Forex brokers | Gold, Silver, Oil, CFD Trading


Broker Gold Spread (100 oz) Silver Spread (5000 oz)    Oil (1000 barrel) CFDs
ForexTime (FXTM) yes
HYCM yes
easyMarkets 50 5 12 yes
10Markets 70 6 7 yes
1BillionForex yes
24FX yes
4XNetworks yes
AAAFx 51 6 6 yes
AAFX Trading yes
Abshire-Smith 35 2.3 3 yes
AccentForex 110 5 15 yes
ACM Gold 50 5 2 yes
ActivTrades 50 5 9 yes
Admiral Markets 80 4 10 yes
ADS Securities London yes
AFX Capital 60 4 5 yes
AGEA 80 5.5 n/a yes
AGM Markets 50 10 n/a no
AL Trade 50 7 3 yes
Alfa Financial
Alpari n/a yes
Alpha Capital Markets yes
AmigaFX 90 5 14 no
ArgusFX yes
AssetsFX n/a no
ATC Brokers (non-US) 10 10 10 yes
Atom8 n/a yes
AvaTrade 70 7 4 yes
Axiory 55 8 n/a yes
Axiory Europe yes
AxiTrader 50 5 5 yes
Back Bay Markets yes
BANX Trading yes
BCapitalsFX yes
BlackBull Markets no
Blackwell Global 50 4 yes
BMFN – Boston Merchant Financial 55 4 3 yes
BTFX 30 2 yes
Bulbrokers EAD yes
Caesar Trade yes
Capital Index yes
Capital Investment Brokers (CIBFX) yes
ITI FX yes
CFD1000 yes
CFDTimes yes
CFH Clearing 20 0.6 2 yes
CFI Markets yes
CIM Bank 5 yes
Circle Markets yes
City Credit Capital 3 4 yes
Citypoint Trading 90 5 7 yes
CM Trading 60 6 6 yes
CMC Markets 50 n/a yes
CMC Markets UK n/a yes
ContinentalFX yes
CornerTrader yes
Deltastock 80 6 yes
DF Markets 60 4 yes
Direct FX 40 5 yes
Divisa Capital (DCFX) 25 2.5 n/a no
DMM FX n/a yes
easyMarkets yes
EightCap yes
Elxi Markets yes
eToro 90 5 14 yes
ETX Capital yes
Euro Pacific Bank n/a yes
EverFX yes
EVFOREX n/a yes
EXNESS 70 6.5 1-3 yes
FastBrokers 33 10 10 yes
FBS 10 2 n/a yes
FIBO Group 39 4.1 10 yes
FIBO Group Holdings 39 4.1 10 yes
Fidelis 20 10 n/a no
Finpro Trading yes
FirewoodFX n/a no
Forex Club n/a yes 45-60 3-8 13 yes n/a no
Forex4you 100 5 150 yes
ForexCT 50 5 yes
Forex Broker Inc 60 6 6 yes
Forex Corporate yes
Forex FS 70 7 n/a no
Forex Time (FXTM) yes
ForexYard 100 6 6 yes
Forex Global Market (FXGM) 50 4 6 yes
Forex Rally yes
FP Markets yes
Formax Prime Capital (UK) yes
ForexMart n/a yes
Fort Financial Services 60 4 5 yes
Fortress Capital no
FreshForex n/a yes
Fullerton Markets yes
FW Markets n/a no
FX Money World yes
FXBM yes
FXCC 25-75 2-3 yes
FXCM n/a n/a 5 yes
FXDD 50 5 10 no
FxGlory yes
FxNet 70 12 7 yes
FXOptimax 100 n/a no
FXFair yes
FXFINPRO Capital yes
FXFlat 5 yes
FXOpen 100 4 yes
FXOpen UK n/a no
FxPlayer 50 5 5 yes
FXPRIMUS 50 5 5 yes
FxPro 50 4 yes
GAINSY 40 4 n/a no
Gallant Capital Markets 50 5 n/a yes
GCI Financial 50 3 5 yes
GCM Forex yes
GKFXPRIME 50 5 5 yes
Global Clearing Group – 2pipsforex 30 3 n/a no
Golden Tangent yes
Global Prime Forex n/a no
GO Markets yes
Grand Capital 60 35 5 yes
Grinta Invest yes
Hadwins yes
HalifaxOnline 65 6 4.5 yes
Hantec Markets 50 4 yes
