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Forex Demo Contests & Competitions

ForexBall Trading Competition

Forex demo trading competition

In 2009 there will be two seasons of demo competition. Competitions are conducted in each of 6 geographical regions with winners determined in each region.

Rating Prize
1st $1000
2nd $500
3rd $300
4th $100
5th $100

The final round of the ForexBall competition will be carried out in the end of the year, 1st prize – $5000.

More details at Admiral Markets Forex Demo contest

Russian Roulette

Forex demo contest Russian Roulette lasts for 24 hours. Check the schedule on the broker’s website.
Register and go ahead, try to earn more than your competitors within 24 hours. Automatic trading systems are prohibited.

Cyber Trade

Forex demo contest Cyber Trade is a new unique contest for traders developing their own Mechanical Trading Systems.
Duration of the contest is 13 months. Selective rounds will be conducted from 2009 March to 2010 February and the results will determine 12 winners. Check the schedule on the broker’s website.

Winner is the one who gained maximum balance by the end of competition. The prize is $1000 and commemorative mug of Broco.

More details at Broco Demo trading contests

Formula Forex Contest

Each month Forex DEMO account traders can try their skills in the DeltaStock contest.
Top 3 contestants with a maximum account balance at the end of each month win bonuses as follows:

First Place: 1000 Euro
Second Place: 500 Euro
Third Place: 300 Euro

The contest winners will be entitled to receive their prize only if they open a live Delta Trading account and their initial deposit is at least 1000 Euro (or a current account balance of at least 1000 Euro for existing clients).
Winners are awarded bonuses, should they open Live Trading Accounts later on.

More details at DeltaStock Forex Demo contest

Win a Free $100 Trading Account

Open a Demo or Real Verified Trader account and you are immediately eligible to win a free $100 trading account. This money is immediately credited to a real trading account.

More details at FinOdds Demo contest

Forex Cup

The contest will run for one calendar month. The contest begins if the quantity of competitors is at least 1000 persons.
Ask FXOpen for details.
$1000 for 1st place
$500 for 2nd place
$300 for 3rd place

More details at FXOpen Demo contest

GTL Traders Challenge

Chance to win $500 USD to $1500 USD credit to begin live trading.

forex free demo contest

No cost to enter. No commission. No hidden charges
Contestants can start trading immediately on registration.
Results evaluated based on trading activity over 30-day duration.

More details at GTL Trading Demo contest

Weekly Demo Contest

The contest is held every week. The rules are simple: register providing name, country and email and receive a number for your account. Come an trade for the week and try to increase your capital as much as you can during a competition session.
The winner will be a contestant with the highest equity by the end of the week.

Winner prize is $100 which can be out on real account or withdrawn.

More details at High Street Networking Forex Demo contest

Forex Demo Contest

Participants trade demo accounts for 1 month. The trader who gained the greatest balance will be determined the winner who won the first place. The same criteria will be applied to determine the winners who won 2nd – 25th places.

Cash Awards
* 1st place: $2000
* 2d place: $1500
* 3d place: $1000
* 4th place: $800
* 5th place: $700
* 6th — 10th places: $400
* 11th — 25th places: $100
* Company’s Special Prize: $500 will be awarded to the trader for profitable trading based on the strategies of minimum risk.

More details at IFC Markets Forex Demo contest

InstaForex Great Place

Forex demo contest

The contest is held once a month. Prize fund of the Contest “InstaForex Great Race” is 46400 USD.
The Contest consists of 4 steps and the final.

The line of prizes for the first four steps of the Contest is the following:

* 1 prize – 3000 USD
* 2 prize – 2000 USD
* 3 prize – 1000 USD
* 4 prize – 750 USD
* 5 prize – 500 USD
* 6 prize – 250 USD
* 7 – 11 prize – 100 USD + Number of bonus points.

The FINAL is held at the end with the first prize of 5000 USD.

More details at InstaForex Forex Demo contest

Weekly Demo Contest

Trader need to register a new demo account (using special form). Then trade during the week from Monday to Friday and try to increase the balance to the best extent.
On Friday evening all accounts will be locked. 10 top accounts win.

1. $100
2. $50
3. $25
4-10. $5
master forex demo contest prizes

Bonus is given to the real trading account cannot be withdrawn.

More details at Master Forex Demo contest

Ultimate Demo Contest

Contest is held each month.
A fee of $44.95 is required to enter monthly contest.
Or a fee of $500 can be paid upfront for yearly contest. Every months a trader will have a choice to either continue contest participation, where the monthly cost of $41.67 will be applied from the initial $500 paid upfront, or stop contest participation and transfer remaining funds to the live account.

Wins a contestant with the highest account equity by the end of the contest month. In case winner”s account equity equals to 5x the beginning equity or more, he/she will receive credit of $3000 on a live trading account. With account equity less than 5x the beginning equity a winner will receive a credit of $1500 on a live trading account.

More details at MG Forex Demo contest


FXContest form Oanda allows traders to hold their own trading contests between friends and rivals – without any limitations. Great place to compare own trading skills against other contestants!

There are lots of trading contests to choose from.
Prizes and/or other rewards are defined by organizers.

More details at OANDA Demo contests

14th Contest

Contest registration: from 23.03.2009 12:00 (GMT+1) – till 03.04.2009 17:00 (GMT+1)

Contest period: from 06.04.2009 00:00 (GMT+1) – till 17.04.2009 23:59 (GMT+1)


1st place $1000
2nd place $500
3rd place $300
4th place $100
5th place $100

More details at Real Trade Demo contest

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