FCA UK (former FSA UK) regulated Forex brokers

The list of FCA UK (former FSA UK) registered and regulated brokers:

Update: As of April 1, 2013 the FSA UK has become two separate regulatory authorities:

The Financial Conduct Authority (www.fca.org.uk) and The Prudential Regulation Authority (www.bankofengland.co.uk)
FCA Forex brokers FSA UK Forex brokers

FSA UK registry contains Authorised and EEA Authorised brokers.
As FCA UK takes over, it will now be maintaining the registry, however at this time it simply redirects to FSA UK website: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/home.do

Authorised – is a FSA UK regulated broker. A firm that FSA UK has given permission to carry out regulated activities.

EEA Authorised – is a broker that’s been registered with FSA UK, but is regulated in its home country. The EEA Authorised status is given to firms that are authorised in another European Economic Area (EEA) state and been given a “passport” by FSA UK to provide cross border services to UK citizens according to MIFID. These firms are regulated in their home country, and not by FSA UK, although must comply with standards agreed across all EEA countries.

Note from FSA UK site, quote:
“Consumers considering or currently doing business with passported EEA firms (‘EEA Authorised’), may wish to ask for further information from the firm or its UK branch about its complaints and compensation arrangements. This is because the position may differ compared to a UK authorised firm.” Further reference: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/Register/use/foreign_firms/index.shtml

FCA UK regulated brokers (Authorised):
Admiral Markets UK
ADS Securities London
Alpha Capital Markets
AxiTrader UK
CFH Clearing
City Credit Capital
City Index
CMC Markets UK
CMS Forex UK
DF Markets
ETX Capital
FCI Markets
Formax Prime Capital (UK)
FxPro UK
GAIN Capital
Hantec Markets
Hirose Financial UK
House of Borse
ICM Capital
IG Markets
IKON Markets
Interactive Brokers (UK) Ltd
Kerford Investments (UK)
Key To Markets
London Capital Group (LCG)
Moneycorp Markets
Nexsus Financial Markets
One Financial Markets
PhillipCapital UK
Plus500 UK
Price Markets
Raphaels Bank
RBS – Royal Bank of Scotland
Sucden Financial
Valbury Capital
Vantage FX
FCA UK registered brokers (EEA Authorised):
AFX Capital
Blackwell Global (CY)
Capital Index
Citypoint Trading
Forex Time (FXTM)
FX Global Markets (FXGM)
IKON Group
Saxo Bank
Traders Trust
Trading 212
Windsor Brokers

Do you know another Forex broker who is registered with FSA in UK?
Please suggest by adding a comment below.

About FSA (UK)

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is an independent body, a single regulator of all providers of financial services in the United Kingdom. The FSA regulates most financial services markets, exchanges and firms. It sets the standards that must be met and can take action against firms if they fail to meet the required standards.
The Financial Services Authority regulates financial services in the UK since December 2001.

Requirements for FSA regulated brokers

Forex brokers regulated by the FSA are required to meet a number of industry standards and requirements, in particular:

  • Ensure about the quality of the bank in which clients funds will be held, and, more over, continue to monitor that quality to be
    able to fulfill own regulatory obligations. The bank must be approved by FSA.
  • Keep client funds separate from company funds, in other words, segregate clients’ deposits, which at no point can be treated
    and used as company assets including the situation when the company becomes insolvent.
  • Submit financial reports to the FSA on the regular basis and undergo detail annual audit etc.

What does this mean for a retail Forex trader?

In plain language, this means a higher protection of investments for any individual Forex trader.
By being obliged to keep client funds on a segregated account, a FSA regulated broker cannot use clients’ funds to cover own needs, expenses and risks as well as utilise those funds in case of the bankruptcy.
All money received form depositors are treated as “Client money” under FSA client money rules.
These rules form one of the most important parts of the UK financial regulatory system related to consumers – they protect consumers in the event of the failure of a FSA regulated company. If a FSA regulated company fails to meet its financial obligations, a liquidator would not be able to use clients’ money to meet claims of general creditors of the failed company. Clients’ funds can only be used to pay out compensation to clients who held deposits with that company.

Investors protection: the Compensation Scheme

Should the company go out of business and face liquidation, its clients are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) – the UK’s statutory fund of last resort for customers of authorized financial services firms. This means that the FSCS can pay compensation if a firm is unable, or likely to be unable, to pay claims against it.

Concerning the Forex market, the compensation limits are set as follows:

Clients receive 100% the first £30,000 + 90% of the next £20,000, but no more than £48,000 in total.

You’ll find compensation limits on this of FSCS – Investment limits.
Another point, the FSA regulations do not require to open a separate segregated account for each client. It is enough to have one Client account for all investors, which will be fenced from the Company account. Concerning general clients’ funds protection there is no major difference. Large investors might be able to negotiate a separate segregated account under their name with Forex brokers on individual basis.

To check if a broker is registered with FCA UK use FCA Register.

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is SLS Trade under Binary, is it registered

both are binary brokers.
No, they are not registered with FCA UK.

Is VXMarkets/ Quantumcode registered and legit?

Thank you!

What about CentralFX? http://www.centralfx.co.uk/

FCA UK Authorised – means broker is UK based and is regulated in the UK by the FCA UK directly.
FCA UK EEA Authorised – means broker is NOT UK based (could be registered anywhere, for example off-shore). The broker is then regulated in it’s country of registration (if, for example, it’s an off-shore Cyprus based broker, then it’s regulated by CySEC). While FCA UK has simply given permission to provide Forex trading to UK clients.

what’s the website for abrokers?

