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Forex Brokers that allow Scalping

What is scalping?

Scalping - (also known as "snipping", "churning") - is a fast-paced trading style where a trader seeks very small profits (usually 2-5 pips) by repeatedly opening & closing trades, which usually last less than a minute.

Forex broker scalping policies - what to expect?

All Forex brokers allow occasional scalping. If your broker doesn't tolerate even a single quick trade, there must be something wrong with company's way of conducting business. There is no reason to deny a scalping order, even a few of them in a row, since it's normal for a trader to quickly adjust/change positions if he/she no longer believes that a trade is going to do well.

Most of Forex brokers these days will allow regular scalping, non-aggressive style, which means a trader will have long-term trades along with short lived trades once in a while. It shouldn't, however, be assumed that every broker allows regular scalping. Therefore it's traders' responsibility to check broker scalping policies, client agreement and if necessary, chat/call/email to a broker with questions about clarifying scalping policies.

Some Forex brokers will fully allow and welcome scalpers. Such brokers are found among DMA brokers and ECN brokers. You'll also find them with our Forex Brokers Comparison tool, where look for the category "Scalping" and "Yes, scalpers welcome" option.

Forex brokers that allow scalping with no known restrictions:

Compare Scalping Forex brokerscalping forex broker Scalping allowedscalping forex broker Minimumscalping forex broker
Maximumscalping forex broker
Spreadscalping forex broker
Broker typescalping forex broker Regulatedscalping forex broker
FXTM yes$51000:11.3 - 1.5ECN/STP & DMA/STP & STP
eToro yes$2000:13ECN/STP & DMA/STP & STP
XM yes$5888:11Market maker
Stratton Markets$25030:10
24optionyes, scalpers welcome$11000:10.8 - 1.2ECN/STP & DMA/STP & STP
AvaTradeyes$100400:11Market maker
easyMarketsyes, scalpers welcome$25400:11.8Market Maker
TRADE.comyes$250400:12.2ECN/STP & DMA/STP & STP
12Traderyes$50200:13Market makern
1BillionForexyes$5500:11 - 2ECN/STP & STPn
24FXyes$250400:12 - 3STP
4XNetworksyes$11000:12ECN/STP & Market makern
PaxForexyes, scalpers welcome$10500:10.3 - 0.8STP & Market makern
AAFX Tradingyes$1002000:11STPn
AccentForexyes, scalpers welcome$10500:10.5 - 2STPn
ActivTradesyes, scalpers welcome$100400:10.7STP
Adamant Financeyes$1500:10.5 - 2ECN/STPn
Admiral Marketsyes$200500:10 - 0.8ECN/STP & STP
ADS Primeyes£200500:10.7ECN/STP & STP
ADS Securitiesyes$100400:11.6 - 2.4STP & Market maker
Advanced Marketsyes$500000100:10ECN/STP & DMA/STP
AGM Marketsyes$250200:11.3STP
AHMZ TradeFXyes$1200:11STP
AITS FXyes$500100:11.6ECN/STPn
AL Tradeyes$200200:10.5 - 0.8Market makern
Alfa Financialyes$25000100:13STP
Alpariyes$1500:10.3 - 2ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Amendayes, scalpers welcome$500100:10ECN/STP & DMA/STP
Markets.comyes$100300:12ECN/STP & DMA/STP & STP
ArgusFXyes$1500:10.7ECN/STP & STP
AssetsFXyes$200200:10ECN/STP & DMA/STPn
ATC Brokersyes$500050:10.1ECN/STP & STP
ATIORAyes$50100:11.2ECN/STP & DMA/STP & STPn
Atom8yes, scalpers welcome£5000200:10.6ECN/STP & DMA/STP & STP
Axioryyes, scalpers welcome$500500:10.3DMA/STP
Axiory Europeyes, scalpers welcome$1000200:10.9ECN/STP & DMA/STP
AxiTraderyes$1400:10.1 - 0.6ECN/STP & DMA/STP
Back Bay Marketsyes$250400:10.1ECN/STP & STP & Market makern
BANX Tradingyes$1300:10.6ECN/STP & STP & Market makern
BCapitalsFXyes$10400:10.1 - 0.6ECN/STP & STP
BILLION CAPITALSyes, scalpers welcome$501000:11.6 - 2.5ECN/STPn
BlackBull Marketsyes$200500:10.1ECN/STP
Blackwell Globalyes$500400:12.2STP
Blitzbrokersyes, scalpers welcome$100400:11ECN/STP & DMA/STP
Blueberry Marketsyesaud100500:11ECN/STP & STP
BMFN Arabyes, scalpers welcome$1200:13STP & Market maker