HighSky Brokers 60 40 5 yes
HeartForex n/a no
HiWayFX yes
HotForex 32 14 5 yes
HYCM 70 5 6 yes
Hydra Markets yes
IamFX 50 4 5 yes
IC Markets 50 0.5 0.5 yes
IC Markets Forex Rebates 50 0.5 0.5 yes
ICM – iTrade Capital Markets 50 30 5 yes
ICM Brokers 50 30 4 yes
ICM Capital 50 4 10 yes
IFC Markets 65 6 10 yes
iFOREX 70 5 8 yes
IFX Markets 70 50 7 yes
IG Markets 50 5 6 yes
IKON Group yes
Indigo DMA yes
InstaForex 100 4 n/a yes
Interactive Brokers 35-50 2-5 3-7 yes
InterTrader yes
InterTrader Direct yes
Invast yes
Investorseurope yes
IronFX 50 4 2 yes
IsikFX yes
Juno Markets yes
JustForex n/a no
Key To Markets yes
KGI Ong Capital n/a no
KRCNZ n/a no
KVB Kunlun 50 5 6 yes
Lider Forex 50 40 5 yes
LiteForex 75 5 10 yes
LMAX 36 20 n/a yes
LMFX yes
London Capital Group (LCG) 50 4 5 yes
Lucror FX n/a no
MahiFX n/a no
MaxFX yes
MAYZUS 75 7.5 10 yes
MB Trading n/a no
MBA yes
Mocaz Financial Markets no
MTrading yes
NAS Broker yes
Nexsus Financial Markets yes
NoaFX yes
NordFX 50 4 n/a no
NSFX yes
OANDA 85 7 n/a yes
OctaFX 50-65 4-5 n/a no
OloFx yes
One Financial Markets 50 5 4 yes
Orbex yes
Pacific Financial Derivatives (PFD) 40 4 5 yes
PaxForex 100 5 n/a yes
Pepperstone 60 6 n/a no
PCM Brokers 30-40 4-5 2-3 yes
PhillipCapital yes
PhillipCapital UK yes
Price Markets yes
Profiforex 60 n/a n/a yes
Questrade 80 n/a n/a yes
Range Markets yes
Real Trade Group 65 5 n/a no
Renesource Capital 75 3 9 yes
Royal Forex Trading 65-70 4.5-5 yes
RoboForex 50-100 2.5-5 n/a yes
Rubix FX n/a yes
Saxobank 65 6 4.5 yes
SimpleFX yes
Smart Markets yes
Solforex n/a no
Sterling Gent Trading 50 5 5 yes
StoxMarket yes
Sucden (UK) Limited 60 5.5 ?
Sun Hung Kai Forex 30 5 n/a no
Sunbird 50 5 4 yes
SuperForex yes
SVSFX 40 2.7 yes
Swiss International 75 5 3 yes
Sword Capital yes
tegasFX n/a yes
TeleTrade yes
TFI Markets 100 6 n/a yes
TFX Markets yes
ThinkMarkets 50 5 yes
thinkorswim, Inc. 33-35 10 4-10 yes
Tickmill 60 21 n/a yes
Tifia yes
Titan FX yes
TopFX n/a no yes
Trade Fintech yes
Trade12 yes
TradeFxP yes
Tradenext 63 11 15 yes
TraderNovo yes
Trader’s Way 40-60 4-7 4-8 yes
Traders Trust 90 36 10 yes
TradersChoiceFX 45-60 3-8 5-13 yes
TradeV yes
TradeWiseFX yes
TradingBanks yes 62 3.3 n/a yes
Tradeview Forex 30 3.8 3 yes
Trading 212 yes
Tradize yes
TrioMarkets yes
Trust Capital yes
UFX 70 7.5 10 no
Uniglobe Markets yes
UpFX 100 40 3 yes
Valbury Capital n/a n/a no
Valutrades n/a yes
Vantage FX 50 5 no
Velocity Trade 80 n/a n/a no
Victory International Futures yes
Vinson Financials yes
Vipro Markets yes
Vunani Private Clients yes
Wenn Markets yes
WH SelfInvest 50 10 4 yes
Windsor Brokers 35-50 2-3 3-5 yes
xCFD yes
XGLOBAL Markets 30.4 3 n/a no
XM 40-50 3-7 10 yes
XTB UK 30-200 2-4 7 yes
YouTradeFX 70 7 5 yes
ZAR FX yes

