Market Execution vs Instant Execution in MT4

MT4 STP vs MT4 Dealing desk

STP brokers use Market execution, which doesn’t allow stop loss and take profit orders to be specified & set at the moment of placing a new trade. SL and TP orders can be added only after the trade is open, so that the price of the open position is already known. A trader then needs to modify an existing trade to add stops and profit targets.

Dealing desk brokers use Instant Execution, which allows stop loss and take profit orders to be set with the initial entry order.

A trader writes:

I noticed that some of the brokers disabled instant execution from the MT4
platform, jadefx, Iamfx, fxcbs, gallantfx, etc… i.e, before with the
instant execution option you could enter the trade with a stoploss amount.
Now they replaced it with Market execution or pending order option. So if
you choose market execution they have the stoploss option greyed out and you
have to then enter trade without a stoploss. Then you have to modify the
order to add a stoploss. I don’t like this one bit. It’s like walking a
tightrope without a safety net. What happens if the market spikes before you
get a chance to modify it? Or you loose connection with broker before you add
a stoploss. Do you have any idea why they are doing this?


The answer is in MT4 ->STP (ECN) bridge technology, which doesn’t allow Instant execution mode. Apparently, in STP technology they don’t allow any modification to the order before it’s filled.

Below is the document from MetaQuotes, where you can confirm it:
MT4 STP vs MT4 Instant (pdf) by Boston Technologies

You’re right about risks that trades face when entering without stops. That can be viewed as a definite disadvantage of MT4 STP/ECN. Dealing desks brokers, on the other hand, provide Instant Execution.

Market Execution – STP

Instant Execution – Dealing desk

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Instant execution is used by Market Maker brokers only, STP/ECN/DMA use only Market Execution.

If you trade with a market maker you risk conflict and not getting paid profits

Thank you!

I was looking for the same thing, and this search pretty much sorted it out:
STPs and DMAs without commission are the optimal choice.

Also Boston Prime has been fried by Swiss Franc Cap!

Like the site by the way!

One more question please. I assume if I do a “Pending Order” then the SL and TP are available, Right? That is the way I trade anyway.

Hello – I want a broker that offers spread-betting (UK), ideally fixed spreads, I do not want to pay commission so this rules out ECN, I also do not want a Dealing Desk so this rules out Market Makers, and I also want to be able to use micro lots. Is DMA/STP my best option or are requotes not such a bad thing?

I don’t want much!

The list of Market makers will provide the answer to “Instant execution” brokers.
this list can be obtained with the search:

Is it possible in broker search to get a list of brokers that offer “Instant Execution” which allow the setting of slippage control in the metatrader trade window?

“Instant execution” term is used differently:
1) as instantaneous execution – that’s about STP brokers
2) as Instant execution – that’s about Dealing desks

Hello admins. Are you seriously call Instant execution as Dealing desk?!
Instant execution it’s just execution model. It’s not necessarily dealing desk.
I know a lot of reputable STP brokers with Instant execution.
I know a lot of dealing desk brokers with Market execution.
You mislead people.

this site admin is really making people fool and it is really bad whether he is really know what he doing or not

if you see stpbrokers-there you can see stp means no dealing desk and most brokers with instant execution were listed

and here he calls instant execution dealing desk

you your self have clarity

AxiTrader offers several accounts: some of them are DMA/STP (start with $200 deposit) and some are ECN/STP (deposits over $1000 required).
That’s why we list them as ECN/STP & DMA/STP.

Hi, Brokerguru,

Thanks for your excellent information on brokers.

I have a question: On this page Axitrader is a DMA broker, but Axitrader is also listed as an ECN broker. How come?



FxPro is ECN & MArket maker. ECN from $1000, dealind desk accounts – from $500.

what type of broker is fxpro?

I have been trading stocks for about 3yrs and currency trading never truly interested me…and that lack of interest in currency trading changed the day l stumbled into this website. Honestly, l have gained a lot of knowledge about forex through this website and reading few books. I have spent about two weeks researching and evaluating brokers in this website and comparing the information to the one l got from other websites…and l have been able to narrow my choice of brokers to just…two. l intend to paper trade with this two brokers for about two weeks before I pick the right broker for my style of trade on real account.
My special thank you to BrokerGuru for developing this website.


can anyone knows.,who are allowing arbitration ea

With MT4 you can scale in/out of a position only manually.
If you need to automate it, then the best way would be to create an EA (expert advisor for MT4).
With such EA yo’ll be able to scale in/out with any broker.
( forum is a good place to find a programmer who could help you with the coding task).

Im trying to find a broker who provides scaling in and out of a position with MT4, the broker im using at the moment doesnt provide that service nor does a few ive looked at, apparently its the instant execution that provides this..? any ideas?


Market makers create and artificial market environment for you, where they will “decide” which currency quotes to give their traders. Of course, it’s within the real market ranges (if you go to compare the chart from a Market maker broker with a no-dealing desk broker), but still the market maker within their dealing desk can shift prices up or down (say, with a higher amplitude) at own choice.

Yes, all market makers will “bet” against your trades. E.g. when you sell EUR/USD pair, your market maker broker will place an opposite trade = Buying EUR/USD from you. In such way, if you win – your broker loses, but if you lose – that means your broker wins.

The real selling and buying, where brokers have no conflict of interests with their clients is called NDD (no dealing desk brokerage). Such brokers are called “STP, DMA and ECN”.

hi,marketmakers wont execute tardes really they tarde like betting?
and also what about ecn and stp tehy also simialr to betting
and finally so many say forex is betting against each other is it true?
or reall selling and buying

This page should help:
Almost all those brokers offer MT4.