BTFXyes€250200:10.7 - 0.4STP
Bulbrokersyes$100200:10.8 - 2ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Caesar Tradeyes$25200:10.5STPn
CAPPROFXyes$101000:11ECN/STP & STPn
CFD1000yes$500400:10.7STP & Market makern
CFDTimesyes$500500:11.5 - 1.8STPn
CFH Clearingyes$50000100:10ECN/STP & STP
CFI Marketsyes$100500:10.8STP
ChampionFXyes, scalpers welcome$11000:10.8 - 1.2STP & Market maker
CIM Bankyes, scalpers welcome€500050:10.7ECN/STP & STP
Circle Marketsyes$100500:10ECN/STP & STP
City Credit Capital UK (CCC)yes$500200:13Market maker
CM Tradingyes$250400:12.6STP & Market maker
CMC Marketsyes$1500:10.7Market maker
CMS Forexyes$25050:10.9Market maker
CMStraderyes$250200:13Market makern
Core Liquidity Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$250500:10.3ECN/STP & DMA/STP
Currency Houseyes$1000200:11.6DMA/STPn
DF Marketsyes$1200:10.8Market maker
Direct FXyes$100400:10.2ECN/STP & DMA/STP
Dukascopy Bank SAyes$100300:10.1ECN/STP
Divisa Capitalyes, scalpers welcome$5000100:10.2ECN/STP & DMA/STP
EightCapyes$100400:10.9ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Elxi Marketsyes$100200:10.8STP
ETX Capitalyes$100400:10.7Market maker
Euro Pacific Bankyes$1000100:11.8DMA/STP & Market maker
Evolve Marketsyesbtc1500:10STPn
EXNESSyes$12000:10.1 - 0.3ECN/STP & Market maker
FastBrokersyes, scalpers welcome$200050:10.7ECN/STP & Market maker
FastQuote Securitiesyes$100000200:10STP
FBSyes$11000:11DMA/STP & STP
FIBO Groupyes$300200:10.8 - 2DMA/STP & Market maker
FIBO Group Holdingsyes$300200:10.8DMA/STP & Market maker
Fidelis (Belize)yes, scalpers welcome$5400:10.8ECN/STP & DMA/STP
Fidelis Capital Markets (Cyprus)yes$5400:11.7 - 2.1ECN/STP
Financikayes$200200:10.8Market makern
Finpro Tradingyes$5200:10.7 - 0.2ECN/STPn
FIPFX GLOBALyes$200400:11STP & Market makern
FirewoodFXyes$101000:12 - 3STPn
Forest Park FXyes$150:10.2DMA/STP & STP
Forex Broker Incyes$10500:10.5 - 0.8ECN/STP & STPn
Forex FSyes$100500:11.9DMA/STP
FOREX.comyes$250200:11.5ECN/STP & Market maker
Forex.eeyes$50500:10.5ECN/STP & STP
Forex4youyes$11000:10.31DMA/STP & STP & Market maker
Formax Prime Capitalyes$1000200:10.6ECN/STP & STP
Fort Financial Servicesyes$51000:11.3 - 2ECN/STP & STP
Fortress Capitalyes, scalpers welcome$150:10.6STP
FP Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$200500:10.7ECN/STP & DMA/STP
FreshForexyes$11000:11.3 - 2ECN/STP & STP & Market makern
Fullerton Marketsyes$100500:12ECN/STP & STP
FW Marketsyes$100500:11.5 - 2.5ECN/STP & DMA/STPn
FX Choiceyes, scalpers welcome$100200:10.5ECN/STP & Market maker
FX Money Worldyes$100400:11.5 - 2STP & Market makern
FXCCyes, scalpers welcome$100200:10.4ECN/STP & STP
FXCMyes$5050:10.2STP & Market maker
FXCM (UK and Australia)yes$50200:10.2STP & Market maker
FXDDyes$150:10.2Market makern
FXDD Maltayes$1400:11.5ECN/STP & Market maker
FXFairyes$25500:12ECN/STP & DMA/STPn
FXFINPRO Capitalyes$1500200:10.1ECN/STP
FXFlatyes€200200:10.8Market maker
FXGiantsyes$100500:10 - 1.1STP & Market maker
FXGlobeyes$250300:11.7ECN/STP & STP
FxNetyes$50500:12.3Market maker & ECN/STP & STP
FXOpenyes (60 sec hold) on MM$1500:10ECN/STP & Market maker
FXOpen UKyes$300500:10ECN/STP
FXPRIMUSyes$100500:10.8 - 2ECN/STP & STP
FxUnitedyes$25200:13STP & Market makern
GAIN Capital Groupyes$10000050:10.2ECN/STP & Market maker
GAINSYyes$10500:10.1Market maker& ECN/STP & STPn
Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX)yes$250400:11.5 - 2DMA/STP
GBE brokersyes€1000200:10DMA/STP & STP
GCM Forexyes$100100:12ECN/STP & Market maker
GDA Fincorpyes$50500:11.7 - 2.5ECN/STP & STPn
GDMFXyes, scalpers welcome$100500:12ECN/STP & STPn
Gerchik Coyes$500100:10 - 0.3STP
GKFXyes$1400:11.2 - 1.5STP & Market maker
GKFX Primeyes$1400:11.2STP & Market maker
Global Prime Forexyes$500200:10.4ECN/STP
GMI - Global Market Indexyes$2000100:10ECN/STP
GO Marketsyes$200300:11.2ECN/STP & STP
