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Best Performing Stocks to Buy in June 2021

Buying the trend is a popular practice in the stock market, and the June halfway point could be a good time to look at the best-performing stocks to buy in 2021.

Where Can I Buy Performing Stocks in June 2021?

The best platforms where you can buy the best-performing stocks are eToro and Capital.


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Capital is an online brokerage platform that offers traders an opportunity to invest in over 3,000 markets. The broker is ranked one of the best in terms of educational materials and resources for trading shares, commodities, ETFs, and Forex, among others. The broker is regulated in several jurisdictions.

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Which Performing Stocks to Buy in June 2021?

1. L Brands (NYSE:LB)

L Brands is a specialty retailer of lingerie and other apparel. LB shares have consistently rallied to gain nearly 67% since the start of the year. This makes it one of the top-performing stocks to buy in June. L Brands trades at an attractive price-earnings (P/E) ratio of just 13.4. It does not look likely to slow down any time soon.

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2. Stem (NYSE:STEM)

Stem is an energy storage company involved in the delivery and operation of smart battery solutions. In a recent ‘Mad Money Lightning Round’ show, a caller asked Jim Cramer the prospects of the stock maintaining the current rally. Cramer said he “won’t be backing out any time soon.” STEM is up nearly 90% since 13th May but it is still far from retesting current year-to-date highs of $51.49.

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3. Teradata (NYSE:TDC)

Teradata is a hybrid cloud software provider offering databases and analytics-related products to the corporate world. The company’s performance is expected to continue impressing with the growth of the big data and the internet of things (IoT) markets. TDC shares are up more than 119% since the start of the year making it one of the highest performing stocks in the market.

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4. 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD)

3D Systems shares are up more than 70% since 10th May. Overall, the stock has gained nearly 210% this year making it one of the best-performing stocks since January. The company is involved in the manufacture of 3D printers and printing materials. The 3D printing market is gaining traction in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors. The long-term outlook is compelling.

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5. BlackBerry (NYSE:BB)

BlackBerry shares have spiked again after rallying at the start of the year. BB is a meme stock mainly driven by social media interactions. Shares pulled back in February as investors moved to take profits. The latest rebound means that BB shares are now up more than 141% this year making it one of the top-performing stocks to buy.

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6. Dillard’s (NYSE:DDS)

Dillard’s runs a chain of department stores in the southwestern and midwestern US. DDS shares have gained more than 169% since January making it one of the highest performing stocks this year. The bull run looks far from over based on its current P/E ratio of just 13.74.

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7. United Natural Foods (NYSE:UNFI)

United Natural Foods specializes in organic produce in the food industry. The company has operations in the US and Canada with annual revenue of more than $20 billion. UNFI shares are up more than 133% making it one of the top-performing stocks in the market. The stock trades at a P/E ratio of just 11.17, which means there is more room left to run.

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8. Vista Outdoor (NYSE:VSTO)

Vista Outdoor provides services to the outdoor sports and leisure markets. The business appears to have bounced back from the adverse effects of lockdowns implemented by governments to combat COVID-19. VSTO shares are up nearly 78% this year. The stock trades at a compelling P/E ratio of 9.68, which means there is more upside potential.

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9. Ford (NYSE:F)

Ford is one of the best-performing automobile stocks in the market. Ford shares are up 41% since 12th May and 87% year-to-date. The company’s electric vehicles business is beginning to gain traction after EV sales for May nearly tripled. Still, Ford trades at a P/E ratio of just 16.20, which leaves a lot of room to run in the second half of the year.

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10. General Motors (NYSE:GM)

General Motors is another US-based automobile manufacturer whose stock has experienced massive gains this year. GM shares have gained more than 18% since 12th May and nearly 57% year-to-date.  General Motors’ P/E ratio of just 10.26 suggests there is more to come before the end of the year.

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Why Buy Performing Stocks in June 2021?

When you invest in the best-performing stocks in June, you are betting that the momentum will carry on to the end of the year or beyond. There is no better time to judge the strength of the momentum than halfway through the year. Waiting any longer will limit profit opportunities especially if there are no pullbacks to act on along the way.

The Bottom Line

When buying top-performing stocks, it is important to check that there are enough reasons to keep up the rally going. These can be in the form of low price-earnings ratios or an event/change in the business environment that will spur growth. If you wait until after the summer to buy high-performing stocks, then it could be too late because there could be little room left to run. And finally, always remember to diversify.

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