This should be sufficient enough, since only with STP brokers there is a question about execution type, while with the rest of the brokers it’s always clear:
– with Market makers it’s always Instant execution (a list of all market makers can be found at: with the search “Broker type” – “Market maker”);
– while all ECN and DMA brokers will have only Market execution.

Hello, How do I find a list of metatrader brokers that have INSTANT EXECUTION which allows me to set stop loss and take profit before I place the trade?

Thank you for your feedback!

Unfortunately, xDirect is broker we never heard about.
We’ve found 2 sites: and

The company was registered in Mauritius and is under FSC of Mauritius regulation.
Also reading about conflict of interest in their terms we can see that xDirect is market maker, quote:
“There is a conflict of interests between Xeta Direct and the Client consisting in fact that Xeta Direct is a second party of Transaction which is concluded by the Client.”

We’ll create a reviews page with for this broker. Thank you!

This is a very very helpful site. It has cleared my doubts majorly.. Thanks so much..
Can u also please tell me about xDirect. There are not many reviews about this broker anywhere. I mostly want to know if is STP and its liquidity providers.

Your review is not correct. You can have STP broker with Instant Order execution. STP means there is no intervention between client and the Liquidity Provider(s) and the agency broker route and confirm back-to-back all client trades. If a broker can obtain the same price at his LP as it is on the IE order, then this does not make him a Market Maker. In order do and support this you need very fast MT4 bridge and also very fast and accurate LP confirming your your trades, many bridge providers and LPs cannot cope with that and therefore for them is easer to implement the Maket Order execution only.
In IE execution a trader can get more rejections as matching the client price is not an easy task, and that also makes the broker willing to implement only MKT order execution if he execute back-to-back trades to their LPs. If the broker again use slow bridge and slow LPs then the result is almost 99% fills but with a lot of slippage for the client.

ACM (Swissquote Bank) – STP

ACM(Swissquote Bank) which type of broker STP or DD

to Trader: How about prepaid marstercards and Webmoney and Paypal – these are automatic and immediate.

Can u please add a column in your advanced broker search for brokers which are having automatic withdrawls and deposits so that money appears the moment is transferred from the brokers website in case of electronic currecny??

I find this quite enthralling after remembering the london exchange beginning in 1965 or so to open up these great opportunities to buy the opportunity to assume the risk in genuinally large scale currency transactions. Congradulations. B.J. Vasser

As a rule NDD is considered to be a better choice, because you have no conflicts of interest (e.g. NDD broker doesn’t trade against you, while DD does).
However, from my experience, it’s better to have an honest DD than a slimy unreliable NDD.

which broker is best …. DD or NDD

AccentForex is STP+Market Maker.
As a rule, such dealing model doesn’t offer the best conditions for news trading.

Are accentforex good broker for new trading

Can someone tell me about HotForex? is it a reliable STP broker? Specifically Micro account?

Instant is faster. Time – depends on a broker. NY


tried reviews?

I want to know about FXCH broker



i am scalper.i have STP broker but instant execution on this broker.Is it good for scalping.


You’ll find a whole article dedicated to it here:

pls what is the major difference between DEALING DESK and NON DEALING DESK.

Correct. Instant execution is a main attribute of a dealing desk.
Market makers will use instant execution to fill your orders by taking the other side of your trade.
STP brokers will use instant execution to fill your orders on their side too, but those orders will be immediately passed thought/hedged with other market makers, so that a broker in the end doesn’t have to worry if you lose or win, since he doesn’t keep your trades on the dealing desk. Hence NDD. Right or wrong?

There are many debates about it. We try to highlight the essence and the principles of how each broker works.
If a broker claims to have no physical dealing desk, so be it; yet it has to be mentioned too, that many traders say: “Instant execution = dealing desk. End of story”.
It’s up to you to decide which side to take.

hello..why many STP brokers use instant execution?from what you wrote,it said that ONLY dealing desk brokers used that…

pls i want to know which broker is good for news trading STP,ECN OR MARKERMAKER

We don’t recommend/provide opinion on brokers on the site, I’m sorry, it’s against website policies.

Broker regulation and registration information can be found here:

You need to further read reviews about the broker on other sites to make own decision.

I want to know if Fxpro is a good broker, i really want to be safe in starting up a forex career

They are a new company. No reviews, and a site is created in December 2010.
The link to account opening lands on a page that provides no information about account opening. Can’t learn anything without it, sorry.

I want to know that mirror forex in india is genuine company or not
Its site is

Intel FX is not regulated. They are a registered company FNZ Capital Ltd. (reg.# 2270095) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Is there such thing as a “safe broker”?
We’re definitely not going to sort brokers to “safe” and “not safe” on this site. (It’ll be unprofessional at the very least to give labels).

But we can help to evaluate brokers:

Normally, you’ll look at the level of transparency, legal documents, history of known disputes.
In the end, what matters for every investor is the ability to withdraw deposits and withdraw profits, and, in case of the broker insolvency, be able to recover the funds.
Each point will add to a security level of the broker:
+1 for running the business as a registered company
+1 for being a regulated broker
+1 for keeping client funds on segregated accounts
+1 for having client funds additionally insured
+1 for keeping a clean record with no known disputes about withdrawals
+1 for providing exceptional professional support on each request

What about IntelFX, are they regulated?by who?are they save?

Forex4you – STP.

Forex 4 You is which type of broker STP or DD