Grand Capitalyes, scalpers welcome$10500:12.1ECN/STP & STPn
Grinta Investyes, scalpers welcome$100500:11.7DMA/STPn
Hadwinsyes$50100:11.7 - 2.2STP
Hanseatic Brokerhouseyes$1200:11.8STP & Market maker
Hantec Marketsyes$1000200:11.8ECN/STP & STP
HeartForexyes$11000:11.3 - 2STP
HighSky Brokersyes$1200:11Market maker
Hirose Financial UKyes, scalpers welcome$1300:10.8 - 1.9STP
HiWayFXyes$201000:10.8ECN/STP & STPn
HotForexyes$51000:10 - 1STP
House of Borseyes$50000100:10ECN/STP
Hydra Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$1001000:11.2ECN/STP & STPn
IamFXyes, scalpers welcome$500500:10.1DMA/STPn
IC Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$200500:11ECN/STP & STP
IC Markets Forex Rebatesyes, scalpers welcome$200500:11ECN/STP & STPn
ICM - iTrade Capital Marketsyes$500400:12Market makern
IFC Marketsyes$1400:11.8STP
IG Marketsyes$1200:10.6ECN/STP & Market maker
IKON Global Marketsyes$20050:10.8STP & Market maker
IMMFXyes$50500:11.3 - 2.1STPn
Indigo DMAyes, scalpers welcome$10100:10ECN/STP & DMA/STPn
Infinity Spaceyes$101000:11STP
Interactive Brokersyes$300050:10ECN/STP
InterTrader Directyes, scalpers welcome£500400:10ECN/STP
INTFXyes$25500:12ECN/STP & STPn
Invast Globalyes$18000100:10DMA/STP
Investorseuropeyes, scalpers welcome$250400:11ECN/STP & DMA/STP
IronFXyes$100500:10 - 1.1ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
ITI FXyes$50300:10.2 - 1.2ECN/STP & DMA/STPn
IV Brokersyes$100500:11.4ECN/STP & STP
JCMFXyes$101000:11.8STP & Market makern
Juno Marketsyes$500400:12STPn
JustForexyes$12000:10 - 2ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Kerford Investmentsyes$1000200:12STPn
Key To Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$100500:11ECN/STP & STP
KGI Ong Capitalyes$100033:10.6STP
KRC (KRCNZ and KRC Group)yes$200200:10ECN/STP & STP
KVB Kunlunyes$1200:11.3ECN/STP & STP
Land-FXyes, scalpers welcome$300500:10.3ECN/STP & STP
Larson and Holzyes$250500:10.01ECN/STPn
LCG (London Capital Group)yes$1500:10.6ECN/STP & STP & Market Maker
Lider Forexyes$100200:13STP
LiteForexyes$101000:11.8 - 3DMA/STP & STPn
LiteForex (Europe)yes$101000:11.8 - 3STP & Market maker
LMFXyes$501000:11.2 - 1STPn
LQDFXyes, scalpers welcome$20500:10.7 - 1ECN/STP & STPn
Lucror FXyes$50500:11.5 - 2STP
Magna Danayes$1100:13Market maker
MahiFXyes, scalpers welcome$1100:10.5Market maker
Market Investmentyes$100500:11.3 - 1.5DMA/STPn
Markets Brokeryes$5000200:10.5 - 0.6Market maker
Marshal FXyes$500100:11.5DMA/STPn
MaxFXyes$200500:10.9ECN/STP & STP
MB Tradingyes$40050:10.1ECN/STP
MBAyes$10500:11.5 - 2.5ECN/STP & Market makern
MEX EXCHANGEyes$200500:10.5ECN/STP & STP & Market Maker
MEX Groupyes$200500:11.4 - 2ECN/STP & STP
MFX Brokeryes$11000:12ECN/STP & Market maker
Milton Marketsyes$250800:10.1 - 1.5DMA/STP
Mocaz Financial Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$10500:11.2 - 2.1ECN/STP & STPn
MTradingyes$1001000:12ECN/STP & STP
NAS Brokeryes$300100:10.7DMA/STP & ECN/STPn
NewForexyes, scalpers welcome$11000:12Market Maker
NoaFXyes$10500:11.6 - 0.2STPn
NordFXyes$51000:11 - 3ECN/STP & STPn
NPBFXyes, scalpers welcome$10200:10.6 - 0.8STP
NSD Marketsyes$50300:12.5 - 0.3ECN/STP & STP & Market Makern
NSFXyes$300200:13ECN/STP & STP
OANDAyes$150:11.2Market maker
OctaFXyes, scalpers welcome$5500:10.2DMA/STP
One Financial Marketsyes (ECN accounts only)$250400:10.7ECN/STP & Market maker
Orbexyes (ECN accounts only)$500500:11.5 - 1.9ECN/STP & Market maker
Pacific Financial Derivatives (PFD-NZ)yes$1300:10.4ECN/STP & STP
PCM Brokersyes, scalpers welcome$100500:10.8 - 1.2STP
Pearl Capital Marketsyes$200500:10ECN/STP
Pepperstoneyes, scalpers welcome$200500:11ECN/STP & DMA/STP
PhillipCapital UKyes$650400:10.6 - 0.8STP
Price Marketsyes$500400:10ECN/STP & Market maker
Profx Marketyes$10500:11ECN/STP & DMA/STPn
Progrexyes$5500:13ECN/STP & STPn
Questradeyes$100033:11.7Market maker