Plz ..1- Someone explainto me the diffrent between authorized and EEA registred ?
2- i wounder there abrokers regulated .. but in the FCA page there’s No complete Info about fax , Email and Website !

Yes, Tickmill is FCA UK regulated (Authorised):
Company name: Tmill UK Limited (FCA UK licence #717270)

Most regulated brokers: United States, UK, Switzerland (only banks are licenced to provide Forex trading in Switzerland).

Hi friend … Could you tell me if tickmill is FSA regulated with office in UK .. ( not EEA ) ..??
. and about Would like know all FSA broker regulated are under FSCS too ( to guaranteed the money back if broker have troubles ) .

Which is the most regulated brokers in the world … could tell 3 options ?

You !!!

Yes, EQLX is regulated by FCA UK (#441689).
However, you should read the warning posted on the FCA site:

eqlx is FCA regulated ECN broker.

Porter Finance is a Binary options broker, not regulated.
Allgo Trade also a binary broker, not regulated.
Binary options brokers are rarely regulated at all.

Is Porter Finance regulated?

Is Allgo Trade regulated by FCA?

Trade-24 – keep contacting them. Not much can be done. They are from Seychelles (with some credit cards being processed in Bulgaria) and not regulated.

Thank you!
FxGiants wil be added.

I did a withdrawal of my account in Trade-24.com. System informed that money will be transferred in a week. Money newer came despite many contacts to the company. What can be done.

fx giants is it under FCA

Titan Trade (Titan Solutions Ltd.) is not regulated by FCA UK.
Binary options trading in general (99% of brokers) is not regulated.

Yes, thank you. Tera FX UK wil be added.

TERA FX UK is registered with FCA

any comment on TITANTRADE – binary option broker?

tradestfx.com (THTFX BUSINESS SERVICES LTD) is registered in Seychelles. They are not regulated by FCA UK.

Market Investment UK (Market Investment Associates Ltd.) is registered in the UK, but not found in the FCA UK register.
Market Investment is currently only registered with FSA in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Tickmill is registered in Seychelles, regulated by FSA Seychelles. they are not regulated in the UK.

is traderstfx.com regulated fsa uk.

any body knows market investment regulated by fsa? they mentioned in web

Is Tickmill regulated with FSA?

TriumphFX (Triumph Investment Master Fund Ltd.) is registered in Republic of Vanuatu, reg.# 17901.
They are overseen by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

what about triumphfx

their website http://www.tfxi.com?? it stated their HQ in new zealand

have you tried contacting CySEC?

I have problem with XM trading. I am in South Africa have account with XM, i made withdrowal of $628 which is equal to R9600 rands. I made this withdrowal on 4 january till now i have not recieve my money. They claim that they sent it. May i get help please

can you help me about Tradect.com becuse i want get my mony but i i dont know what?

RoboForex is not registered with FCA UK.

What about roboforex?

HotForex has off-shore regulators: FSC Mauritius and CySEC.
This won’t be considered highly reliable, but better than no regulation at all.
The company can be given a credit for being in business for 5 years.
In terms of trust and reliability in such cases, it’s always advised to make a small initial deposit (currently $500 for standard accounts), and then test-trade Live for at least a month with subsequent withdrawal of funds. Upon successful completion of trading + withdrawal, one can consider adding extra funds.

What about HotForex…is it regulated broker? Safe or not if i open account with HotForex with equity $10,000

want advice to regulated broker wanna open acc

Yes, Piptrade is regulated by FCA (reg# 186171).
Thank you, will be added to the list.

piptrade is regulated by fca ?

Yes, thank you!

Thinkforex UK is FCA regulated.

Nexus Financial Market and Nexusfx are 2 different brokers.
Nexusfx’s site (nexusfx.com) is not fully functioning (many links are not working, including account opening). Nexusfx is not regulated.

FXTM is EEA Authorised, FCA UK #600475

What is the different between Nexus Financial Market and Nexusfx? Is Nexusfx regulated or not?

what about FXTM (Forex time) broker??

Yes, moved AxiTrader to the “FCA Regulated” column. Thank you!

HotForex is a Mauritius company, with CYSEC and FSC Mauritus licenses.

AxiTrader is FCA regulated and not just FCA registered. From their website

“AxiTrader UK is a registered business name of AxiCorp Limited. AxiCorp Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA Reference 509746).”

please tell me about hot forex??

TradingBanks – not regulated. Company (Grizzly Limited) registered in Malta.
justrader.com – not regulated. Company (MT Capital Partners) registered in Belize.

Is “MT Capital Partners LTD” (justrader) a registered company in UK? If yes, under which government agency.

hallow i want ask about tradingbanks.com they are regulted or not?tq

bforex is not regulated.

(bforex is an IB for FXGM).

Please I want to know if bforex is a registered broker?
If yes, with which regulatory body?

HY Markets is regulated by FSA UK (reg.#186171)

I want to know HY Market regulated by ?

Thank you!
ThinkForex and AxiTrader have been added.

Think forex is also regulated by FCA

Axi Trader is now regulated in the UK

no, they are not regulated with FCA.
They are non-regulated brokerage.

