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The Best Forex Signal Providers in 2021

The best forex signal provider in 2021 depends on what the investor expects from the service provider. Many traders find it challenging to find a reliable signal providing company that can provide trading ideas with maximum profitability. 

In this article we will therefore guide you in choosing the best forex signal providers in 2021 and provide you with a list of reliable companies.

Our List of the Best Forex Signal Providers

Signal providers provide an exact buying and selling position for a trading instrument, enabling investors to make money by following it.

The main risk when choosing a signal provider is that it might not be regulated. Therefore, there is a risk of getting scammed. So we recommend that you stick to our recommended signal providers to have the maximum benefit of this trading strategy while minimizing the risk.

Here is the list of best forex signal providers:

Min. Deposit
User Score
Over $15 mlllion in assets
3,200 traders within our community
Join a growing family/community of traders from around the world
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Payment Methods:
Credit Card, Debit Card, Mastercard, PayPal
Full Regulations:
Pips Alert is neither a subsidiary of, affiliates with, not otherwise associated with any broker
Min. Deposit
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Ready to answer your questions or solve your problems 24/7
Manage your risks by setting up a Stop Loss to exit the position if the trade has gone against your strategy
TradeSanta is a cloud-based software designed to automate your cryptocurrency trading strategy and to make trading accessible to anyone.
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Payment Methods:
Credit Card, Debit Card
Full Regulations:

What Are Forex Signal Providers?

Forex signals or forex alert is a notification that includes an exact entry price, entry type, stop loss, and take profit level.

These signals are provided by an expert team or specialized company with or without a fee. Moreover, some signal provider companies include market analysis with the signal to learn how to trade with it. A signal provider’s main aim is to keep new traders profitable until they can profit themselves.

Usually, signal providers have a team of professionals who are chartered in this sector, with a lot of experience. They do extensive market research based on technical or fundamental analysis before providing signals. Therefore, if you are a new trader and want to learn more about trading, using signals from a reliable source would be a good option.

Signal providers often provide live entry that investors can rely on. Moreover, some signal providers show trading history and results to catch investors’ attention.

How Does Forex Signal Providers Work?

Forex signal providers do extensive market research based on technical or fundamental analysis and send signals through instant messaging.

In fundamental analysis of signals you get a short summary of recent economic events of a currency pair with a price recommendation. Fundamental events directly correlate with the price change, so taking signals through fundamental analysis may help you learn fundamental analysis besides earning money.

There is another signal providing method known as technical analysis. It is the most common method in signal providing as it is very effective and does not require any financial knowledge. The technical analysis is a process to anticipate a currency pair’s price based on its past activity.

Therefore, technical signal providers provide charts and a short description explaining the reasons behind taking the trade.

Most signal providers send signals based on the swing trading method so that investors get some time to decide whether they want to enter the trade or not. Furthermore, the more advanced signal provider trades intraday, usually during London and New York trading sessions.

After generating the signals, they provide it through instant messaging service, like Telegram, Whatsapp, Messenger, email, or text message.

Key Features to Look for in Forex Signal Providers

There are many signal-providing teams and companies in the world, but not all of them are legit. Therefore, investors often feel that it is challenging to find a reliable signal provider. But, you can follow the signal provider based on the availability of some key features as mentioned below:

Free Trial

Free trials allow an investor to get a clue about the service quality without making any payment. Therefore, investors can see the profitability of live signals that may help them to make a good profit.

Track Record

A signal provider with a strong track record is more reliable than a new one. Therefore, always find a signal provider that shows the history for more than 6 months.

Analysis Description

You should compare signal providers and find one who provides signals with a short description. Therefore, you would know the reason behind taking the trades. 

Time Zone

The forex market is open 24/5, but you cannot trade all that time. So, you have to find a signal providing service that matches your local time. 

Pros & Cons of Using Forex Signal Providers


It is the most reliable way to get an expert opinion on a trading instrument.
Signal providers allow you to make money without having trading knowledge.
It is an excellent source of learning forex by observing the chart.
Signal providers often work as a source of portfolio diversification.
Forex signal providers save time by making trades speedy.


It is challenging to find reliable forex signal providers.
Forex signal providers are unregulated.
They often provide automated signals that are not reliable.

How to Choose the Best Forex Signal Providers for Me?

Forex signal providers are handy for a new trader. Therefore, if you are a new trader and want to learn forex besides earning money, it might be the right option.

However, the best forex signal providers depend on your trading goal. If you focus on earning money without giving extra effort, you can choose a service provider with a strong track record and keep the signal procedure short and straightforward.

On the other hand, if you want to learn forex and earn money, you should focus on signal providers who provide trade setups with a description and chart. Therefore, you can read the summary of signals and identify the reason behind taking trades.

Overall, the aim of taking service from a forex signal provider is to earn money, no matter the trading strategy or frequency of signals.

How to Safely Use the Best Forex Signal Providers to Make Money Online Trading?

Forex signal providers do not guarantee any profit for you. You should consider it a trading suggestion and recommendation, but the major trading decision should still come from you. If you don’t know how to trade, you can start with a free trial and then increase the investment gradually. Make sure to follow appropriate money management rules in every signal to get the maximum output. However, the challenging part for the following signals is timing. No one knows when the signal will come, meaning there is a risk of missing trades if you are not online. In that case, you should consult the company regarding the timing and keep yourself available at that time.
- 100FXB Press Team


After the above discussion, we can say that forex signal providers are suitable for those who have a hard time making money from forex trading.

Moreover, you should identify a reliable forex signal provider with a strong track record to whom you can trust. Later on, start trading with a lower deposit and when you get familiar with their service, invest more money in it.

Lastly, a trader’s main aim should be to build a profitable trading strategy and stick to it. Therefore, even if you follow signals, you should focus on learning and building your own trading strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. No, all forex signal providers are not regulated.

  2. The best forex signal providers have a strong track record, with trial facilities.

  3. Yes, you can access forex, stocks, indices, commodities, precious metals, or cryptocurrencies through forex signal providers.

  4. Yes, you have to fill out an account opening form and make payments to gain access to forex signals.

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