Rakuten Securities Australiayes$50400:10.3 - 0.7ECN/STP & STP
RallyTradeyes$1001000:11.2 - 1.6STP & Market makern
Range Marketsyes$100500:11.4 - 1.7STPn
RBS - Royal Bank of Scotlandyes£150:11ECN/STP & Market maker
Real Tradeyes (60 sec hold minimum)$20500:11Market makern
Real-Forexyes, scalpers welcome$2000200:11.6ECN/STP & STPn
Renesource Capitalyes, scalpers welcome$10100:10.6ECN/STP & STP
Ridge Capital Marketsyes$500400:10.1 - 1STPn
RoboForexyes$11000:10.4ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Royal Forex Trading (RFXT)yes$1400:10.6ECN/STP & Market Maker
Rubix FXyes$500100:10.2ECN/STP
SaudiQuoteyes$10000100:11.5ECN/STP & STPn
Saxo Bankyes$10000100:10.2Market maker
SimpleFXyes$1500:10.1STP & Market makern
Smart Marketsyes$1400:11.2Market Makern
Solforexyes$200400:11.5ECN/STP & STP
Sterling Gent Trading (SGT)yes, scalpers welcome$50400:10.9 - 1.6ECN/STP & DMA/STP
STO - SuperTradingOnlineyes$20500:11.8ECN/STP & DMA/STP & Market maker
StocksMyes$500400:13 - 5STPn
StoxMarketyes, scalpers welcome$1000500:12 - 3STPn
Sucden Financialyes£5000100:13ECN/STP & STP
Sun Hung Kai Forexyes$500020:11.6DMA/STP
Sunbirdyes$1000300:11.2ECN/STP & DMA/STPn
SVSFXyes, scalpers welcome$500400:11.9 - 2.5STP
Swiss International (swissfs.com)yes$500200:13STP & Market maker n
Swissquote Bankyes$1000100:12.8 - 4Market maker
Sword Capitalyes$100200:10.6STP & Market maker
Synergy FXyes$100500:11.2ECN/STP
Tallinexyes$1001000:10 - 1.8ECN/STP & STPn
tegasFXyes, scalpers welcome$200200:10.2ECN/STP
TeleTrade (Europe)yes$1100:13STP & Market maker
TeleTrade (UAE)yes$1100:13STP & Market maker
TempleFXyes$50400:11.1 - 1.6ECN/STP
TeraFXyes$100400:11.2 - 1.8STP & Market maker
TFIFXyes$500100:13Market maker
TFX Marketsyes$50500:11.4ECN/STP & STP
ThinkMarketsyes, scalpers welcome$250400:10.8ECN/STP & DMA/STP
thinkorswimyes$150:12Market maker
Tickmillyes, scalpers welcome$25500:11.6ECN/STP & STP
Titan FXyes, scalpers welcome$200500:11ECN/STP & STP
TIX FXyes$500300:11.5DMA/STPn
TMS Europeyes€1200:11.2ECN/STP (Polish accounts) & Market
Trade Fintechyes$250200:12 - 3Market makern
TradeFxPyes$25500:12.3 - 2.1ECN/STP & STP & Market makern
TradeNextyes$100300:11 - 1.2STP & Market maker
Traders Trustyes, scalpers welcome$100500:10.3STP
Traders Wayyes$11000:10.7 - 2ECN/STP & DMA/STP & Market makern
TradersChoiceFXyes$25050:11ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
TradeStation Securitiesyes$2000100:11.6DMA/STP
TradeVyes$500200:11.5 - 2.5ECN/STP & STPn
Tradeview Forexyes$100400:10.7ECN/STP & DMA/STP
TradeWiseFXyes, scalpers welcome$25500:11.6ECN/STP & STPn
Trading 212yes$49200:10.9STP
TradingBanksyes$250400:11.2 - 1.5STPn
TradingForex.comyes$1000200:10.5 - 0ECN/STP
Tradizeyes, scalpers welcome$1001000:11.4 - 2.2ECN/STP & STPn
TrioMarketsyes, scalpers welcome$500300:11.4ECN/STP & STP
Trust Capitalyes, scalpers welcome$250400:11.8STP
TryMarketsyes$500500:10.7 - 1.1ECN/STP
Turnkey Forexyes$5200:10.1 - 0.3ECN/STP & STPn
Uniglobe Marketsyes$10500:11.5 - 2ECN/STP & STPn
Unum Capitalyes$500100:13DMA/STP & STPn
Valbury Capitalyes$10000100:11.5 - 0DMA/STP
Vantage FXyes$100500:11ECN/STP & STP
VARIANSEyes, scalpers welcome$500200:11ECN/STP & DMA/STP
Velocity Tradeyes$1000100:11.1DMA/STP
Victory International Futuresyes$5000100:13Market maker
Vinson Financialsyes$200500:10.8 - 1.5STP & Market makern
Vipro Marketsyes$25500:10.2ECN/STP & STP
vPE Bankyes$5000100:10.8DMA/STP
Wenn Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$100100:13ECN/STPn
WH SelfInvestyes€250050:10.8DMA/STP
XGLOBAL Marketsyes, scalpers welcome$500200:11DMA/STP & STP
XpoFXyes$10400:10.4Market makern
XTB UKyes$250200:10.9 - 2STP & Market maker
XtreamForexyes$5500:11ECN/STP & STPn
Yadixyes, scalpers welcome$100500:11.5ECN/STP & DMA/STP
ZAR FXyes$500300:10.2DMA/STP & STPn
Zcom Tradeyes$1200:12STP
Al Shuaib00:10
ECM Traderyes, scalper welcome$100500:120ECN/STP

