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Market Maker Forex brokers | Instant Execution

Instant Execution Forex brokers = Dealing desk brokers (Market makers). "Buy" and "Sell" orders are executed instantly, as they don't rely on adjusting to the actual Market data. Fewer requotes are to be expected with Instant execution.

Market execution Forex brokers = No Dealing desk brokers (STP, DMA, ECN). Traders will see the orders as "Buy by Market" and "Sell by Market". These orders will be aligned with the actual market data in real time, which, while being processed, can cause more price requotes in return.

More details on Instant execution vs Market execution

The list of Market Maker Forex brokers with Instant Execution:

Compare Market maker brokermarket maker forex brokers Broker typemarket maker forex brokers Minimummarket maker forex brokers
Maximummarket maker forex brokers
Minimummarket maker forex broker
Spreadmarket maker forex broker
Regulatedmarket maker forex broker
HYCM Market maker$100400:10.011.8
XM Market maker$5888:10.00011
AvaTrade Market maker$100400:10.011
easyMarketsMarket Maker$25400:10.051.8
10MarketsMarket maker$250200:10.13
12TraderMarket maker$50200:10.13n
4XNetworksECN/STP & Market maker$11000:10.12n
PaxForexSTP & Market maker$10500:10.010.8n
AAATradeECN/STP & STP & Market maker$500500:10.11.8
Abshire-SmithDMA/STP & Market maker$1400:10.011.2
ACM GoldSTP & Market maker$250500:10.013
ADS SecuritiesSTP & Market maker$100400:10.012.4
AGEASTP & Market maker$6500:10.010.4n
AL TradeMarket maker$200200:10.10.8n
Alfa FinancialsMarket maker$100200:10.012
AlpariECN/STP & STP & Market maker$1500:10.012
Alpha Capital MarketsSTP & Market maker$200400:10.012
Back Bay MarketsECN/STP & STP & Market maker$250400:10.010.1n
BANX TradingECN/STP & STP & Market maker$1300:10.010.6n
Barclays StockbrokersSTP & Market maker£2500100:10.51.5
BMFN ArabSTP & Market maker$1200:10.13
BulbrokersECN/STP & STP & Market maker$100200:10.012
Capital Investment Brokers (CIBFX)STP & Market maker$50500:10.010.6
CFD1000STP & Market maker$500400:10.010.7n
ChampionFXSTP & Market maker$11000:10.011.2
City Credit Capital UK (CCC)Market maker$500200:10.13
City IndexMarket maker£100200:10.010.5
Citypoint TradingMarket maker$20000300:10.12
CIX MarketsMarket maker$1200:10.11
CM TradingSTP & Market maker$250400:10.012.6
CMC MarketsMarket maker$1500:10.10.7
CMC Markets UKMarket maker$1200:10.010.7
CMS ForexMarket maker$25050:10.10.9
CMStraderMarket maker$250200:10.13n
D24FXMarket maker$25020:10.50n
Deltastock ADMarket maker$100200:10.012
DF MarketsMarket maker$1200:10.010.8
EightCapECN/STP & STP & Market maker$100400:10.010.9
ETX CapitalMarket maker$100400:10.010.7
Euro Pacific BankDMA/STP & Market maker$1000100:10.51.8
EXNESSECN/STP & Market maker$12000:10.010.3
FastBrokersECN/STP & Market maker$200050:10.10.7
FIBO GroupDMA/STP & Market maker$300200:10.012
FIBO Group HoldingsDMA/STP & Market maker$300200:10.010.8
Financial SpreadsMarket maker$1200:10.010.7
FinancikaMarket maker$200200:10.10.8n
FIPFX GLOBALSTP & Market maker$200400:10.11n
Forex ClubSTP & Market maker$250100:10.011.2
Forex CorporateSTP & Market maker$100001000:10.11.8
FOREX.comECN/STP & Market maker$250200:10.011.5
Forex4youDMA/STP & STP & Market maker$11000:10.010.31
ForexCTMarket maker$500200:10.12
FOREXerMarket maker$200500:10.012.5
ForexMartSTP & Market maker$15000:10.010
FOREXYARDMarket maker $1000200:10.013
FreshForexECN/STP & STP & Market maker$11000:10.012n
FX ChoiceECN/STP & Market maker$100200:10.010.5
FX Money WorldSTP & Market maker$100400:10.012n
FXCLECN/STP & Market maker$1500:10.011
FXCMSTP & Market maker$5050:10.010.2
FXCM (UK and Australia)STP & Market maker$50200:10.010.2
FXDDMarket maker$150:110.2n
FXDD MaltaECN/STP & Market maker$1400:10.011.5
FXFlatMarket maker€200200:10.010.8
FXGiantsSTP & Market maker$100500:10.011.1
FxGlorySTP & Market maker$13000:10.012n
FxNetMarket maker & ECN/STP & STP$50500:10.012.3
