which
include breaking down complicated stock market terminology and assessing stock market
trends. Ross also posts videos analysing his positions in stocks like Alibaba and Tesla.

#2 @humphreytalks

Humphrey Yang’s @HumphreyTalks account has amassed an impressive 1.5 million
followers with his daily personal finance videos consisting of tips on how to invest, moneysaving hacks and financial freedom. He is most well-known for a viral video in which he used
grains of rice to demonstrate just how rich Jeff Bezos is.

#3 @errol_coleman

Errol Coleman joined TikTok in February of last year when he noticed a growing interest
among young individuals to learn about the stock market online. Through his TikTok
account, Coleman hosts a series of stock market crash courses where he explains technical
analysis patterns, trading psychology, and individual stock picks to his 258.4K followers.

#4 @jamie.biz

As one of the lesser-known StockTok creators on the platform, Jamie Frankhauser is slowly
gaining traction, successfully securing 30.8k followers. This is due to her approachable and
relatable content, offering step-by-step guides on topics ranging from how to identify your
risk tolerance to the easiest strategies you can use to become a millionaire.

#5 @austinhankwitz

Austin Hankwitz works professionally as a strategic financial analyst and publishes content
focusing on teaching his 474.7K followers about dividends, long-term investments and
personal finance. Additionally, Hankwitz also shares informative tips on how to select good
companies to invest in, ways to profit from Bitcoin and how to interpret growth metrics.
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