Gold & Silver Trading Ban in US

Starting July 15th, 2011, enforced by CFTC, in accordance with Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, all US based Forex brokers, who are registered with CFTC, are required to stop offering leveraged commodities and precious metal trading (including Gold & Silver) to retail clients.

As the result, US traders will no longer be able to trade popular precious metal pairs, such as XAU/USD, XAG/USD and other with Forex brokers in the United States.

The regulation will not affect Gold & Silver trading in other countries.

As the deadline approaches, all affected U.S. retail Forex brokers will be informing their clients about closing operations in precious metals.

The latest updates from Forex brokers:


“…In conjunction with this new regulation, must discontinue metals trading for US residents on Friday, July 15, 2011 at the close of trading at 5pm ET. As a result, all open metals positions must be closed by July 15, 2011 at 5pm ET…”


“…You will still be able to trade precious metals, but only on a 1:1 non-leveraged basis (requiring substantially more margin)…”

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1:1 sucked already, now is banned? seriously? what a lame brained

gold and silver priceless and the American Dollar worthless.

There’s always to circumvent this Dodd-Frank bozo move. Any “little guy” can legally establish dual citizenship of another NON-US country. Canada, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, just to name a few….

The is Truth, Justice and really, the American Way…


ummm…Heil Obama?

What a joke its getting harder to make money by trading in the united states 50 :1 leverage thats not the point of trading we all read the disclaimer we all understand the rules ( freedom my as$

It not advantageous to trade anything in United States(futures, bonds, metals, equities,nothing). I feel so sorry I decide do not trade a single active in USA or with the new socialist comunist state.

While I cannot speak for anyone else…I can say all 32 comments I have read really put a knot in my boxers! And I just wanted to find a way to earn a modest living for myself since noone will hire 64 year old Vietnam veterans. America!! Gotta love it.

Comment on 3 December, 2011
Sir, it’s appalling that you’re 77 & don’t know that US is NOT a democracy but a Constitutional Republic. Democracy = mob-rule, Constitutional Republic = Rule of Law with every person having right to their life, liberty & property. Turning from Constitutional Republic to a Democracy is what ruined the country because democracy represents the chaotic conditions of the mob-rule.

And just to illustrate how far people have strayed from Founding Principles – the ONLY man (Ron Paul) running for presidency, who’s NOT bought, who outscores ALL candidates including the sitting president in terms of donations from military personnel & who wants to restore the Principles of freedom that made the country great is shunned aside people while they run after one establishment-puppet after another *facepalm*

People don’t want freedom, they just want freedom to suppress others, conservatives want to socially suppress others, liberals want to economically suppress others, very few actually even know the meaning of freedom so no wonder tyranny is all we get.

The USD is not backed by Gold. Nixon dropped the gold standard in the seventies.

The main reason for the gold/silver is ban is simple: The US dollar IS backed by GOLD!!!
Don’t believe that? Why does the US gov still keep so much gold at Ft Knox? Why is so much money spent on security and legislation to protect it?

Comment on Oct 1. 2011 Talk talk talk
Right on! We must get this stopped! My standard of living will be greatly affected, as will every trader or potential trader. Being 77 I do not have the option of getting a part time job. After several bankruptcies of things I had invested in, when the mortgage on our big beautiful home, that we worked a lifetime for, adjusts in three years, we will loose it. Forex was really beginning to work for us. It is sad to say I had no idea of what we are facing and I have not been living under a rock. WE need to get the news out fast and wide.

The little guy, us, is being damaged and WE must fight back. I for one will hunt out every blog and comment page and post to alert the public starting now.
My suggestion: EVERYONE: Work up a notice and paste it wherever you can. Put it on every blog and site you can. Contact every member of congress, repeatedly. Start email chains, Facebook, where ever you are or wherever you can get to.
What has happened to the US. Every warning our founders made has been ignored. The the welfare state is here, capitalism is fading, complete control of business is rapidly approaching (thought that was called fascism). In my younger years, I could never understand how the democracies of the past (Rome, Greece etc) could fail. No more. I guess next will be the circuses to placate the masses and of course the Christians (and Jews) will be thrown to the lions.
I literally cry for what I see for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Opportunities are disappearing.
Let’s get busy. We can do this.