FXOpenECN/STP & Market maker$1500:10.0010
FXOROECN/STP & STP & Market maker$250400:10.012
FxUnitedSTP & Market maker$25200:10.013n
GAIN Capital GroupECN/STP & Market maker$10000050:110.2
GAINSYMarket maker& ECN/STP & STP$10500:10.010.1n
GCI FinancialSTP & Market maker$500400:10.11n
GCM ForexECN/STP & Market maker$100100:10.012
GKFXSTP & Market maker$1400:10.011.5
GKFX PrimeSTP & Market maker$1400:10.011.2
Hanseatic BrokerhouseSTP & Market maker$1200:10.011.8
HarborxSTP & Market maker$50100:10.010.7
HighSky BrokersMarket maker$1200:10.011
IBAmarketsECN/STP & Market maker$500200:10.013.3n
ICM - iTrade Capital MarketsMarket maker$500400:10.12n
ICM CapitalECN/STP & Market Maker$200200:10.011.6
iFOREXMarket maker$100400:10.0252
IG MarketsECN/STP & Market maker$1200:10.10.6
IKON Global MarketsSTP & Market maker$20050:10.10.8
IronFXECN/STP & STP & Market maker$100500:10.011.1
JCMFXSTP & Market maker$101000:10.011.8n
JustForexECN/STP & STP & Market maker$12000:10.012
LCG (London Capital Group)ECN/STP & STP & Market Maker$1500:10.10.6
LiteForex (Europe)STP & Market maker$101000:10.0013
Magna DanaMarket maker$1100:10.013
MahiFXMarket maker$1100:10.010.5
Markets BrokerMarket maker$5000200:10.010.6
MarketsYesMarket maker$250200:110.015
MBAECN/STP & Market maker$10500:10.012.5n
MEX EXCHANGEECN/STP & STP & Market Maker$200500:10.010.5
MFX BrokerECN/STP & Market maker$11000:10.12
NewForexMarket Maker$11000:10.012
Nexsus Financial MarketsECN/STP & Market maker$250400:10.012
NSD MarketsECN/STP & STP & Market Maker$50300:10.010.3n
OANDAMarket maker$150:11e-051.2
One Financial MarketsECN/STP & Market maker$250400:10.010.7
OrbexECN/STP & Market maker$500500:10.011.9
Plus500Market maker$1294:10.012
Price MarketsECN/STP & Market maker$500400:10.010
QuestradeMarket maker$100033:10.11.7
Rakuten Securities HKSTP & Market maker$120:10.010.7
RallyTradeSTP & Market maker$1001000:10.011.6n
RBS - Royal Bank of ScotlandECN/STP & Market maker£150:10.00011
Real TradeMarket maker$20500:10.011n
RoboForexECN/STP & STP & Market maker$11000:10.010.4
Royal Forex Trading (RFXT)ECN/STP & Market Maker$1400:10.010.6
Saxo BankMarket maker$10000100:10.050.2
SimpleFXSTP & Market maker$1500:10.010.1n
Smart MarketsMarket Maker$1400:10.011.2n
STO - SuperTradingOnlineECN/STP & DMA/STP & Market maker$20500:10.011.8
SuperForexMarket Maker$11000:10.12
Swiss International (swissfs.com)STP & Market maker $500200:10.013n
Swissquote BankMarket maker$1000100:10.014
Sword CapitalSTP & Market maker$100200:10.010.6
TeleTrade (Europe)STP & Market maker$1100:10.13
TeleTrade (UAE)STP & Market maker$1100:10.013
TeraFXSTP & Market maker$100400:10.011.8
TFIFXMarket maker$500100:10.13
thinkorswimMarket maker$150:10.12
Trade FintechMarket maker$250200:10.013n
TradeFxPECN/STP & STP & Market maker$25500:10.012.1n
TradeKingMarket maker$50050:10.11.7
TradeNextSTP & Market maker$100300:10.011.2
Traders WayECN/STP & DMA/STP & Market maker$11000:10.012n
TradersChoiceFXECN/STP & STP & Market maker$25050:10.011
USGFXECN/STP & Market Maker$100500:10.012.8
Victory International FuturesMarket maker$5000100:113
Vinson FinancialsSTP & Market maker$200500:10.11.5n
Windsor BrokersSTP & Market maker$100400:10.010.2
XForexMarket maker$100400:10.013
XpoFXMarket maker$10400:10.010.4n
XTB UKSTP & Market maker$250200:10.012
XTrade EuropeMarket maker$100400:10.013
YouTradeFXECN/STP & Market maker$500500:10.010.8n

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Broker discussion area


July 20, 2016

Juno Markets position themselves as STP, not a market maker.


July 19, 2016

How about juno markets limited?


July 2, 2016

InstaForex - STP with instant execution.
LiteForex - STP with instant execution accounts, and DMA with market execution.
Both don't have Dealing desk - market maker accounts.

MFX Broker - yes, they do have dealing desk on Mini and Standard accounts, plus ECN on ECN accounts.


June 30, 2016

Instant Execution:
MFBroker (MasterForex)

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