Forex brokers with minimum Stop & Limit order distance requirement

There are Forex brokers who require certain minimum distance for trading stops & limit orders to be met when trading.

In simple words, to a trader this translates into a requirement to place stops on each trading position no closer than the X amount of pips from the entry point, or from the current price if they modify an already open position.

Not to be mistaken for the default minimum distance limits anchored to Bid-Ask prices by all trading platforms to allow any trading at all.

It is trader’s job to know about these limits and rules and decide whether to accept the conditions, while we’re going to focus on the facts:

When speaking about brokers, this measure helps them to prevent any system abuse, quote delays abuse etc, as well as stop unwanted scalping activities.

For traders this brings several additional conditions to deal with:

1. When a trader opens a position, the initial spread is paid. When a trader is required to place a stop at a certain minimum distance, he is, basically, asked to bid another X amount of pips which cannot be claimed back.

Should a trade go wrong, a trader will not be able to close a position sooner than after a minimum required distance, meaning that a loss on each unprofitable trade cannot be smaller than X amount of pips.

(When a trade was placed by a mistake, which could happen, the cost of closing such trade will be again no less than X amount of pips).

2. The requirement for a minimum distance for stops & limit orders eliminates any possibility to use scalping tactics effectively.

3. The same requirement can interfere with some EAs, which might not work properly under such conditions.

We’ll be making a list of brokers who use the minimum stop/limit distance rule in Forex.

Please help us create the full list of brokers who’s trading conditions include the requirement for minimum stops/limits.

Forex Time (FXTM) – Limit & Stop levels – 0.5 – 2 pips.

ActivTrades – EURUSD spread 1.6-2 pips, limit order, TP, SL distance – 5 pips minimum away from the current price.

AL Trade – EURUSD spread – 2 pips, limit order distance – 10 pips away from the current price.

Citypoint Trading – Example for EURUSD:
Limit Order Placement 20 pips from current market price
Stop Order Placement 20 pips from current market price

EXNESS – EURUSD – 1.2 pips stop level distance for pending orders.

FBS – EURUSD Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders minimum distance is 2 pips.

Finexo – EURUSD spread 3 pips, stop-limit order distance – 8 pips.

ForexCent – EURUSD stop order distance – 6 pips.

FortFS – Limit & Stop levels – 2 pips Limit, 10 pips Stop.

FXOpen – Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Orders 10 pips or more away from the current price.

FXOptimax – Fixed spread accounts – EURUSD spread 2 pips, stop order distance – 5 pips.

FxPro – For pairs with maximum spread of less than 5 pips the limit must be placed at least 5 pips from the market price.

GO Markets – Pending orders can be placed 2 pips (20 points) away from the current market price.

HotForex – EURUSD limit and stop levels distance – 3 pips.

HY Markets – minimum distance for EURUSD – 4 pips.

MFX Broker – Example for EURUSD:
Limit Order Placement 5 pips from current market price
Stop Order Placement 30 pips from current market price

IFC Markets – Minimum Limit and Stop Order setting range may vary from 1 to 7 spreads from the market price depending on current market’s liquidity.
(1-3 pips on Majors).

MAYZUS – EURUSD Stop Loss minimum distance – 2 pips, Take profit minimum distance – 2 pips from the current market price. The minimum distance vary depending on the account type.

RoboForex – EURUSD limit & stop levels distance – 2 pips.

Saxo Bank – EURUSD Stop Order minimum distance – 20 pips from current market price.

XM – EURUSD Stop Loss minimum distance – 5 pips, Take profit minimum distance – 5 pips from the current market price.

Vantage FX – minimum distance 3 pips for TP/SL from actual price.

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deltastock has a 5pip minimum distance for pending orders.
(i’m with them, at least for now, and i didn’t find it in the list, hence this comment) = 40 points sl. They have variable spread ±0 pips for Zero account but the SL do not change, so it’s always 40 points. You can test it on Demo. It’s a bit frustrating me because they mention publicity that is not correct.

FXOpen has NO limits. Your current information is incorrect

Yes, EXNESS is on the list. Thank you!

EXNESS is qualified because of this

Thank you andru!

Yes, will be added.

I think fortfs is qualified to be put on this list.
They have Limit & Stop Levels
look here:


ThreeTrades: No minimum distance for stop and limit orders. 0 pips.

Thank you!
Happy & healthy New Year to you and your family as well!

Unfortunately, we don’t have such specific list, but normally, you’ll be searching among ECN brokers for that.

Hi BG….and a very happy and prosperous New Year 2013 to you.

I know this is out of topic, but is there a section listing brokers who allow placing “pending order” in between spread?

Thank you and all the best!

Thank you!

Exness has it at 1.2 pips for EURUSD –

Thank you!

