Africa Forex Show

We are pleased to introduce Africa Forex Expo 2014 taking place at the National Theatre Accra, Ghana on 5 to 7 February 2014, as it’s almost that time of year again when Forex Traders Scamper for valuable brokers to invest their funds.

The region of Africa is the next territory, geographically speaking, and has caught the attention of the “big guys” with InstaForex, ACMGold, Liteforex, Saxo Bank, IG Markets and, Forex Time, and other brokers, all setting offices in Africa.

With rich natural resources, physical more than that of Europe and growing population, Africa’s opportunities could be seen as the big Un-harvested fruit, Africa has long been the green point to the World at large with multinational corporations across all industries using fast approach to seize the green pastures of the land of black and gold.

This is not surprising that Africa is one of the largest economies of the World and according to a 2010 survey found to have the most sophisticated financial market and the second-lowest effective business tax. In Ghana alone there is over 250,000 Forex Traders, in Nigeria over 300, 000 individuals’ trades’ forex, while in other parts of African there are over 3,700,000 forex traders.

We are very excited to have an industry leader like Grand Capital, Liteforex, and Fxnet on board and look forward to welcoming all the top international brokers to this Africa event.

African Events STATISTICS expected
• 8,800 Visitors
• 3,500 Accounts to be opened and Funded
• 10 to 28 Million Dollars of Business deals

Introducing brokers and fund managers from across Sub-Saharan Africa have registered to attend the 3-day event pleased to finally have a platform to engage with the market leaders of the industry. While face-to-face interaction is “the African way” for doing business and setting up partnerships, IB’s and white label entrepreneurs holding African passports find European-held events inaccessible and overseas brokers reluctant to travel to some part of Africa like: Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt etc.

Ghana Africa Forex Show 2014 will be their first and most highly anticipated opportunity to meet with leading Africa forex trading countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, etc.

Retail traders from all walks of life have been pre-registering for the event in numbers and we expect more than 8,800 visitors to the exhibition hall. Broker comparison is the most often quoted reason for attendance by pre-registered visitors both traders themselves and active introducing brokers. “This event will certainly separate the boys from the men. It will give us clear indications of which brokers are serious about working with us and where we should focus our energies going forward”.

Featuring an interactive Forex Lounge, agenda jam-packed with presentations by top international analysts and an industry-first African Forex Magazine the event caters for the entire spectrum of clients from novice traders to investment managers and brokerage entrepreneurs. Africa Forex Expo 2014 takes place at the National Theatre Accra, Ghana on 5 to 7 February 2014. For more information visit our website

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