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Choosing A Great Forex Affiliate Program That Works For You

So you’ve finally taken the plunge to becoming an affiliate. You’ve even pinpointed the sector you want to focus your energies on—Forex. After all, this is the world’s most liquid financial market with an average trading volume of over $5 trillion a day. That promises plenty of potential to generate leads and earn yourself an enviable passive income in the process. Your digital nomad dreams of being freed from offices and stringent nine-to-five business hours are finally within reach.

 There’s just one hitch. With countless online brokers crowding the web, all offering a wide-range of Affiliate Programs, which one do you choose? The choice is overwhelming. You certainly don’t want to pour your precious time into a dud program that doesn’t significantly reward your results.

At the end of the day, it’s a question of finding a program that’s in line with your goals as an affiliate. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That said, there are a few tell-tale signs that will indicate whether a program is worth pursuing. Here, we’ll explore the key features you should be looking out for when seeking a new Forex Affiliate Program to join.  


Sign Up Fees? No Thanks!

 An affiliate program is designed to be a mutually beneficial relationship. The affiliate promotes a broker’s services and generates new business for them through sign-ups and trades executed on their website. In return, the affiliate is rewarded with a well-earned commission. It’s a win-win situation for both the broker and the affiliate. 

If a program is requesting a fee upon registration then your spidey senses should be a-tingling. Think of it this way. A sign-up fee is effectively a broker demanding that the affiliate pay them to make them money, and that is not ideal. “No Sign-Up Fee” programs are definitely the way to go every time.

Useful Analytical Toolboxes

To build a career as a professional, high-earning affiliate you will need to accurately track your performance, referral rates, and profits. As such, the in-depth analytical tools that come part and parcel with the best affiliate programs will be of tremendous use to you. Use the detailed information these platforms provide to steer your campaigns in the right direction and hit bigger targets.

 Some affiliate programs will attempt to hide trader deposit amounts from their affiliates, so that they can play down the true value of commissions an affiliate has earned. Look into the systems and tools the program is offering you. Make sure any Affiliate Program you join is offering full transparency with regards to your referral numbers, the deposits they make, and your commissions earned.

Marketing Materials & Guidance

The job of a Forex affiliate is to refer people to a broker. It’s not designing marketing materials, writing up content, or creating emails on the broker’s behalf. You can do all the legwork if you want to but why waste your time when a professional Forex Affiliate Program will have all this essential groundwork in place, ready for you to use. This way you can stay focused on your promotional duties and create compelling campaigns that convert.

Be on the lookout for programs that give you easy access to professionally designed marketing packs. These packs make it simple for you to build eye-catching campaigns with minimum effort. The more variety of materials provided (banners, email templates, landing pages etc.), the easier it will be for you to drive more clients to the broker’s site.

 Furthermore, a great program will also assign you an Affiliate Manager who’ll be on hand to help you succeed. It’s in the broker’s interest to see your referral rate skyrocket. So be sure to use the assistance, skills, and knowledge of your assigned manager to your advantage.

Bigger Commissions For Longer

Earning a commission for each referral you make is great. Do you know what’s even better? Earning extra commission when your referrals make additional deposits on the broker’s site.

 Higher quality affiliate programs will offer Lifetime Commission schemes. These will help you generate increased profits from individual clients far into the future. As long as that referral continues to trade lots on the broker’s site, you’ll continue to make money. Suddenly, the time you invest in each referral becomes a lot more worthwhile.

Boost Your Profits With The LonghornFX Affiliate Program

Whether you’re new to the affiliate game or are a referral master, the LonghornFX affiliate program ticks all the right boxes. Sign up—for free of course—at longhornfx.com and enjoy beautifully designed marketing materials; in-depth analytical tools that track all your referrals and commissions; a one-to-one manager to guide you through the entire process; and lifetime commissions starting from $3 per lot traded with the potential to reach increased rates up to $4.50 per lot traded. It’s a truly fantastic program designed to set affiliates on the path to win.

Become a LonghornFX affiliate and build the referral business you’ve always dreamed of. Create your free account here. 

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