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Advertising opportunities and pricing for the period:

January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

100Forexbrokers.com is a high quality website with unmatched broker comparison capabilities!

We have wide and highly targeted audience: from beginners looking for their first Forex broker to experienced investors who come to compare and choose their next broker.
We're proud to offer a one of its kind Advanced Broker Search, which allows selecting and comparing brokers in just a few clicks.

With us many traders have found their brokers! With us you can be sure about the quality of your targeted audience.

Site-wide advertising / 1 month

- banners are shown site-wide, across all web pages, including the Home page
- banners are not rotated with other ads
Ad spot number Banner size Monthly rate Next available date
#1 728x90 $2950/month Sold out for 2017
#2 600x90 $2700/month Sold out for 2017
#3 250x250 $2550/month Sold out for 2017
#4+5 250x500 $2200/month Available now
#6 728x90 $1460/month Available dates:
April 1-30, 2017
November 1, 2017 - onward
#7 250x250 $2550/month Sold out for 2017
#8+9 250x500 $2200/month Available now
#10 250x500 $1800/month Available now
#11 250x500 $1800/month Available now
Broker SyberSearch
header position at 4 pages only
728x90 $1550/month Sold out for 2017
"Broker of the week"
home page only
Text block + logo on the Home page $333/week Available dates:
available now - till April 30, 2017
November 1, 2017 - onward
Featured #1, 2, 3 top listing Top of the brokers list site-wide $2280 - $3880/month #1 - sold out for 2017
#2 - July 1, 2017
#3 - July 1, 2017
Re-marketing (Google ads) Google tracking code site-wide $2800/month Available now
Your exclusive Analytics on our site Can be paired with a sidebar banner free Open

Accepted payment method: Bank wire.

Terms of advertising:

100forexbrokers.com works directly with clients. We do not sell advertising through third parties.

100forexbrokers.com guarantees fixed prices and availability of the purchased advertising spots for the period prepaid by Advertisers.

Advertisers agree to submit creative materials for approval and also grant permission to 100forexbrokers.com to use these materials on its pages as an instrument of representing Advertisers online during the term of their advertising campaigns.

100forexbrokers.com reserves the right to accept or reject creative materials based on their quality and appropriateness.

Advertisers assume full liability and responsibility for all advertising materials provided, such as text, images, photos, logos and/or any other kind of advertising instruments.

In order to start advertising at 100forexbrokers.com:

Send us an email at [email protected]

In your email please indicate:
- preferred start/end date of the advertising campaign;
- preferred ad spot(s);
- attach creative materials (if ready).

Once your advertisement details are confirmed, a web spot will be reserved for you with the priority of purchasing during the next week.

Regarding any questions please contact us at: [email protected]

Forex advertisement spot: 728x90

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