China 2016 in Shanghai (18-19 March, 2016)

As the RMB could be considered to join the SDR, FX become a hot topic in into our field of vision once again. What’s more, the RMB has been exporting goods and services at a large amount in the past years, ranked the ninth trading currency in the global FX market. As a result, the rise of RMB will have a profound impact on China, Asia and even the world as a whole.

Amongst such a context, FX Update China 2016 (FUC 2016) will be held during 18-19 March 2016 in Shanghai. The event has been held successfully 3 sessions before and I firmly believe that the current FUC 2016 will appear with more wonderful topics on a larger scale. More than 300 honorable guests varies from 140 companies over 15 countries worldwide will attend the unparalleled FUC 2016. In addition, about 25 eminent global experts in the FX industry will deliver speech in our event.

The hot issues in this summit will include “How do Asian Corporations Weigh the Impact of RMB Devaluation.”, “How to Help Companies to Master Cross-border RMB Business.”, “How to Manage FX Exposure within the Global Risk-management Framework.”, “How to Choose the Right Trading Platform.”, “Customizing FX Strategy to Fit Investors’ Risk and Return Goals.”, “In the future, among the different ways of FX trading, where are the proceeds derived from?” and so on.

FX Update China 2016 will also bring you pre-arranged one-on-one meetings, coffee break, exclusive luncheon, roundtable discussion, as well as gala dinner and FX pioneer awards ceremony, which will provide the event participants with adequate networking sessions.

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