Is fxcitizen registered and regulated by FCA
The website is Юwww.fxcitizen.com

I was interested too today… quick check in the FCA register shows they are not

Please could your confirm if Alliance Option is regulated under UK laws to operate Binary trading.

FXOpen UK (fxopen.co.uk) is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Could you kindly add them to the list?

Regulated Australian broker, though in business since 2007, we haven’t heard about them.
Thank you for suggesting, we’ll add them to our reviews page for now.

what’s your opinion on http://www.aetoscg.com?

Oanda is one of the oldest brokers (Market makers) in the industry.
BinaryBook doesn’t offer Forex trading. The company – WSB Ltd. – is not found in the FCA UK register.

have you ever heard of BinaryBook? this is a broker who claims to be under FCA regulation

What do you think of Oanda.

Formaxmarket (formaxmarket.com) – Formax International Market Limited – is not found in the FCA register.

Formaxmarket is registered FCA too

JUstrader/mtcapital partners

stay away, withdraw impossible for 3 months ago s

Stay away from iFOREX, Stay away … Stay away ..

No they are not found in the FSA register.
It’s an broker from Asia.

Is Triumph Global FX Pte Ltd licensed with FSA?
it takes 3rd party money.to.trade by banking into their hk hsbc ac.
Website is http://www.tfxglobal.com.

http://www.tradect.com – TradeCT – Market City International SRL is a Romanian forex broker. They are not regulated by FCA UK, and there is no mentioning about any regulation on their site either.

ELEX is supervised and regulated by FSA of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines only, not FCA UK.

Tickmill took over Armada Markets. Tickmill is based in Seychelles, where it’s supervised by FSA Seycheles (Licence No SD008). They are not regulated by FCA UK.

Hello guys
how about this broker
http://www.tradect.com or tradectfx.com

i need answer please

Any body please,..how about Elex Markets.?
Regulated by FSA. is that true.?

Do you know if any of these offer binaries apart from IG?


have you guys heard about new company which takeover armada markets business.
any info on tickmill.com

622533 – Leadcapital Markets Ltd (stock.com)

Good morning,
do You confirm this FCA broker number: 232153 – GeneralCologne Re Capital GmbH?

Olá ellitecapital.com esta registrada na fsa valeu

Is Triumph Global FX Pte Ltd licensed with FSA?

Website is http://www.tfxglobal.com.

Yes, it’s the same broker as avatrade.com. Only the site is different (for Portugese apparently).
sorry to hear they support stuff appears incompetent, Ava Trade is one of the oldest brokers in the Forex industry. Yes, they are registered and legitimate.

I wonder if the http://www.avatradeportuguese.com/ is a serious broker? she is registered to operate? it is legalized?.
I find it odd that it never have professional customer service to whatever language and on the rare occasions that I got contact the operator failed to give basic explanations of how to insert a simple purchase order.
I’m waiting for further clarification.


FSA UK (FCA UK) register does not contain information about Triumph Global FX Pte Ltd company.
What is the company’s website?

Pls help. Is Triumph Global FX Pte Ltd licensed with FSA? They do forex trading with third party monies banked into their HSBC acct in HK. I need to know if they are legit to do that.

I have not fund my broker Orbex, it is also registered with FSA now FCA . this is the link in which mention the regulation http://www.orbex.com/en/forex-trading/license-regulations, so i would like to add Orbex also in the list. if it not registered please inform me.


whats brokers with nano lot/cent with FSA UK regulated brokers (Authorised)?

Where Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is Estonian broker, registered with FSA in Estonia.

Please tell me Admiral Markets is authorized broker

Bulls And Bears Forex have two different companies, one is in the UK, FSA/FCA, and other is in Seychelles.

please tell me markets.com is a authorised broker

please tell me about bulls and bears fx is bulls and bears fx registered with fca ??

Ayondo is a social trading network.

how about Ayondo dot com and Ayondomarkets dot com. thanks

Thank you.
YouTradeFX UK says they are:

http://www.ytfx.co.uk/ YouTrade UK is no longer FCA authorised for accepting new clients so needs to be removed from the list.

AFX Markets Ltd. (Trading as SuperTradingOnline UK) FCA Regulated (Authorised) FRN: 560872 http://www.supertradingonline.co.uk/en/

Golden Bank offers binary options trading. We don’t list binaries at the moment, only Forex. Thank you!

thank you !

You now Golden-bank.com ?

Thank you!

Monex Capital Markets Limited ,http://www.monexcap.com/,,,

586541 – Monex Capital Markets Limited ,registered

Yes, ETX Capital is regulated – FCA UK #124721 – Monecor (London) Ltd
though they are a spread betting company, while we list Forex brokers only at this time.

Is ETX Capital registered and regulates by FCA?

Their website is http://www.etxcapital.co.uk/about-us/company-overview.aspx


Thank you!

http://www.ironfx.com is FSA registered- now FCA registered not authorised

now iam in exness. this broker is regulated? please help ?

i want to verify with trader on FXCM. yes indeed it is not an honest broker. i trade with them using Trade Station for 4 years. they hunt your stoploss. when you8 complain to them, they will put blame on other things such as your internet provider and many other shit reasons. be careful when your complain is attained by a chinese woman. plaeas stay away from it.


Is youtradefx FSA regulated ?

yes, IFOREX is registered with FSA UK (EEA Authorised) – reg. #511729.

Hi guys please check it https://trader.iforex.com/webpl/frm.aspx they said have regulated from FSA … is it true?