Forex brokers that control scalping and apply restrictions based on scalping activity

Forex broker scalping

10Markets - scalping is allowed, but monitored.
ActivTrades - micro-lot trading service may not be compatible with all scalping techniques, and may therefore be temporarily or permanently removed from the concerned accounts after proper notification. Scalpers are welcome to trade on Interbank accounts.
AFX Capital - scalping is allowed on EA scalping accounts.
AGEA - the maximum number of short-term positions (shorter than 5 minutes) a trader can have in a 4-hour period is 10. If a trader closes more than 50 short-term positions or more than 200 total positions in 7 consecutive days, the trader's account will be temporarily prevented from sending new orders into the market.
AL Trade - we consider scalpers somebody who systematically pip hunts below 2-5 pips on average. Since it is difficult to cover such positions in the market, we would need to increase the spreads or apply trading limits for clients with permanent scalping strategies. Accordingly spread and order levels will be increased on your trading account according to Article 3.5 of AL Trade Customer Agreement Annex B.
Alpha Capital Markets - scalping is allowed, but monitored.
AvaTrade - "fair" scalping is not prohibited.
C.I.M. Banque - we have no problem with scalpers as we do have a huge liquidity. However, above a "5 million transaction", we would prefer to talk to you before to understand exactly how you work.
CMC Markets - don't totally restricts, but actively discourages scalping.
CornerTrader - scalping is allowed, but is monitored.
Easy-Forex - Time limit for closing positions is 30 seconds.
eToro - minimum time to stay in a trade is 5 minutes.
FIBO Group - allows the use of scalping, unless your strategy does not breach trading rules of the company.
Finotec Trading Inc - scalping is possible, but not entirely tolerated.
Forex Club - scalpers requesting many of quotes without executions will be put you on the bottom of the list and receive lesser priority.
HYCM - scalping is allowed but it is monitored.
ICM Capital - scalping allowed, but monitored.
InstaForex - P. 3.14.6. Orders that have not more than 2 minutes left before being closed (or the time left before a lock order is executed) can be canceled by the Company.
FXBM - scalping is monitored.
FXOpen - you can scalp but most of your positions should open for at least 1 minute.
IKOFX - Scalping techniques less than two minutes are prohibited, all trades are required to be held at least two minutes or longer. Penalty may cause profits and rebates to be forfeited.
MEX Group - scalping and EAs are allowed on special accounts only. Where scalping is defined as: "opening and closing trades within 120 seconds, where such trades constitute more than 25% of total trades".
Nexsus Financial Markets - scalping is allowed, but is monitored.
NoaFX - scalping is allowed on Pro accounts. Scalping is prohibited on Ultra accounts, where scalping is defined as "have a holding period of less than 4 minutes and/or have Take Profit levels of less than 3 pips".
One Financial Markets - scalping is allowed, but it's monitored.
Price Markets - scalping is allowed on Dynamic MT4 & ECN accounts only.
Profiforex - scalping is allowed, but it's monitored.
Real Trade - Market orders closed in a 60 second period (or before the 5th tick) from the moment of opening an order are subject to cancellation. Orders longer that 1 minute are fine.
SuperForex - Scalping is allowed, but monitored.
Windsor Brokers - at Windsor we tend to give our client to use the trading strategies that suits their need and if the client trading strategies is considered inappropriate our unprofessional the client is officially advised before taking any action concerning his account.

