China Forex Investment & Innovation Summit 2016


Although FX trading in China market is still in the grey area, the trading volume continues to grow. Plus with the release of series foreign exchange related policies by China government, FX trading will be legal step by step. And China is seemed as emerging market which lots of oversea companies would like to enter in.

RMB internationalization has made great process over the past five years. With the improvement of international influence and China economy, RMB is gradually used as trading, investing and reserve currency. Volatility has certainly returned to the FX markets over the last few months with the speculation on the Fed rate rise and RMB devaluation impacting upon currencies around the world. How will China overcome the challenges on the way to RMB internationalization and liberalization? And to give us their perspectives of how these global and regional macro-economic trends will affect the FX markets, we are delighted to welcome leading economists and currency strategists to our summit. What’s more, the establishment of Shanghai Free Trade Zone which is recognized as the next offshore hub has made fabulous achievement, and new finance regulations will be published that could promote the opening of capital projects. Offshore markets grows rapidly, and how to balance the development of offshore and onshore market is one of the hot issues for China market.

With regard to this subject, under the tremendous assistance of the Shanghai Government, and global organizations, Conwaysasia will be organizing the China Forex Investment & Innovation Summit 2016(CFIS2016) on Mar. 24th to 25th, 2016, in the city of Shanghai, which is an international metropolis and the financial center of China. The summit is aimed at offering you an optimal platform to discuss the trend of China’s foreign exchange market and to enhance the value of the industry chain and to promote the cooperation of all subdivided parts from brokers, traders, liquidity providers, banks, platforms etc.

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