Ambit Market Financial Solution Ltd. is a broker domiciled in British Virgin Islands.
They are not registered with FSA UK.

While in BVI the regulator is BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC of BVI).

—– —– ——

@trader: JFX.com has been listed. Thank you!

Hi guys please check it out this broker..? http://ambitmarket.com/index.php they said have regulated from FSA … is it true?

http://www.JFX.com is FSA regulated

4XP is not regulated by FSA UK.

4xp is in FSA regulated brokers. Yes or no.

This is a very usefull website for all FOREX related broker. I love it.

Justrader (justrader.com) – belongs to MT Capital Partners – a Belize incorporated entity. Though they have offices in London, UK, they are not registered with FSA UK.

can you tell me if jutrader is registered whit fsa thank you

18th floor, 40 Banks St.
Canary Wharf,
London E145NR
United Kingdom
Phone: + 442033183199
Phone2:+ 97316199417

I work as an affiliate partner of Broker UWCFX and am happy with its regulations, is a company that offers low spreads and good commissions good for the partners.

@youtradefx – to be fair you CANNOT call a company regardless fo your experience a fraud on a public forum without any evidence, they are regualted with fsa, fsa does thorough checks on its member firms

YouTradeFX is a fraud company, this company specializes in trick both IB and investors, be alert and not to open accounts at the company, can win you do not get money

Thank you! Will be added.

Dear R Kearney,

no broker will allow your account to be funded by a third party, or withdrawn to a third party. I think FXDD mistakenly and unknowingly did that.
The Anti-Money laundering policy is very strict for all Forex brokers around the globe.

Hi Trying to fund a forex acc using my Sipp
Already done ot once with FXDD but spreads too big, now being told Oanda can’t recieve 3rd party monies….this will come from my fund administrators…so how did i do it ok with FXDD?? confused..
R Kearney

Yes, a Forex company can be incorporated in UK. I don’t know the exact costs of incorporation in UK, but usually incorporation procedures are not costly at all.

Binary Options brokers in their general mass are not regulated. I haven’t come across a FSA UK regulated binary broker.
We don’t have a list of Binary Options brokers, but you can find them on other sites, for example: Binary Options Brokers (A-Z)

Can you please provide me with a list of FSA registered Binary Options Brokers based in UK and USA?

Many thanks,


Can a Forex company be incorporated in UK ( Forex licence is expensive there), instead go to NZ to be regulated. Is this allowed, if this will result in Uk customers not allowed to open accounts, it’s ok.

Forex brokers who are only Registered (EEA Authorised) with FSA UK obtain the right to carry out operations in UK and solicit UK clients. They don’t however obtain regulation from FSA UK and are rather regulated in their own countries. So, yes, when it comes to solving disputes, you won’t be able to ask for much help from FSA UK nad you won’t be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in UK.

Those brokers those are not Regulated but just Registered are not safe???? Admiral Makets is not a Regulated Broker but it’s a Registered broker. So we are new people want to know is it safe for us?? Pls ans experts.

Thank you very much for the info, now I operate in Forex.
I am interested in working with CDFs and these companies (Master Polar and Syon Group) offered me their services.

Master Polar is not a broker. They offer graphs, news and reports elaborated by analysts from Reuters, Bloomberg and other.

Syon Group doesn’t offer Forex trading, they have: CFDs, Futures and Options. They use PO Box as their address in BVI, while also mention a representation office in Panama.

Both companies are not regulated.

Please some reference about http://syongroup.net or http://www.masterpolar.com, I need information from these sites are reliable?.
In any case, where I can find out about them.

I want a broker who can provide ITA40 trading in CFds and the company should be a FSA regulated.

Spread Co Limited – FSA UK #446677

Scread Co is a spread betting and CFD broker, thus doesn’t have reviews on Forex sites. Most likely there should be some feedback online on other sites and forums.

i would like to know about this company Spread co Ltd.UK
is this company FSA regulated?
Do this company have any reviews?

Thank you!

EEA – 529264 – AFX Capital Markets Ltd

We don’t offer A-Z guidance on how to become a broker, since this is a large topic with many regulatory and administrative steps to take (which also differ from country to country) and thus won’t be possible to cover in 1-2 pages, I’m very sorry.
General guidance can be found here: http://www.www.100forexbrokers.com/how-to-become-a-forex-broker

Starting a fully independent brokerage would require a substantial capital and a considerable experience of dealing with investors.
A simpler way, which many new brokers follow & which allows them to learn the specifics of Forex dealing faster is to start as an Introducing Broker (IB) or a White Label (WL) for an existing brokerage company: http://www.www.100forexbrokers.com/ib-vs-whitelabel

While the best source of information about starting a brokerage company is always – at another existing Forex broker, which welcomes IBs and WLs.
Brokers are always happy to provide instructions and step-by-step guidance of how to set up your company as IB of WL with them. You can learn a lot by contacting 2-3 different brokers.

hi,how are you my friend/i wanna start my own company .
how can I open a brokerage company? How can I become regulated?
plz help me in this matter
[email protected]

I’m sorry, I don’t.

Thank you!
Yes, FSA UK #573464 – Tradenext Limited

tradenext is also FSA registered

Ambitmarket.com is a Cyprus based broker.
FSA UK registrar doesn’t show any records for this company.