Forex brokers that don't allow scalping

Abshire-Smith (except for DMA accounts)
ACM Gold
AGM Forex (non-ECN accounts)
Capital Index
Deltastock AD
FCI Markets
Forex Corporate (except for VIP accounts)

Forex Global Market (FXGM)
Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX)
GCI Financial (all accounts except ECN)
One Financial Markets
Wenn Markets

MT4 one-click trading improves scalping experience

With resent addition of one click trading to MT4 (since early 2013, MT4 terminal platform build #482), scalping has become more efficient for MT4 users who prefer manual trading. Further details at: MT4 Forex brokers

Opinions about Scalping in Forex

Many believe that scalping is one of the best, sometimes easiest way, to profit in Forex. 100% of traders at some point tried scalping. Professional traders, however, in their majority won't consider scalping as their prime Forex strategy, because despite all beliefs, manual scalping is a hard work, while automated scalping is often detected and banned by Forex brokers.

From your trading experience, was Forex Scalping:

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Do you know another Forex broker that allows scalping? Please suggest by adding a comment below.

Broker discussion area


July 20, 2016

Best for scalpers:
1.Justforex (fast WD and deposit), 0.2-0.7 spread on Eur/Usd
2.Activtrades (good platform) 0.7 fix spread Eur/Usd
3.Octa fx (ctrader platform is fast) variable spread from 0.7


July 5, 2016

In my orientation to finding a good broker for daytrading, I am having e-mail contact with ETX Capital Customer Service about scalping. Their customer service is great, but they do NOT allow scalping. That's fine by me, as long as I can just be daytrading the way I feel comfortable with. I just asked them what's the minimum amount of minutes/seconds to hold a trade so they won't consider it to be scalping... It all depends on that answer if I will open an account there. To be continued!


February 12, 2016

Yes, saying "scalpers are welcome" is quite a commitment.
Traders should expect absolutely no restrictions on scalping with such brokers.


February 6, 2016

Would a broker that says "scalpers are welcome" really mean it?
I mean could it be just to attract clients, and then the game changes?
Thank you for your input!


February 5, 2016

I've been scalping away with my broker, and never heard of any scalping restrictions. May be I'm just lucky, as it's my first broker.


April 4, 2015

Thank you!
ThreeTrades have been listed.


March 7, 2015

Scalping is allowed with ThreeTrades.


March 5, 2015

Can you please quote their site, or provide details where you learned about it?
Thank you!


March 5, 2015

ironfx dosent allow scalping.


February 12, 2015

warning... !! dont be trade for broker INSTAFOREX , they are BIG SCAM


September 23, 2014

Yadix Forex Broker is the best broker for scalping, fast execution, micro lots, low deposit, withdraw done same day and support profitable EA.


August 25, 2014

my IB suprafx.com broker from instaforex.. you can scalping in here with time remain 5 minutes..


June 3, 2014

Please do not trade with FXCH www.forex-swiss.com and any company registered with EUEDEX www.euedex.com

These all companies are Fraud and scam. and if you open demo account with these companies, Alexander Vasilkov will send you email after few days to show you his account traded with EA with positive result. But he is a big cheater. we have bad experience with this group. we lost $40,000 in just 3 -5 minutes


January 14, 2014

Rvd markets allow scalping


December 21, 2013

Warning, warning, the broker 4XP is a Scam.
Not Coming paying anyone.
I have the account with $ 4,000 and I could do the removal of the value.


November 15, 2013

can some one put setting of the scalper i have scalper ea but it close trade in loss if any budy has good inputs plz post


November 15, 2013

Hi friends,

(My English is little bad please try to understand)

I have experience with some of brokers please see and think of before to open an account.

InstaForex: They Don't allow scalping. Iam sure i lost $947 by doing scalping. They will take all the money if you did scalping. But InstaForex is really good for technical trading. And withdrawl. (No fundamental trading also). Recommended for only Technical Traders.

