Forex Trading: USDCAD Technical Analysis – August 19, 2019

The US Dollar (USD) inched higher against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) on Friday, increasing the price of USDCAD to more than 1.3200 following some key economic releases. The technical bias may remain bullish because of the lower high in the recent downside move.

USD/CAD Technical Analysis

As of this writing, the currency pair is being traded around 1.3270, A trendline resistance can be noted around 1.3288, the key horizontal resistance ahead of 1.3344, the 61.8% Fib level and then 1.3354, the trendline resistance as demonstrated in the given below chart.



On the downside, the support can be noted near 1.3224, the trendline support ahead 1.3144,  the 23.6%  Fib level support level and then 1.3019, the key horizontal support level as demonstrated in the given above chart. The technical bias shall remain bullish as long as 1.3224, the major horizontal support level remains intact.

US Labor Force Participation Rate

In the United States, the figure concerning labor force participation rate remained 63.0 in March, as compared to 63.2 during the month before, up beating the economist expectation which was 62.9. The data is copied from the news released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Department of Labor, United States.

The data is derived after taking into account the age factor of labors including both working and those who are still looking for a job. It is presented in percentage of the total number of people either being employed or unemployed.  Generally speaking a high reading in this regard is considered as a bullish trend for the US Dollar (USD) and vice versa.

Trade Idea

Considering the overall price behavior of the pair over the last couple of days, selling the USDCAD around current levels can be a good decision in short to medium term.


Trading Forex does have its risks but with proper risk management and a consistent strategy that uses a form of analysis, be it technical, fundamental or sentimental, you can be hugely profitable. It is worth noting that trading, of course, has its pros and cons, we’ve highlighted those to make sure you’re aware of the key mistakes beginners often make.

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