Ask a broker to provide FSA UK register number, then enter it here to verify:

is Ambitmarket.com FSA regulated Broker ?

write a complaint to fsa.

my broker is not returning back my money not even small withdrawal .not answering my calls,my emails,or live chat if they saw my name (i,v try to talk in another name and worked perfectly twice but hang up directly after identify my self )
they are under FSA authorities
what i have to do

Dear Luis,

at 100forexbrokers we can’t be bias and/or show preferences towards any broker. This would be against our policies.
But yes, we can give you maximum information & provide search tools, so that you can select brokers with more confidence.

Unfortunately, binary options is not our subject. We don’t do research on binary options brokers, sorry.

Your steps to selecting a broker would be:

1. Using the search find brokers who offer AlertPay deposit option & are regulated:

– select Regulation: is regulated
– select Deposit method: AlertPay

You’ll receive just over 15 matching brokers.

2. Consider the age of the company. Older companies are naturally going to outscore newer ones. Serving trades for a number of years & having more experience is a valuable commodity, compared to new brokers with fewer clients and less experience.

3. Consider the country of registration & regulatory authorities. Offshore regulators can’t compete with strict regulators of other countries. For example, UK, US, Australian regulators would be significantly better than any offshore regulators.

4. Check broker contact details & phones. Make a call to evaluate the support service.

5. Finally read reviews on all and any review sites you can find.

6. Open a demo account with a selected broker (of a few selected brokers) & make sure you’re comfortable with their platform& trading conditions.


I have never used forex sites before, but some time ago, i started to feel curiosity, and started to read ebooks about forex and learned some graphic analisys.

Now i would like to start to use with real money, but the thing is that i can’t choose what is the more appropriate site to a beginner (cheapest), and worse than that, one that i trust and feel safe about my money.

I heard a lot about scam sites, and i do not want to loose my money in one of those schemes, but i do not know how to proceed to find one honest forex site.

I have searched for payment proofs of sites that use AlertPay (the payment processor i would like to use) but i do not find any recent… Only proofs with more than 2 years.

So, what i would like you to help me, is to inform me, which sites you think that are regulated, and honest/pay users.
I do not know if this makes any diference, but i am from Portugal, i was planning to start with no more than $200 (a litle less, if possible), and i would like to use AlertPay payment processor, but if not possible, bank transfer is one other option that i can use (but i rather prefer AP).

If you could help me, and inform me about this, or if this is too much specific for you to lookup, if you could at least inform which forex sites are honest, and/or how should i proceed to verify if a site is regulated (and therefor honest, i think… Am i wrong?) i would be very greatfull to you.

I also have another question, about binary options… Are these also regulated, or this is a complete scam? (as i do not know if this is the correct designation, i will join here 3 examples so you can see for yourself:
Are these sites honest or complelty scams?)

Please, help me because i am unemployed and i need one income, but can not afford to loose money on scam schemes… (Teach-me how to verify / detect one honest site, or inform me about that, with a list of sites)

Please, apologise my bad English, and try to answer with easy english, so i can fully understand you.

Waiting your reply

(My really) Best Regards


FXCM UK is a UK broker. There is no problem, however, accepting US dollars. Bank account in the US I think shouldn’t be a problem, though you should seek a legal advice.

in fxcm uk, deposit for USD account to bank of america, is FSA rule?

how a rule about deposit accros country like that?

what a rule fsa for deposit outsite uk?

The FSA Mixmim compensation is 50,000 pounds if someone lose more than 50000 pound that will be his own loss

Thank you!
Tradenext added. Spread Co doesn’t offer Forex trading, only CFD and spread betting.

spread co limited also a FSA registered broker.thanks

this FSA uk registered broker listed them

Here, they have a button for online chat support:

Hello broker guru !!!
how to contact MB trading UK customer care service (mb trading USA) through live chat ?
I want to know along with Forex do they have spot metals or Cfds for trading ?

thank you

FSA #528328 – MBT Financial UK Limited (http://www.mbtrading.co.uk)

Please inform me the FSA number for MB Trading UK?
Thank you

Sorry, I don’t have such information about fx options brokers.

can u tell me FSA broker who offers fx options with least spreads?




EMAIL: [email protected]

Thank you!

trading point is also fsa authorized.

thank budy

Thank you!
CFH Markets offers only business solutions. They don’t provide FX trading services to retail clients.

chf markets are in London

Yes, that’s right.
ECMarkets (FSA UK #507880 – Safecap Investments Limited).
Will be listed. Thank you!

Dear Broker Guru

I found the ECMarkets.com was FSA forex broker in their website, is that true ?


Pure FX Ltd was not found in the FSA UK register. What is your registration ID# please?

I work for an FSA authorised broker – http://www.purefx.co.uk

To check if a broker is registered with FSA UK, please follow this link:

To fidn out whether a broker is registered at all:
1. Explore their site, in particular “About us”, “Regulation” and “FAQ” page.
2. Ask a broker directly.

I am not understnding that all the forex trading brokers advertising on net are fake or not. how to check they are registered.

Yes, in fact Admiral Markets is registered with FSA UK (#504672). Thank you!
FBS is not regulated by FSA UK.

Is FBS registered with FSA ?

Please, I want to know is Admiral Market registered with FSA ?

Listed. Thank you!

Valbury Capital Limited

The best regulatory environment is undoubtedly the United Kingdom. I’ve been trading with quite a few FSA regulated brokers. I now have MT4 accounts with Alpari, FXCM and DF Markets. I am impressed with the execution of DF Markets MT4 (http://www.dfmarkets.co.uk). If you think I am bugging you, try it for yourself and let me know what you think about them.
Have many profitable trades!