Vantage FX: minimum distance 3 pips for TP/SL from actual price.
BrokerGuru, your site is so helpful, thanks a lot, great work!

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figfx big scam…………………………………… has 0 pip for TP, SL, or pending order….

It could be 30 points on the platform, which will be, in fact, equal to 3 pips.
The same it could be shown as 400 points on the platform, which will be equal to 4 pips.
Both you’ll need to confirm with a broker to avoid confusion, but you’re right, 30 pips as well as 400 pips distance is impossible. No trader will ever accept that.

Alpari UK: SL/TP at least 30 pips from market price
Deltastocks: SL/TP varies from 0 to 400 pips from market price
FXCM: No minimum

30 – 400 pips not possible!
3-4 pips – yes.

Thank you!
Though in order to list it, we need to find a reference on broker’s website & quote it.
FxPro is added. For the rest, I can’t find any confirmation.

Admiral market and Fxpro, both EURUSD 5 pips st/tl from current market price

Instaforex and Vantagefx UK both – EURUSD – 3 pips ST/TP from the current market price.

Regards, Indian Carmine.

Thank you!
RoboForex and ForexCent have been added.
We couldn’t find information about stops at FBS, the request has been sent to the broker.

Go Markets and HotForex have been added. Thank you!

Pepperstone will go back to 0 pips soon as they said today in the chat:

“Please wait for a site operator to respond…
Operator Pepperstone Client Support has joined the chat.
Pepperstone Client Support: Welcome to Pepperstone. How may I help you?

##: Hello
is the minimum distance for stops/limits 2 pips?
or 0?

Pepperstone Client Support: Yes 2 at them moment, will be changed to 0 in about 2 weeks time once our server in New York is running”

Stop Level
Forexcent EURUSD 6 pips
Roboforex EURUSD 2 pips

Pepperstone was 0 and changed lately to 2 pips
GoMarkets 2 pips
HotForex 3 pips

That’s a good point.
Though there is a problem – brokers don’t talk about that, don’t write about that much, so most of the time you can’t find/ verify that unless you open a live account.
Possibly with time we’ll be able to collect such information from traders, via a dedicated feedback box.
I’ll keep your suggestion on our list. Thank you!

good job!
and if you already have this category, maybe you should add a list of brokers with freezelevel higher then the spread. What you have here is in fact the distance in pips from the opening price, alongside which you can not touch the order. The freezelevel is the distance in pips from SL or TP alongside you can not touch the order. Some brokers won’t allow you to modify SL, TP, close the order (totally or partially), etc, if it is less then x pips far away from a SL or a TP line. Many bucket shop brokers do that for SL only. Sorry for my English.

On 5 digit platforms:
SL 30 = 3 pips.
It’s fine.

IBFX has stoplevel set to 30 for 5-digit pairs.

PAMM and MAM accounts are accounts for Money Managers who want to manage multiple accounts for his clients.

Multi Account Manager (MAM) – allows a money manager to manage multiple accounts from a single interface.

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) – is a trading account, (type of MAM), which consists of several investors’ accounts and is managed by a Money managers, who trades for all traders and proportionally distributes gains, losses and fees among investors.

Hi, What is MAM/PAMM Accounts??

That’s how it should be. It’s good.

When the distance higher than the spread – then its a broker for this category.

Real Trade Group conditions:

Stop & Limit order distance is the same as the spread value.

For example:
spread for EUR/USD is 1.5 pip, so Limit & Stop levels – 1.5 pips from the current market price
spread for GBP/USD is 2 pips, so Limit & Stop levels – 2 pips from the current market price

ActiveTrades has been added, thank you.
Alpari conditions are Okay: EURUSD spread – 0.5-1.8, Limit & stop levels – 1.8 pips.

i didnt count the exact pips.

but alpari (nz) do require the order not to close to market price

Hi there, ActivTrades have:
-5 pips minimum distance for limit orders (it can be more depending on the currency).
-5 pips minimum distance for take profit and stop loss.

i use brocompany; broco trader mt4 live ;2 pip sl sometimes asian session.changes up to 12 and more when very busy ;and even way more during major. news.this was a problem for my ea;as sometimes not set sl because is market the key is to make sure ea;s can handle.when testing on demo;s you never come across problems like these.

If you want to get over those minimum restrictions you must jump to STP or ECN level. There is no conflict with them as to where you put your stops, limits, etc. Some of the brokers above offer such L2 level.

FXOpen – yes, 10 pips there.
Alpari – no, they require only 2 pips on EURUSD.

FxOpen requires 10 pips away which is still generous comparing to many other brokers.

Alpari requires 20 pips away for example….the list goes on…

Saxo Trader has 20 pip minimum distance for stops but no such requirements for the Limits