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100Forexbrokers.com operates since 2008 with a mission to provide the most comprehensive overview of Forex brokers online. We offer easy and swift insight into any aspect of choosing a Forex broker and aim to help traders find the best brokers fitting their trading needs.

100Forexbrokers.com is a transparent and 100% objective resource. We strive to provide the most recent and reliable information about Forex brokers without influencing traders’ choice. At the same time, traders are always welcome to keep professional discussion about Forex brokers as well as rate them. Traders’ feedback helps to stay on the edge of the latest improvements and achievements made by Forex brokers worldwide.

At 100Forexbrokers.com we take a neutral unbiased position towards all Forex brokers. Therefore we don’t partner with any brokerage companies, never participate in affiliate programs and don’t recommend/promote any particular broker.

The entire website is strictly informational and should never be treated as a direct or indirect advisory to open an account and/or invest capital into Forex trading.

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Thanks for an honest, down-to-earth forex resource ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s helping me choose my next brokers.


This site is amazing, very clear and concise. From what I’ve seen, the best of its kind. The broker search has just saved me countless hours of searching for the right broker for me. Thanks and keep up the good work!



Dear 100ForexBrokers.com,

I wanted to commend you and say thanks for the great website. I am an experienced stock trader who is just getting involved in currency trading and I was having trouble finding a good ECN broker to trade with. Needless to say that with all of the horror stories that I have read about Forex Market Makers, I am approaching my selection of a broker very cautiously. Your site has been a great resource and I look forward to the coming years when more traders offer ratings on their brokers. You’re off to a great start and are offering a much needed service. Keep up the great work.

Harry Lieb
DuBois, Pennsylvania


I just want to say: YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Please notice: To say that you`re the
greatest of them all would be a big injustice! The others are miles, miles away
and no terms of comparison are applicable! You make a beginner`s life
supportable and I dare say much easier. I spent weeks, months just to find the
best brokers for my trading demands. With your site all the process is a
matter of one`s own decision and not a gamble. As forex trading should be! Keep
up the good job!

Christian, Sweden


You don’t know HOW MUCH a website like this was needed (or maybe you do,
that’s why you did it). Now if you could add review/ratings from customers
that would be even better. Why would anyone go anywhere else to find a
broker? THANKS.

Steve H


Thank You for this indispensable collection of Broker information and Valued knowledge…
You have made a Great Contribution to our Forex Industry.


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