Thank you atta ur rehman!

@trader: sorry, we can’t suggest/recommend any brokers. Our goal is to provide information, so that traders can make own choice.

what are the best regulated forex brokers ?

may God bless all of you good people for helping the beginners for choice to work with a real fx broker.

with respect and thanks

atta ur rehman

SVSFX has been listed. Thank you!
About FSA rules for professionals regarding EA usage – haven’t heard of that, sorry.
DFmarkets.co.uk – listed. Thank you!

That’s a good point Nick. Thank you, will work on the listing to add further details.

BrokerGuru – no offence but your list with UK regulated brokers is misleading. Most of the brokers in your list have only registered with FSA as EEA authorized firms to provide cross border services to UK citizens according to MIFID. It doesn’t mean they are FSA regulated, they are just registered with FSA. All FSA regulated firms must have approved persons in the FSA Register to be able to serve clients. So it is better to check on the Register by clicking “individuals” how many of your list have APs (approved persons)



I have found recently a new UK regulated forex broker: DFmarkets.co.uk
They offer MT4 platform. You can add them to your list.

Hello, does anyone know about a FSA rule that only profwessional traders can trade with Autoamtic Trading Systems?

SVSFX is FSA broker

No, they are not.
Masterforex is a Russian based company, currently not regulated.

Are Masterforex regulated by FSA or NFA?

Listed. Thank you!

http://www.fxcc.com/ FSA:549790
FX Central Clearing Ltd

Thank you for the feedback, Alex.
You may want to leave a review at the Finexo reviews page:

from alex
stay away from finexo, they just pay me back on deposit, not the profit. it is real stuff buddy!!!

I’m very sorry, we don’t have such detailed information.

asking broker have regulated fsa or nfa have hangseng indices in there metatrader…thanks

Hi, im doing a research on Forex Brokers, Forex Suppliers. So i need the list of 200 Forex Brokers in USA. Plz send the list to [email protected]

Can i get the list of (400) Forex Traders, Forex Brokers, Forex Suppliers and Forex Companies In European Countries

UFXBank is a regular Forex broker (not a bank, which some traders can mistakenly assume).
UFXBank broker is not registered with FSA UK. This is a non-regulated broker based in Cyprus.

FOREXYARD is regulated by FSA UK (company name – SafeCap Investments Ltd.)

COUNTRY Autoridad Reguladora
united kingdom Financial Services Authority ( FSA )
is not regulated?

UGXBANK company , is it legaly

Kerford Investments – registered with FSA UK.
We haven’t had reviews/feedback about trading with this brokers yet.

what about Kerford Investments (Uk) Ltd to trade forex?

Which is an honest and trustworthy forex broker in the UK?

Heard a lot of Bad reviews about FXCM, although their demo account was showing good profits for me. But now I’m very wary about their business.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to verify, since FSA UK doesn’t provide information about companies that are pending
Youtrade FX has FSC Mauritius licence.
However, according to the information at the bottom of their website, quote:
“All clients of “YouTrade” are initially assigned to YouTrade Holdings Limited.” That’s a UK entity, which is not regulated at the moment.

Hi, im doing a research on YouTrade Fx. They´re regulated by FSA Mauritius, and it seems that FSA UK regulation is in process. Is there a way i could check it out? Can you help me?

FIRMA Foreign Exchange doesn’t seem to offer Forex trading..

Firma Foreign Exchange

Forexmax Ltd – FSA UK regulated company – ID:229906

ForexMax focuses on providing managed account services, while for individual investors ForexMax acts as an Introducing broker (FXCM, Alpari and other).

I am asking about forexmax broker UK is register with FSA please reply me ASAP.my email is [email protected]

A segregated account means that client funds are kept separate from company funds, and separate from main company accounts as well. As a rule, a broker would keep client funds in one joint account (under broker’s name), which a broker can access only for the purposes of facilitating trading activities for his clients. A broker cannot use client funds for own business needs and purposes including facilitation of own risks, expenses and obligations.
In case a broker files for a bankruptcy, the funds on the segregated account remain untouched and will be returned to clients following all rules and procedures defined by the regulator in each country. A regulator will also ensure that a broker follows the rules about proper segregation of client funds at any time.

Hi BG,

I would like know more about “client funds separate from company funds” means?

Is it means fund are deposited into different bank account’s name of the original company? or the activities of the fund is control by the regulator? or just a different account only with no restrictions that the company still can use the fund freely?

Thank You!

Masterforex is not regulated by FSA UK. The broker has offices in Cyprus and Russia, but it’s not regulated in those countries either.

is master forex registered?

when you publish a comment atleast show the country of that person who write the comment,it will be helpful for new babies like me forex information

How do I find if Admiral Markets is a registred fx broker? Thank you

Listed. Thank you!

gain capital group, raso kad regliuojamas 5 finansiniu paslaugu reguliavimo tarnybu

Gain Capital Group, says that regliuojamas 5 Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Authorized by FSA = Regulated by FSA, it’s the same in terms of rules and regulations that apply to the company, which has a registry number # with FSA UK.

If you file a complaint against a FSA regulated company (regardless company’s primary location/registration), you should expect the same level of response and resolution regarding your case.


