Brokers Show – Shanghai (October 22, 2016)

The First Brokers Show will be held in Shanghai, 22nd October, 2016 — professional and one-stop service

With features of attendees’ benefits oriented, professional services and precise positioning, Brokers Show is the first ” VERIFIED” expo in China, whose website is

Due to the unsound Chinese financial system, all financial shows in the financial markets are complex and unordered. The Brokers Show, first held in Shanghai, October 2016, bases on the long-term positive image of FX110.COM, aiming to shape a professional, precise, high-end offline forex trading ecological system as well as to open a brand new Chinese forex trading image with safe and convenient interactive communication.

Contents of Brokers Show

  • Forex Investment Expo
  • Attendees: Forex Brokers, IBs, forex trading experts, EA trade copy firms, payment service providers , forex trading solution providers.
  • Product Release Conference: Unprecedently mysterious product launch
  • Net-Friends Meeting: Thank you for your supporting and affirmation in the last five years. You are the one to protect us from overt and covert attack. You are the motivation to drive us move forward steadily and firmly.

Exhibition time & location
22nd October, 2016
Shanghai, China
The banquet hall on the second floor
Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Avenue, Pudong
Shanghai, China, 200121
Tel: +86 21 5049 1234
Grand Hyatt Shanghai was included in the 2000 Millennium Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Highest Hotel in the World”.


The Advantages
Authoritative: All exhibitors are regulated
Unprecedented: The first ” VERIFIED ” forex expo in China
Guidable: Precise positioning forex industry and efficient customer-business cooperation
International: Gathering the top forex brokers in the world
Professional: Concentrating top organizations of brokers, IBs, forex trading solution providers, EA trade copy firms, payment service providers and other related enterprises.

1. Regulated Forex Brokers
2. IBs
3. Forex Trading Solution Providers
4. Trade Copy Firms
5. Payment Service Providers


  • Brokers Show is one of the most professional and guidable offline forex trading expo in 2016, also it is the purest and high-end investment expo in the world.
  • Brokers Show provides opportunities for exhibitors to exposure their corporate image, expand their comprehensive brand effects, so as to promote their financial products and expand their market share to the utmost.
  • Brokers Show provides IBs with the most abundant brokers resources, the most preferential agent price, visible compare commission, best systematic agent supporting instruction and face to face communication with brokers.
  • Brokers Show provides directly commercial channels among Forex Trading Solution Providers, Trade Copy Firms and Payment Service Providers to Regulated Forex Brokers and Introducing Brokers, and also offers various opportunities to professional forex trading education and systematic forex trading education, moreover, meets investors’ financial investment demand in a interlocking, comprehensive and professional way.
  • It is well-known that domestic forex trading platforms presented uneven in quality in recent years, investors are hard to distinguish the authorised and unauthorised brokers. FX110.COM has been taking the responsibility of clarifying the turbidity of current forex industries to build a GREEN trading environment for investors. Now it already gets better returns.
  • We believe that Brokers Show will bring about a perfect beginning to make the Chinese forex trading more standardizational and international.
  • Brokers Show will invite the top regulated brokers, brand IBs and forex trading experts gather together and provide a precise, high-end and face-to-face netizen meeting to all the attendees. Thank you for your supporting, accompanying and following.


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