Latest news: Gold & Silver trading ban in US

Gold Accounts – denominated in Gold

Admiral Markets

What is CFD trading?

CFD is one of the world’s most popular ways to trade on a wide range of instruments such as Shares, Commodities, Currencies, Indices or Treasuries.

A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a contract between a trader and a CFD broker; it reflects the difference between where a trader enters a trade and exits it. Traders Buy or Sell contracts in order to profit from falling or rising markets.

CFD – Contracts for Difference, is a financial instrument which allows trading index, share or commodity contracts without having to own the underlying asset itself. To buy shares of Boeing or sell shares of Yahoo a trader doesn’t need to be in London or New York. By trading with CFD broker a trader can conduct stock operations while staying at home and without actually owning the underlying asset itself.

In terms of financial language, a contract for difference (CFD) is an agreement between a seller and a buyer to pay the difference between the opening and closing price of the contract. The price of the contract is the price of the asset (a share, index or future).

For example, if a trader buys a CFD for 800 shares of Airbus at 50.00 US dollars for 1 share and sell it later at 55.00 US dollars, the contract buyer (CFD broker) undertakes to pay the price difference of 5.0 * 800 = 4000 US dollars to the trader. On the other hand, if the share price at the moment of closing the contract is lower than the purchase price a trader will be obligated to pay the price difference.

In what countries is CFD trading allowed?

CFDs are currently traded in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, throughout the EU, Russia, Japan, South Africa and other countries.

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ThreeTrades: Gold spread 40 (fixed), Silver spread 3 (fixed), Oil spread 3 (fixed). CFDs on stocks and indices. No commissions.

which international broker provide mcx trading.

Fxprimus about 35 pips, no fxed.

this list sucks, if you’re looking for a broker who also offers gold (I don’t trade gold, but use it as ‘signal’ to predict which way the euro is heading). I have a Gallant CM live account and tried a lot of other brokers (on demo), like thinkforex and they don’t offer gold – up ’till now I keep a fxpro demo account open to watch what gold is doing. Getting tired of all this wrong information on the net (even on forums one reads a lot of comments that are saying opposite things about brokers, ea’s, trading systems, you name it).

Sad, actually…

Thanks a lot!
It’s been updated.

Exness’s spread on OIL is wrong, it’s not 10, it’s 1-3 pips most of the time (mostly 1 during busy hours)

MRC markets – 8 pips fixed
XTB – 7 pips fixed

sir please say indian metatrader broker

Any broker offering mcx contracts in mt4?

Forexcontrol…I traded CFD’s with them…the best thing about them is their 24/7 online support in various Indian languages including Tamil and Telugu and their charts and analysis for all NSE, BSE , indices in Nifty and FX.
I invested around USD 300 in FX and got reasonable profit. I was completely new to Forex trading and needed support which was very well provided by their technical team 🙂

which broker having mcx indian commodity

ICM Brokers is a US based broker, yet doesn’t have an active NFA status. Why?

Dear Admin,

Pls add



TyTradiumFX at also support gold and silver at good spreads.

Thank you for this valuable feedback!

Separating timeless and other CDFs would be quite a task.. I’ll see what we can do, but can’t promise anything unfortunately..

Yes, by the end of the day what matters is whether you’re able to withdraw your funds. But, here is a problem with our resource: we can’t rate brokers. I’d suggest searching for other sites, for example, some rating at:

Hi, first of all let me thank you BrokerGuru for creating such a wonderful resource for all of us, websites such as this will help all of us eliminate the bad brokers faster then the “regulators” ever could.

Now, aren’t CFDs supposed to be “timeless”, as in that they’re not supposed to “expire” like futures but still most of the brokers I’ve seen don’t have them as “timeless” & our CFD-positions with the broker will be closed when the corresponding future expires on the Exchange……….so please list some good brokers who offer “timeless CFDs”.

Secondly, it’d be great if there were list brokers that we could rate based SOLELY on how prompt & hassle-free it is for us to withdraw money from them. We talk about spreads, ECNs & all that but in my humble opinion, probably THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is the safety of our capital……….& NO, governments & “regulators” don’t give a sh!t about whether we lose our funds or whatever, they get their paychecks from all the loot (tax) they collect so it’s futile to expect anything from them, they’ve no incentive to provide good service to the people. It’s us consumers (traders in this case) banding together & sharing our experiences on places such as this website will help all of us eliminate the bad brokers & reward & trade with only the good ones so please consider making some such list/poll about how prompt various brokers are with withdrawls.


Thank you!

Grand Capital Ltd.
Offers trading Gold, Silver, Oil and CFDs.
Thank You.