what an idiot policy

Weird, I live in europe (where I would expect a stupid measure like this), I am suprised this comes from the country that (is) was the symbol of freedom. Why woud you deny someone the right to pay/receive money from another person when the price of something goes up or down (even if multiplied by a certain factor)? I have the impression that today’s politicians lack a basic understanding of how the economy works. The real problem is they are piling up debt and the interest on that is tagged on every product we produce (whether europe or the USA). Making us uncompetitive. And they are trying to remedy that with measures that are counter productive, making the already bad situation worse.

Ron AF Greve

All I hear from the liberals and the media is about the Evil traders driving the prices of commodities up.
If the socialist in Washington could get away with it, they would ban trading, soon enough, they’ll also ban buying and selling anything to make a profit, all the while blaming the evil traders, and investors. The next step will be to ban Ownership of Gold, silver, and a savings account. Our” parents ” in Washington will stop at nothing less than total redistribution of wealth. No one will ever tell the FED to stop printing dollars that are worth 70% of what they were just 30 years ago , and will be almost worthless in another ten years.

I think its batter for trader in the US get more protection from government to keep their money loosing by gold trading on margin. If US Gov. gave no margin Gold trading then gold price will get lower and US economy and world economy will gain more from real trade because every one have to invest more that will increase more liquidity for gold and less for other currency.

Reply to Trader comment from September 25, 2011:

Americans might be greedy and ignorant however, in a free market society that the US was meant to be, Americans should be free to act on their greed, ignorance or smart, and rip the consequences for better or worse. The financial markets are part of what was supposed to be, our free market system. It should not be a close circle only available to a small ruling class that is above the rest of us. It should be open to every Tom, Dick and Harry to speculate in and loose their shirts or prosper. And it is none of the government business to “protect” Tom, Dick and Harry from their own ignorance or greed. Self responsibility is what made our country prosper. It has not changed and never will.

This kind of thinking that you project is exactly what brought this bill upon us.

Apparently Rep. Michele Bachmann has introduced a bill to repeal the Dodd-Frank bill:

“H.R.87 – To repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.”

Ask your Rep to co-sign with her. I did.

Talk, talk, talk… did anyone of you US citizens contacted your Congressman and US Senator about this bill demanding it will be repealed?

Keep in mind that Dodd and Frank did not pass this bill on their own, they had a majority of our “representatives” voting with them. How did your Congressman and Senators vote?

How about contacting your representatives that you keep voting for term after term and see what their reaction is? How about not voting for the same corrupt sly incumbent next year in November?

For example, email this to your US Senators and Congressman:

I have learned recently of the “Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” and its impact on the retail trading community. Apparently this bill has banned (!) leveraged commodities and precious metal trading (including Gold & Silver) to retail clients. Also, as a result of this bill the CFTC set an arbitrary cap of 1:50 on trading leverage of different instruments. These limitations are non existing in other countries yet they were imposed by the US Federal government on US citizens and businesses and in the name of “protecting” ourselves from ourselves.

Trading is my business and I am qualified and responsible for my own actions and decisions. This act is a totalitarian move that has no place in a constitutional USA.

Please take action to have this bill repealed and restore my freedom as a US citizen to conduct business according to my own judgement.



these regulations were inevitable, plus their is more to come..americans are just too greedy and ignorant!..their is no other country in the world that glamourize and commercials the financial markets the way america if the stock market/financial markets are some sort of casino..its a play ground for every tom, dick and harry to speculate on!

no one wants to invest anymore..everybody wants to become a daytrader!

The more things change, the more they stay the same! And yet again, the small guy pays the price for the big guys’ mistakes. Meanwhile the big guy continues to live a rich, and carefree lifestyle, whilst us mere mortals get to watch. I live in Australia, and it’s truly a great country. But I have always looked to the US as the world’s greatest example of free enterprise, and what other nations ought to aspire to. The US might have its economic woes right now, along with Japan and most of Europe, but the reaction to, and targetting of, retail forex and precious metals traders is an absolute insult given that this group is far removed from those actually responsible. More worrying is that this action flies in the face of free enterprise, and freedom generally. What next…stock trading outlawed? Small business banned? State regulated and supplied citizen uniforms? Lucky you still have the right to vote!

