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About us

100Forexbrokers.com was created in 2008 with the sole mission to provide the most comprehensive overview of Forex brokers online. The platform offers easy and swift insights into various aspects of the Forex industry, and in particular selecting the right  broker, based on your specific requirements.

We operate with full transparency and strive to provide the most recent and reliable information about Forex brokers without influencing the traders’ choice. Whilst doing this, we invite traders to use the platform for professional discussions, as well as sharing their own experiences with Forex brokers. The feedback we receive from traders helps us to keep the platform and ratings of Forex brokers authentic and unbiased.

At 100Forexbrokers.com we pride ourselves on neutrality, and as such the website is strictly informational and should never be treated as a direct or indirect invitation to open an account and/or invest capital into Forex trading.