Thank you!

Hi BG,

FXPRIMUS have on their Micro & STD account variable/fluctuate 50 for Gold & Silver, and variable/fluctuate 5 for Oil
For their ECN account variable/fluctuate 35 for Gold & Silver, and variable/fluctuate 3 for Oil
They also have full set of CFD.

I have been with them on live STD account for just over 10 days and, yes, their Gold, Silver, and Oil do fluctuate depending on market volatility. I will try out their ECN account at a later date.

Best regards


Thank you!

IAMFX now offers gold and oil along with several CFD. For current spreads please visit

If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Thank you

Stephen Mater
Business Development
Skype: Stephen-iamfx

has anybody heard of trading platform brokers..who are giving huge returns on is kept in lean by investor..this has rbi clearence and some big bussiness houses in india have done this a scam as it too good to be true..we want broker names and contact details can anybody pls info

Thank you!

Starting March 1st 2011, spot gold and silver trading is available at Real Trade Group:
Spread on Gold (XAU/USD) – 65 pips
Spread on Silver (XAG/USD) – 5 pips

Real Trade Group’s news:

Added. Thank you!

you can add they do gold 50, sliver 5 and oil 5

Thank you,
So far we don’t have such detailed lists for commodities, but still try the Search:
Forex brokers comparison

where in the field called “Other Instruments” select “Commodities”.
Some brokers from the list will have a few positions to offer, but other should provide a better choice.

hello Broker guru
Thanks a lot for providing various informations of brokers plus making easy in choosing brokers.

Now what i want is -do you have the brokers which gives almost all agriculture commodities,( wheat, soyabean, corn, rice, coffee, cotton, etc) and soft metals (zinc, alumunium, copper, ..etc) .
i find only the two brokers which offers abovementioned products – AVA financial having partial and the Broco traders only.

I hope you will HELP me.


mt4 platform forindian NIFTY and nse stocks

Thank you, guys

PFGBEST may not have those on MT4, but they should be available on other platforms.

Contrary to the above list, Forex brokers offering Gold, Silver, Oil & CFDs; PFGBEST MT4 does not carry Gold, Silver and Oil CFDs.


Hi BG,

I still on Demo with Tadawul FX (and also FXopen).
I don’t know why no Tadawul FX people have come into your site to correct some info on their offer and spread.

Their Gold spread is 50 (not 80), Silver spread is correct at 5, and WTI Oil is also 5 (yes, they do have WTI Oil).

All the best.


Sure, it can be done.
Thank you for your suggestion. Stay tuned!

Would it be possible to add a “Plus CFDs” column for those of us that only want FX and Commodities in a broker? I’m a US investor and this would be helpful to help choose the right broker.


They have quotes even on their front page.

latitude FX do not support Gold trading .

This means the website is no longer working: a broker had either changed the web name, or disappeared.
Either way, I’ve deleted that listing. Thank you!

Regarding ForInvest group, I have found this broker few month s ago and also haven’t seen any feedback or reviews on them.

Hi BG,

I see ForInvest is the next broker who offers reasonable spread on WTI Oil. However, they are not listed on “Brokers Reviews” and I would like to know more about them.

Any reliable review source that I can read up on them?

I have searched in quite a number of site for reviews/comments on ForInvest Group, but cannot find any.

Reason for my interest is their 2 pips spread on WTI Oil, but would like to know more about them. Even your site do not have a listing on them on “brokers reviews’.

Any suggestion?

Thanks, and much appreciate this.

Rahman S.

I am interested in WTI Oil and the only broker offering good spread is FX-Pro.
However, when I try to go into their site, a message informed that their site is experiencing problems.

Hmmmmm, wonder what that means!

Thank you! I’ve updated the spread.

Hi BG,

EasyForex spread for Oil is 12 on normal trading days and not 7 as above list.

Thank you!
already on the list.
do you know what spreads they offer for gold and silver?

The Swiss Broker MIG Bank also trades gold and silver in the MT4 platform.

Thank you!
The broker has been listed.

ForInvest Group: Swiss Forex Broker (
Gold: 100 oz – 50 spread
Silver: 5000 oz – 5 spread
Oil: 1000 barrel – 2

Thank you!

Details on FXCM’s Oil, Gold and Stock Indices

FXcbs a ECN broker, says they will as soon as they are set up and licensed in Dubai, which is currently underway. A. Beck

Thank you!

AVS Carter supports gold and silver trading

FXOpen supports gold n silver trading..