NordFx: These people will allow scalping. Withdrawl also easy method. But they have slippage. My uncle lost $1100 because of that. When we call to NordFx people they simply told "Please view all Terms and Condition. Because of slippage u lost. And Thanks" Be carefull with this broker also.

Exness: These plople allow scalping. But Not much recommended for fundamental traders. If you want go with this broker better select Non-Dealing desk. I think they have both Dealing Desk and Non-Dealing Desk. I think in Dealing desk they are doing little cheating.

Next i am planning to do with Alpari UK and FxPremus.

Thanks and please update your experience with the forex brokers.


September 13, 2013

Thank you!


September 13, 2013

IG markets is good for scalping, I have been using it for 2 years and i've had no negative issues. Fouund a perfect site to learn scalping techniques here: www.fxequip.com


September 12, 2013

Rvd markets allow scalping


June 25, 2013

FXPRIMUS doesn't have any known restrictions on scalping.


June 25, 2013


I have planned to open an account with FXPRIMUS, is there any restriction for scalping.


May 3, 2013

sorry, can't reveal the name, as it'll be a recommendation, which will show my bias towards the broker, and at this website we have a policy which doesn't allow that.


May 2, 2013

Ok brokerguru wich broker are you using to trade


March 13, 2013

Thank you! Will be added.


February 11, 2013

Capital One Forex www.capitaloneforex.com allows scalping and EAs as well .


February 3, 2013

Thank you. Will be listed shortly.


February 2, 2013

Greenfxtraders.com Allows scalping
tripled my account from $1000 to $6000 in less that a month, withdrawed all my profit .
and still running, i never got requotes., besides they seem to get liquidity directly from their banks ,compared to other brokers, who claim they have interbank rates,but matter of fact they do not


October 5, 2012

Apparently, AVAFX allows scalping and is encouraged based on this site:
I was hoping to open an account with AVAFX recently but seen on here that scalping is not allowed. I will email them on Monday to find out what they say and keep you posted. Thanks.


July 23, 2012

ปัจจุบันบริษัท FBS มีโบนัสมากมายให้กับลูกค้า
1. เปิดบัญชีรับฟรี 5 ดอลลาร์
2. รับโบนัส30% ในทุกๆครั้งที่ว่างมัดจำ deposit
3. เปิดบัญชีตัวอย่างและรับเงินจริง
4. รับประกันเงินมัดจำและการค้าโดยปราศจากความเสียหาย
5. รับ3%ในกรณีที่เพิ่มยอดบัญชีโดยผ่านระบบ Liberty Reserve

โบรกเกอร์แห่งเอเชียปี 2012

สเปรตตั้งแต่ 0.3 จุด

FBS - โบรกเกอร์ที่คุณไว้ใจได้


FBS currently has a large bonus to the customer.
A. Account get $ 5.
Two. Get 30% bonus on every deposit deposit.
Three. Account and get paid for it.
4. Guarantee deposits and trade without damage.
Five. A 3% increase in accounts via Liberty Reserve.

Brokers in Asia by 2012.

None of the software.
No tree quota.
There are no commissions.
From 0.3 points in imp.

FBS - the broker you trust.


May 27, 2012

i have problem with my current broker, spreeds are properly low put sometimes reqotas restrict my scalptrades, can somebody reccomend brocer with the low spreed and no reqotas


May 1, 2012

Some brokers will allow scalping, these brokers are listed here: https://www.100forexbrokers.com/brokers-for-scalping
There could be some restrictions for those brokers still, there is no guarantee. And the only way you can find out is when you start scalping aggressively and a broker contacts you.

Other brokers will welcome scalpers, this is more certain then simply allowing scalping.
Such brokers can be found at our search: Forex brokers comparison
where select option: Scalping - "yes, scalpers welcome".

As a rule, if you hold a position for less than 2 minutes it falls under a definition of scalping.

Please read reviews to learn more about what traders say.
As per our website policy I cannot provide opinions or give recommendations about any particular brokers.


April 21, 2012

Hey There 100Forexbrokers,
Very interesting Did anybody learn any desk or non deskbroker which permits forex scalping. I like to enter go into forex trading with $1000. I have chosen interbank meta trader 4 demo for 4 weeks today.Any information on interbank or any additional better broker.Is there going to interest on income like taxes should you create a profit apart within the spread taken by the broker. Any info will be appreciated.If scalping is not authorized then What is the minimal minutes on a particular position be4 closing it. Thx.
Kindest Regards


March 31, 2012

I've been using www.ArmadaMarkets.com for scalping the EUR/CHF. They guarantee norequotes, provide clearing on London-based exchange and they have NDD, STP. This is the broker to go to if you are a serious trader.


