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Top 10 Forex brokers (Alexa rank)

Top 10 Forex brokers by Alexa

Alexa ranks websites by their visitors traffic. More visitors – better Alexa rank.
Alexa is not affiliated with any Forex brokers, so this ranking is fully unbiased.
It might not answer the question whether those brokers have most clients, but it gives an idea about most popular Forex brokers.

Top 10 Forex brokers (by Alexa)

2. Dukascopy Bank
3. Saxo Bank
4. easy-forex
6. IFC Markets
7. Windsor Brokers
8. GCI Trading
9. GAIN Capital
10. Dif Broker

Forex brokers just behind Top 10

11. DeltaStock
12. ForexYard
13. CMS Forex