May I know what is the different of Authorised by FSA of UK and Regulated by FSA of UK?
For example trading point are Authorised by FSA of UK but their company not UK based but at Cyprus, I wonder if got any complain, FSA UK have the authorization over different country? or it’ll be complicated on any execution of the law? seen the company not at UK.

Thank You!

Thank you!
By the way, where can I find the link to trading specifications, account opening forms etc.

This feature is available at our CyberSearch: Forex brokers comparison

Choose parameters:

– Regulation: “NFA” or “FSA”.
– Mini-account: “$0 – $100”

Could you list , nfa or fsa registered broker and ndd and deposit is less than 50

i want to know about instaforex

I don’t know.
It’s a BVI company, so they don’t require FSa regulation in UK.

has marketiva ever been regulated by FSA?

Yes, all clients of the FSA regulated companies are covered. USD or GBP – any investment.

Dear BrokerGuru,

Please answer my question. I would like to know if the compensation scheme also covers clients who have their funds in USD currency (not in GBP) in a broker that is regulated by FSA. Your immediate answer is really appreciated. Thank you for your kindness BrokerGuru.

Will FSA also cover clients who have invested their funds in USD (not in GBP) in an FSA-regulated forex broker?

MySmartFX is a BVI company, not regulated by FSA UK.

how about broker Mysmartfx…….they have branch at Indonesia?

True, Spreadex is registered with FSA UK, however, they are a spread betting company, while we create listing for conventional Forex brokers. Thank you anyway, we might use this information for future listings!


Spreadex Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Spread betting carries a high level of risk to your capital and can result in losses larger than your initial stake/deposit. It may not be suitable for everyone so please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Good day,
If the broker goes bankrupt you’ll receive:
100% the first £30,000 + 90% of the next £20,000, but no more than £48,000 in total according to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Regular withdrawals is the best you can do in this situation. Don’t let it accumulate too much.

Good day
Broker Guru

For example, if i deposit £30K to FSA broker and make a profit by trading till £3M.
** Will i receive my total net worth balance (£3M) when broker bankrupt? or just receive my first deposit (£30K)?

Best regards,

To all Forex Trader,

If you like to open an account with NFA USA regulated Broker, take this once: http://www.ibfx.com

If you like to open an account with FSA UK regulated Broker, take this once: http://www.alpari.co.uk


Thank you.
Ava FX’s business is registered in British Virgin Islands (BVI), so the broker should rather seek regulation from FSC of BVI, not FSA UK.
Regarding ranks, I don’t know, I don’t rank brokers.

Dear Sir,
I found this site very useful.Can u answer me why Avafx is not registered in FSA.Should we assume it a low ranked cfd broker?

kerford uk is fsa registered forex broker since 2002

FXCentral is not registered with FSA UK.
FXCENTRAL is regulated by the DIFC in Dubai, the NZ office has got NZX Options regulation. Also the company is in the process of obtaining a regulation from NFA (status pending).

what abt fxcentral

We don’t list spread betting companies at the moment, unless they also offer Forex trading, thank you.

Alpha Markets Spreads are not on your list as FSA registered spread betting provider.

iFOREX – #511729

what is fsa nummer for iforex.com? fsa.co.uk ?

onecfd seems to be crap. they are not regulated.

FSA UK id#: 477418 – FXPRO Financial Services Limited

I have seen Fxpro (FxPro Financial Services Ltd ) under “the list of FSA UK registered brokers” in your website.
FxPro Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by only CySEC (licence no. 078/07).
It is false news that is Fxpro is under the list of FSA UK registered brokers.
If it is correct, can you please send me FSA UK registeration no. of Fxpro to my mail kmohan852()gmail.com.
Reply urgent.

All lists are updated regularly.

It would be useful to note when this list was last updated as there is always a chance it is missing one of the new players.

Rob @ Online CFD Trading

Hi Riyaz,

Thank you for the information about broker re-branding.
Regarding recommendations, I can’t give any, for any broker, I’m sorry, but it’s the policy of the website.
We collect facts and give your the tools to compare brokers, but we always remain unbiased and don’t provide any reviews or suggestions.

GFC Markets changes its brand name to Markets.com
Is this broker reliable to trade.I want to invest through this company.kindly assist me.

A regulated broker is always a more secure choice, because you can complain to its regulator should the things go wrong.

The regulatory environment doesn’t revolve around NFA and FSA UK. Every country has own Forex regulators.
Take Dukascopy, for example. A broker with a long and successful reputation, located in Switzerland and regulated by Swiss regulatory bodies.

The regulation has nothing to do with broker’s dealing model, however. A regulated broker can run a dealing desk and take trades against clients’ positions or be an ECN/STP.

There are trusted brokers among Market makers as well as among ECN/STP, but in every case, a regulated broker is a more secure choice.

FSA and NFA registered that do not something to me but they are trusted? they are against traders? they use dealing desk to pick pocket of individual traders?
Please suggest at least one trusted proven Forex Broker from allover the world?
thanks. your Leo

I’ve found the FSA register for iFOREX. Thank you.
eToro is not registered with FSA UK. Their affiliates may do, however.

eToro and iFOREX are dealing desk brokers. If you have any facts that say otherwise, please kindly point out. Thank you.

iforex and etoro
both regulated by fsa they are non dealing desk broker

ICA carries out an educational mission only. They educate and train on the subjects of: Anti Money Laundering, Compliance, Financial Crime Prevention. ICA doesn’t, however, do any regulatory/supervisory work.