February 10, 2012

MahiFX will be allowing Scalping on their brand new platform launching 20th Feb 2012.
You can place orders right or even inside the spread to profit from the white noise in prices, quickly and easily.
MahiFX makes it easy to bound that range with dynamic stop losses and take profits that automatically adjust to the size of your risk.



January 22, 2012


sclaping all the time!
i have fixed spread2, but at least no problem woth scalping
orders are instant!


January 20, 2012

as mentioned somewhere on this site, consider DMA brokers.


January 10, 2012

any brokerage can execute the order very fast???
many brokerage will allow scalping,but they always add "slipping point"
i am looking forward a brokerage without slipping point


January 3, 2012

Please review my discussion with a trader on this page: https://www.100forexbrokers.com/stp-ecn-brokers/cpage-16
We've talked about the industry veterans ECN brokers.


January 1, 2012

I also think if people know of good brokers and success stories, tell them to us and help out. I actually know a young guy with a lexus and 3 big screens who trades through MB trading and makes big money, big enough he started trading for a doctor with his millions earning profit and getting a percentage as well as all the scripts he needed lol

Here are my conditions and I beg you guru to help me because I'm getting so frustrated I feel like if I can't get a fair playing field and going to lose my money, might as well have more fun with binary options, traderushetc. I want a forex account micro, only have 100.00, 200.00 at the most to burn.

True ECN, absolutely no dealing desks or any conflict of interest
A broker that wants me to succeed and proves it with fairness
Can scalp as much as I want and as fast as possible
Absolutely no requotes, no pausing or freezing at all
stp if thats the best but not without ecn
No holding my orders or keeping me on their books,rather have a little slippage
Absolutely never put on dealer execution
Instant fill always, can trade during news times
Also a broker I can hold overnight if I'm up say 200 pips and think dollar going much lower or higher and thus trading that strategy.
DMA examples that are closely aligned with my terms.
Your view on smarttradefx, fxcm, 1pipfix,2wayfx.com, fxdd,gft,pfd-nz.com,


January 1, 2012

Listen I realize you can't play favorites for brokers but with so many that take your money or steal your money or kill the servers. I lost 1000 dollars to refco and joined off somebody saying refco is good, they did requotes, targeted stops then went out of business. I think if everyone did research then more would have to get honest or at least a level playing field. Please help me I want two different brokers, one a ecn with stp and the other with true direct access.

1. want to be able to scalp no conditions
2. absolutely no requotes
3. high leverage unless none exist
4. reviews online
5. success stories if possible
6. 2 ecn and 2 direct access, 50 in each for 200.00 risk total
7 in case 3 of them rip me off
8 as a bonus any I can use an ea on and I need micro accounts
9. do you trust any option binary brokers
thank you, love site, 4 5 days down from 300 brokers to 30 seem ok but nowhere near done, also if they say no US traders can you say you live in mexico and still trade even though you live in America?


December 22, 2011

Update: the reviews page for FOREX MMCIS has been created:


December 22, 2011

Dear Admin,
I don't see any comments about FOREX-MMCIS GROUP on this site. Please add it to your site.

Official site http://forex-mmcis.ru


December 20, 2011

XTB - X Trade Brokers - requotes, bad price - they hate scalpers.


December 12, 2011

Thank you Indian Carmine!
I'll review and update accordingly.

Indian Carmine

December 10, 2011

Also InstaForex has a condition that a trade must last more than 2 minutes in their terms/condition, and at the time of news hours trade will be placed after 5 min from placing the order, so it must be either placed under restricted/monitored scalping . Ideally, with 3 pips spread and such conditions, its not really good for scalpers, there are much better STP brokers out there with lesser spreads and with no such restrictions.

Regards, Indian Carmine.

Indian Carmine

December 10, 2011

Gallant capital market (GCMFX) doesn't allow scalping..
here's the new rule/terms on their website :- https://www.gcmfx.com/forms/new_agreement.html

it says this ~~~ " k) Customer will not engage in FX transactions for purposes of arbitrage, scalping or exploitation of temporary inaccuracies in any exchange rates or technical discrepancies. " ~~~

Regards , Indian Carmine


December 3, 2011

Thank you, going to read that too and update accordingly.

Deltastock General Terms 11.4 quote:
"Any trading method, such as scalping, arbitrage, or other techniques, where CLIENT seeks to benefit from errors and/or delays in quotes and/or other inefficiencies of the Electronic Trading Platform, including where automated expert system is used, Script, API or any other software developed by third party are unacceptable and unethical."

This clearly states no scalping and restrictions to some EAs. Thank you!


December 2, 2011

i spoke to deltastock they said they dont allow scalping and told me to read artical 11.4


November 30, 2011

Deltastock - allows scalping, but it's monitored. Means that you won't probably be able to scalp aggressively comparing to brokers where scalping is fully allowed.
Loyal Forex claims to allow scalping.

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