As a citizen of the U.S. I find it interesting that trading is being restricted on both currencies and gold and silver. Historically the U.S. played the biggest leverage event when it became a seperate country unto itself in 1776. Its a pity that the government is too top heavy with certain regulations. I’m just looking into currency trading and finding it frustrating trying to find a decent regulated broker.


While the still communist China (and Russia) is slowly loosening their stiffening control grip on their citizens, the government of the great US of A seems to be slowly reverting back to the draconian “Parents know best” mindset. Sad & alarming indeed!


If you want to trade on margin in the gold and silver market, open a futures acct and trade the minis on leverage. Next stop 1700 gold by fall… has multiple metals products with leverage up to 500:1, takes traders world-wide.

If this is true that Silver/Gold trading is stopped in US. Will the Silver/Gold pricess come down in INDIA?????

Banning trading of gold and silver is the stupidist thing i have ever heard. thinking of moving to canada now. US is no longer free….

“I have another query. If Gold and silver trading using margins is banned to protect traders, why has forex trading not been banned.” someone already said. “”The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday voted to delay by one year implementation of a rule blocking brokers from trading in foreign currencies for retail clients…. ” I wonder how Dodd and Frank make their money. Maybe we should reduce congressman’s paycheck. Maybe that would help the debt situation..

We should be able to trade in other countries because of the internet . The big get bigger and they keep the small guy smaller. This will make gold and silver priceless and the American Dollar worthless.

You will be amazed even more, after I tell you this:

The same “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform” also contains complete ban on retail Forex trading for US brokers, which was supposed to take effect tomorrow, but it was postponed for 1 year now…

“The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday voted to delay by one year implementation of a rule blocking brokers from trading in foreign currencies for retail clients…. But in response to concerns from brokerage houses that the rule would hinder international stock trades, the SEC delayed its effective date until July 16, 2012, which will provide time for a review”.

One question remains WHY do that?

Hi guys I am from Australia and that ban is a joke seriously the land of the free and capitalism….what a joke

Looks like a shorting opportunity may come up. The trick for a non U.S based person is how to profit from U.S. Politics. Perhaps developing some sort of trader shadow system that will allow U.S. citizens to trade on a foreign account, for a price of course.

I have another query. If Gold and silver trading using margins is banned to protect traders, why has forex trading not been banned.

This is terrific…just what we needed! We are so fortunate to live in the US….our politicians are doing such a wonderful job, especially Senators Chris Dodd and Barney Frank! What would we ever do without them and their great socialist ideas buried into the Farm Bill which limit our right to have the “FREEDOM” to be independent thinkers and trade or invest our own hard earned money the way we want???

What’s next? Are they going to tell us that we can’t buy a condo in Madrid, or a time share in Mexcio??

….land of the brave and home of the “FREE”, is quickly turning into an “Orwellian” society.

….and you thought they made you read that book in high school for nothing, didn’t you?????

I am a u.s citizen and It should be my choice to decide on how I trade. Other countries keep sounding better and better I guest that is why some of the big companies have left the u.s.

Good thing I don’t live in the US. Seriously, if I did, I would be getting set to move somewhere like Europe or Australia and visit family only on holidays, soon it will no longer be possible to trade at all in that country if things keep going that way….

Good news, let the gold come down to $500 an ounce

This is another way to limit the US citizen from freedom of choice thankfully I am also a citizen of another country and can use that doorway…….

Again, the American population is going to be restricted in its freedom to trade. Who is financially benefiting from all of this?

On top of that, on July 15, 2011 foreign banks (who previously kept accepting US clients) will discontinue services for US clients as well.
Another door is closed for US traders.

OANDA so far said they will keep precious metals, but without any leverage.

“…You will still be able to trade precious metals, but only on a 1:1 non-leveraged basis (requiring substantially more margin)…”