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1lotstp Announces the Different Account Type Offers

October 7, 2012

Of the many forex brokers scattered on the internet these days, it is hard to tell which among them is considered as something reliable. You will never know how they work for your forex business. In account to this, it is important to come up with a broker that offers transparency as this will provide you with the opportunity to learn what is exactly happening in your foreign exchange business which they are managing for you.

One of the most important things you need to consider is to have the best kind of forex account and this what being announced by 1lotstp, one of the most trusted and most reliably forex broker companies found on the internet during these days. This company actually offers many different kinds of accounts perfect for the needs of every forex trader these days.

For you to have a better picture on these types of accounts, the following as the ones which have been declared by 1lotstp as the best forex accounts one should choose from when doming their trades in the foreign exchange market world.

For account spreads, 1lotstp offers the following:

Fixed Pro Account $1,500 – this kind of spread account offers one Fixed on EUR/USD majors which are characterized by one to two target pips. This is also considered by 1lotstp as their lowest spreads for fixed accounts. And take note; there are no commissions in this kind of account.

ECN Accounts $1,500 – this account comes with low and variable spreads that only get a four-dollar commission all around. Spreads can be achieved for as low as .3 pips. This also offers the easiest and simplest way to withdraw and deposit through the use of a credit card, wire, Liberty reserve, and other types of major third party creditors. Plus, every member enrolled in this kind of account gets the privilege to avail its excellent 24/7 ticket, phone and live chat support.

1lotstp account types include the following:

Mini-Micro $100 – this is a kind of account which allows you to trade Micros and Mini currencies with just as small as 0.01 lot sizes. This is an excellent way for you to trade simply you’ll get much return on your part each time you cast a trade the correct way.

Fixed Standard Account $500 – this kind of account offers 1.5 target fixed on the currency pair EUR and USD. It also offers 1.5 to 2.5 pips on majors as well. It is also an excellent provider of low spreads which allow you to deal with more than sixty currencies, CFDs, Futures, and Metals.

So those are the different types of accounts wherein you can go dealing with your forex trading activities. Depending on your personal preferences and personal assessment, one or the other proves to be the best one for you.

If you find it hard to decide which one of the above-mentioned accounts works best for you, take time to ask your broker and he will be more than willing to tell you the right one that will serve you best.

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