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How does UK look 2 weeks after lockdown?

By Eliman Dambell

In the battle against the Coronavirus, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided, in an address to the nation, that the country would have no choice than to lockdown. This address coming on the 23rd March, in the eyes of many was a little too late. Since that Monday evening It has been 10 days since the announcement was made, but have we already started seeing results?

At the time of the announcement, the United Kingdom, only had around 5,00 cases reported, with a few 100 deaths. However as the weeks have progressed and as we enter a new month, infections in the UK currently stand at 22,141, with close to 2000 reported deaths. The numbers have grown however many believe this is due to the fact that the “stay at home” policy allows NHS workers to test more people.

Now as we enter the halfway point of what was initially a 3 week lockdown, Many are starting to question whether we are on the right path, or if there are more potential banana skins laying in wait.

UK COVID-19 Numbers

As it currently stands the UK has 25,150 reported COVID-19 cases, of that number 1,789 deaths have been reported, with so far only 135 of the active case patients making a full recovery.  With the peak of the pandemic still yet to reach, many have stated that this crisis, and lock down may last up to 6 months, before we start to see life move back to the normality we were once accustomed to.

As the below number shows, the current rate of infection seems to be doubling every 3 days. With the number now at 25,000, by the end of the initial lockdown the UK may be seeing over 150,000 reported cases. In a quote given by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Dr Jenny Harries, has said that the spread may continue for up to “two to three weeks”. 

The numbers above for the UK are currently the 8th highest in the world. Many believe this is due to the fact that the NHS are behind on testing. In an address given by Robert Jenrick the Secretary of State for Housing, he stated: “On Monday we tested 8,240 individuals… But I appreciate many people that feels like it is taking too long.” He then went on to add that it would be closer to Easter, when the Government hopes to be testing 25,000 per day. 

Nations most impacted by COVID-19

Although the UK is one of the most affected countries in relation to the virus. There are several countries who have been harder hit. The amount of people which have died currently stands at 861,113.

  • US             Infected:188,592   Deaths: 4,056
  • Italy          Infected:105,792   Deaths:12,428
  • Spain        Infected: 95,923   Deaths: 8,464
  • China        Infected: 81,554   Deaths: 3,312
  • Germany  Infected: 71,808   Deaths: 775
  • France      Infected:52,128   Deaths: 3,523
  • Iran          Infected:44,605   Deaths: 2,898
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