NZD/USD - Rate, Chart, Analysis & News

NZD/USD is a Forex ticker that represents the price it will cost you in United States Dollars to buy 1 NZD. FX currencies are shortened to three-letter abbreviations for ease and are called ISO codes. The Forex market trades in these currency pairs and have a quote structure of Base/Quote (NZD/USD).

The live NZD/USD rate is shown below in an interactive chart that you can use for technical analysis. Our real-time news and analysis will keep you up to date with factors affecting the price movements of NZD/USD, both fundamental and technical.

NZD/USD Currency Chart

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NZD/USD Explained

The NZD/USD currency pair represents the pairing of the currencies for 2 global powerhouses , the New Zealand Dollar, against the US Dollar. The value of this currency pair is based on how the price of the USD compares to 1 NZD.

This is one of the more popular currency pairings for those looking to get exposure into the APAC and US markets as a whole.

What influences price of NZD/USD

Both nations occupy a significant role within the global economy, as a result there are internal/external factors which could influence price movements. These include factors related to general production or output. These come in the form of rate decisions by the RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) and FED (US Federal Reserve )respectively, to GDP numbers, Unemployment rates, retail sales etc. Depending on the data we will traditionally see the USD weaken or strengthen against NZD. News which is positive for NZD may see a weaker USD and negative news or data for NZD will see USD rise on the base currency.

The biggest such example of a significant move in NZD/USD trading in 2019 came when we saw USD move from $0.67 in June to $0.61 in September.

This run was caused US and China Trade war tensions, and also rate cuts from both nations.


What is the best broker to trade the NZD/USD pair?

There are many online brokers that support day trading of the NZD/USD pair. We are constantly evaluating new and existing brokers to recommend the most reliable ones. For more information, you can go to our page that reviews and compares the best Forex brokers to learn more about the different platforms where you can trade NZD/USD.

When I trade the NZD/USD pair will I own the actual currency?

No. CFDs allow you to speculate on rises and falls in the currency pair without having physical ownership. With CFDs, you only have to put in a fraction of the market value of the underlying asset when making a trade. Unlike investing, when you trade CFDs, you are not buying or trading the underlying asset. What you are buying/selling is a contract between yourself and the CFD provider.

How to trade the NZD/USD pair?

Trading the NZD/USD pair is connected to a lot of volatility in price movements, which can often be sharp and unexpected. This pair is ever changing due to the various factors which influence it. As a result of this, it is necessary to have a large level of margin in the event you have errors in entering a position in times of volatility. Traders should also consider where they place stop losses to avoid quick and big losses should the markets go against them, and take profits, to secure gains from winning trades.