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938 die as UK set to extend lockdown

In a week many were dubbing “peak week” in the battle of the Coronavirus, the UK recorded it’s deadliest day. It has been reported that 938 deaths were recorded, as the UK is in the last week of the initial 3 week lockdown implemented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Including Wednesdays numbers the UK now sadly has close to over 7100 deaths. This means that the current death rate in the UK is well over 11%. Which is 8% of the total amount of reported COVID-19 deaths the world over.

The news comes as PM Boris Johnson continues to remain stable but in Intensive Care with his own battle with the virus. According to Rishi Sunak who was at the podium for the UK’s daily briefing on the pandemic. Boris is “sitting up in bed and improving”. Boris who’s 3 week lockdown is due to end shortly after the Easter weekend, now has to watch as the cabinet decides on the next steps.

Dominic Raab, the first secretary who is now effectively in charge, during the absence of the prime minister has so far failed to make definitive decisions on whether an ease of the lockdown will come. Parliament has since gone on to say the review of the lockdown will take place as initially suggested, 21 days after the initial implementation. As this was implemented on March 23rd, the review is set to take place on April 16th.

However, although Downing Street has still not made a decision, Wales have. In a statement by the Welsh housing and local government minister Julie James, “ It’s almost two-and-a-half weeks since we asked people to stay at home, to work from home whenever they can, and to stop making unnecessary journeys. These measures will remain in place next week”. 

She then went on to say that, “We will be led by the scientific evidence of when is the right moment for the changes to be made. At the moment that is not the right moment.”

Coronavirus stats

With the decision from the UK cabinet expected to also lean on the scientific numbers where exactly does the UK currency stand? 

Globally there are now over 1,478,288 reported cases of the Coronavirus, of which the UK has 60,733. So far around 280,000  people have been tested for the virus. Which means that should the UK ease restrictions in terms of a lockdown prematurely, then the chances of a potential new breakout still exists.

The big issue here will be the testing, the government have recently begun testing around 10,000 people a day across the UK. However this figure may simply be too low to test a significant amount of the population, before getting the true numbers behind the virus. This is why the UK hope to be in a position of testing around 100,000 people a day. These numbers however are only expected to be reached at the end of April, which may mean an extension of the 21 day lockdown period could well be on the cards.


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