A broker can receive an ICA certificate or a diploma after completing the training, but it’ll have nothing to do with the regulatory status of a broker.

Hey Is ICA (International Compliance Association), :” http://www.int-comp.org/ “,
which is endorsed by BBA (British Bankers Association): ” http://www.bba.org.uk/about-us “, have infulence in regulating the forex brokerage companies in uk and internationally ? and if so how much safety does it give a forex broker with such endorsement membership have with such an affiliation ?

That’s right. They are registered with FSA UK.
Thank you!

How about Atlas eForex, it has claimed to have registered with FSA?

I wan’t able to find IFC Limited at FSA UK register.
What is their FSA number?

(On their regulation page: http://www.ifctrading.com/regulations.php#top), the broker provides registration number for IFSC in Belize (91719), but then even on IFSC site I wasn’t able to locate IFC broker, sorry.

the broker is

this broker has FSA regulation number i want to know thus really this broker regulted with FSA

FxPro is regulated by both: FSA UK and CySEC.

As for Azurite Markets – I don’t see any $100 free account offers on their site, only 10% bonus. Can you guide?

I think FXPro is not regulated by FSA. They regulated by CySeC.

http://www.azuritemarkets.com offers free $100 trading accounts, I believe they are in the above. A good way to test their services.

HuproFX is not regulated.
I would also recommend to review the discussion topic about HuproFX on other sites

hi, I am new to forex, lately I attended one of the forex preview and was introduce to this plateform – huprofx.com base d in uk. I try to check the back ground of this platform in FSA UK. However, I am not able to find any info in FAS UK. So, is this broker regulated in FAS UK? Is this platfrom trusted?

Can someone be kind to share the info about this platform?


Edmund Sin

AFA FX is not regulated by FSA UK.
The broker is regulated by the http://registers.financialregulator.ie/FirmRegisterDataPage.aspx?firmReferenceNumber=C53877&register=32&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1Irish Financial Regulator – License Number C53877

is avafx is regulated under fsa,pl tell us

Seems like you’re on the right page already…
Also you can use our Advanced broker search to learn more about FSA brokers.

i need to get information and list about those broker who is regulated by FSA.

Thank you!

Plus500 UK, is also FSA regulated broker:

Our Advanced Search would certainly help you with that:
Forex brokers comparison

Hi, I’m looking for an FSA registered broker that using GMT +1 as their server time (GMT +2 when on Daylight Saving Time) and MT4 platform for sure. Thanks..

Welthcare I can’t confirm yet.
FXPro is regulated with FSA.
Oanda is not.

FXPRO is not regulate by FSA

How about OANDA? OANDA is regulated by NFA and adopt NDD execution.


Yes, Spread Co is registered with FSA UK.

is spreadco.com has an FSA register

The 48K coverage for clients of FSA regulated broker applies regardless the trading platform.
Currenex is a trading platform. A broker can offer any trading platform, including Currenex (which is btw, the most advanced one).

can someone explain the whole Currenex thing…if a broker offers this connection and are FAS members…is it still covered for the 48K etc…anything anyone can expand on Currenex would be great.
Thanks for the great site

Thank you, I’ll check both.


Hi BG,

Here another FSA broker & STP/ECN maybe…


Thank you!
Tadawul FX has been added to the FSA brokers list.

Tadawul FX Ltd is added to the FSA listing # 516667

it is easy to find out from reviews and live trading live with a mini account.
To me the fact that they are regulated with FSA is a proof of a clear dealing scheme. They should be ok.


Does anyone know if DeltaStock is a reliale broker?

I highly recommend One Financial http://www.onecfd.com their FX and CFD ofering is superb, I predict they will be over taking the big boys this year

Hi BG,

For example, if i deposit £30K to FSA broker and make a profit by trading till £3M.

** Will i receive my total net worth balance (£3M) when broker bankrupt? or just receive my first deposit (£30K)?


Thank you,

Raphaels Bank is added to the FSA listing.
They have, however, an old FSA registration number on their website, which seems to be no longer valid. Instead there is a new one to list.

Raphaels Bank offer a fantastic service for CFX, FSA Reg

I haven’t met such info.
The only way is to use their Search if you want to check a broker: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/home.do

The NFA Regulated companies have their financial info in net like this


question – is the same info available for FSA Regulated brokers?

you can hedge @ One Financial http://www.onecfd.com/

InvestTechFx.com Review
Overall Rating: (2.050) investtech fx | investtechfx.com reviews and ratings from Forex Peace Army
Total Reviews: 27
Last Updated: 2010-01-01
Special Notes:
WARNING: 2009-12-17. The FPA has received a number of complaints about traders having withdrawal issues from InvestTechFx. The FPA has tried to contact investtech about this issue, and is only now getting limited responses.

We advise extreme caution dealing with this company until these issues can be resolved. We recommend against placing any money with a broker when there are questions about if you will be able to withdraw it.

These brokers are:

CMS Forex
Finotec Trading
FX Solutions
GFT – Global Forex Trading

to be able to hedge and avoid FIFO rule, you would need to open an account with their UK branch.

Can you help with the list, US Brokers that also FSA member ? ( that allow hedging & non FIFO rule ?)

Thank you!
Listed them.

Forex Capital Markets Ltd. FSA #217689

Yes, CFDs broker.
Thank you.

Update: One Financial already offers Forex.

One financial – http://www.onecfd.com